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Worth the Risk (16 page)

“That was Preston Morales. He just admitted to killing Perez. Said it was a present for

me. Either I give myself over to him in the next twenty-four hours or he’s threatened to

kill you.”

A dark shadow crossed Stephan’s gaze. “Sweetheart, we’re going to catch this

bastard and put him in his grave. He just made his first mistake by contacting you. If he

knows we’re together, then he’s in Miami.”

Another tremble raced through her. “Why the hell is that a good thing?”


Worth the Risk

“He’s one wolf. My family is strong and we have ties all over the city. Hell, the

world. Now that he’s on our radar, he’s dead. I’ll keep you and your sister safe,

, I promise.” There was a dark edge to Stephan’s voice that left no doubt in her

mind, he’d keep his word.

Fear still trickled through her body, but she had an entire pack of fearless wolves to

back her up. She was still a little scared for her mate, but she had to believe that they’d

kill Preston. If the evil wolf had been half smart he wouldn’t have contacted her. Now

he’d shown all his cards and it was simply a matter of time before her mate ended his

pathetic life.


About the Author

Savannah Stuart has been reading romance for as long as she can remember. When

she discovered erotic romance, she knew she’d found her niche. Most of her stories

have a touch of intrigue or suspense, but the one thing she always includes is a Happily

Ever After. In addition to writing (and reading, of course!), she loves traveling with her


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