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Authors: Angie Daniels

When It Rains... (42 page)

“Are you okay?”
“Hell nah! What the fuck? I just walked in on you fucking another mothafucka in his ass and
you have the nerve to ask me if I'm okay
My response was met by a wave of silence.
“Renee, I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry and hope we can work this out.”
“What the hell is there left to work out?” This shit was so unbelievable I didn't know what to think or how to react, and that's rare for me. Never in a million years would I have expected to walk in on my husband, or any man for that matter, banging another one in his ass. I don't even watch boy/boy adult videos. I got sick watching
Brokeback Mountain
. “I want my monthly allotmentdoubled and don't even think about canceling my insurance benefits. You got one hour to pack yo shit and get the fuck out of my house. Oh yeah ... and take them sheets with you!” I screamed, then ended the call.
Tears were running down my face. I don't know why I was crying over that fool.
John had never been good in bed. His thing is too little and he spends more time tweaking my damn nippleslike they were knobs to a transistor radio than anythingelse. Nevertheless, he was rich and I told myself it was a small consequence for everything he had given me. Big-ass house. New ride. Private schools for the kids, and money in my own personal bank account. In exchange, all I had to do was give him some pussy three times a week. It was easier in the beginning, but the last three years, I started feeling like it was too much damn work. Hell, if I wanted a job, I would have gone out and applied for one. So to escape, I started writing and was now a published best-selling author of erotic romance. What I wasn't getting in my bed, I was getting in my books, and plenty of it. And when that was no longer enough, I started fucking around with every Tom, Dick, and Jerry I came in contact with. But after a while, I still wasn't happy.
Somehow, John sensed my misery, and two months ago, he invited Shemar to our bed for a ménage à trois. I thought
, I had hit the jackpot. Shemar and I would fuck while John sat back, beating his meat and watching. Then John and I started swinging with other couples. The husband was banging me while John was poking the man's wife. I thought I was getting the best of both worlds. Only the joke was on my black ass.
I guess I can't blame anyone but myself. I should have known that it was too good to be true. That's what I get for thinking I was getting something for nothing. I'd been talking about leaving John for years, and now that the time had come I had to quit talking about it and be about it. Starting right now, my life was beginning anew. A tear streamed down my cheek because I wasn't sure if I even knew where to begin.
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