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Authors: Melissa Blue

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Weekend Lover (2 page)

A languid and knowing smile spread across his
face. “Depends on what she's using me for.”

The bartender slid their drinks in front of
them, and she wasted no time knocking hers back. The faster Nicole
was out of the bar and up in her room, the faster she could avoid
making a mistake. One that involved sweat, come and a bleary-eyed
morning. It's the reason she didn't bother with men and
relationships anymore. They sucked up time and sometimes good
sense. She couldn't afford to lose either. Nicole was on the fast
track. A night with this man demanded slow and all her

The smile was reeling her in any damn way.
“Is that why you came over here? To be used by me?”

No, you looked lonely and
like you could use a smile.”

Had she?
“I've had a long day at work.”
many long days

I know the feeling.” No
condemnation filled his voice. “I also chose to bother you because
the rest of the people in here look like they're on the

The nervous titter in her stomach refused to
go away. He was too close for common sense to kick in. It was just
a leg. One stinking leg brushing against hers each time either one
of them moved and her stomach had that jittering sensation one
would expect to feel as a teenager. Not as a grown woman.

You're safe from me,” she
said. Nicole would not consider what her mind kept trying to wander
to. This was a friendly nightcap with a man who was sexy as fuck.
“I don't even know your name.”


She laughed, again, at the horribly obvious
segue. “I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now
I'm convinced—you're hitting on me.”

Chapter Two


Sebastian Clark's intentions had started off
good, above reproach. The woman had looked lonely, tense. He'd
intended to make her smile, buy her a drink and walk the hell away.
He had to get up buttfuck-early in the morning, but then she
laughed. His ass became rooted to the barstool, and then he touched
her and the dumbest thing would have been walking out of this bar
without her.

It may
like I'm hitting on you...because
I am.”

She played with the shot glass. “How many
unsuspecting, lonely women have you picked up in a bar and tried to
sleep with? Because I think we've passed innocent conversation a
while back.”

None actually. Not my

Her leg grew tense against his. Maybe she'd
read him wrong and this was nothing but polite, flirty
conversation. He smiled in a way that let her know she'd been
right. Nicole chuckled, still charmed. “Bar hook ups aren't my
thing either, but sex can be just sex.”

He nodded, conceding to the truth. “Until it
gets awkward and complicated.”

Ah.” Her head tilted back,
and she began to nod. “The morning after. Or after the deed is
done, things change and you're considering jumping out the window
to make an escape.”

Exactly. I'd rather date
and be clear it's not going anywhere.”

She gave him a dubious once over. “How does
that work for you?”

He laughed at her insight. “Not well after
the six month marker.”

He shifted on the barstool and her leg
brushed his. The heat of her touch invaded his space. Damn, a
single touch, an innocent touch and he wanted her. It's why he
hadn't stood up and left for his room. Common sense told him
picking up a woman in a bar who looked lonely would end badly. No,
he didn't get the clingy vibe from her, but that didn't matter.

He should be calling his clients to remind
them not to get too trashed. It was Friday night, and most of his
clients would be in clubs doing their best to act like they didn't
want their pictures taken while having a wild night out. Yet,
making sure the photographer captured their good side.

Snapshot, the PR company Sebastian worked
for, had sent him out to make sure his clients fulfilled their
obligations to go to each and every one of their press junkets.
Almost Christmas, his top actors had movies rolling out. Nothing as
insane as summer blockbusters, but close enough when he counted the
charity events.

It's why his intentions had started off good.
Sebastian needed sleep after the long day. He’d wanted solitude and
a stiff drink, but now he was too busy listening to what his cock
wanted to do.

From the word go she'd called him on his
bullshit and kept up with him, unfazed by the charm he threw at her
by the truckload. She made it so much worse when she forced her
lips into a pout, poking out a soft and succulent bottom lip. “Oh,
poor handsome devil. Women want to be with you.”

Sebastian's gaze zeroed in on her lips. He
didn't mind being called handsome as long as the words were formed
on that mouth. Hell. She could have called him a stunted dickwad
and he probably still wouldn't have minded, not when her lips, full
and pink, mesmerizing...Sebastian blinked and met her gaze. It was
clear what they should do next—go their separate ways and end

She slid from the chair. “I'm going to call
it a night.”

He let out a relieved sigh and moved his hand
so she could go. She chose the right option for them, because at
this point Sebastian could not be trusted to do the same. Another
moment with her mouth pouted and he'd cross their clear
boundary—nothing would come out of this meeting. They both had to
get up early for work. One night stands weren't their thing. It was
crystalline clear what they both should do.

But, he didn't want her to leave just yet.
How many women brushed aside his charm and demanded a real
interaction, no matter how meaningless and short? Not many.

It was nice meeting you,”
he said. “Though, I don't know your name.”

She tsked. “Good night, Sebastian,” she said
but didn't move.

She stood right there between his legs,
supple and warm. It made sense to reach out, cup her chin with his
forefinger and thumb.

Let me get one last good
look.” He ran a finger over the jut of her delicate jawline, and
she trembled beneath the touch.

A no-brainer really to slide his hand to the
nape of her neck and lean down. She let out a soft sigh when his
lips touched hers. Her fingers curled around his shirt collar, but
she didn't push him back. Sebastian deepened the kiss, delving his
tongue into her mouth to taste her and the treble of her moan.

It was a light and searching kiss, testing
the passion between them. A first and last kiss rolled into one,
except she brushed her tongue against his. A spark of need set fire
to any lasting hold on common sense, or what he should do once the
kiss ended. She moaned again, but sank her teeth into his bottom
lip. The clear solution muddied in his mind. His cock hardened,
leaving no question what it wanted to do.

Her grip loosened from around the collar of
his shirt. Good. She'd finally push him away. Fuck, he hoped she'd
do the right thing because the wrong one was just too damn
appealing. Her hands strayed down his chest, to his buckle, farther
down until her fingers rested against his cock.

Fuck. Yes.

She let out a soft sigh and let her fingers
glide down the length of him. “I think you should name is

He fought the need to press closer to her
hand. Damn hard, as her fingers continued their up and down stroke.
“I want you to know...I don't normally do this.”

She shook her head and chuckled. “Your lines
need work.”

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear,
“I want you in my bed.” It was the truth and there was nothing
charming about the need stretching his cock. A need for her. A

Nicole shivered. “Lucky for you, that's where
I want to be.”


Chapter Three


Deciding to rent a room had made complete
sense moments after Sebastian's mouth had stopped all rational
thought. He wouldn't know her hotel room number and Nicole wouldn't
know his. She wouldn't know his last name and vice versa.

Celebrities had descended on all the high
class hotels, so there wasn't a facial twitch when Sebastian paid
with his credit card under a false name. He had the looks to pass
for an actor or male model. With her cheeks still flushed, Nicole
had the look of a woman he'd planned to take to bed. Rational
thought flooded back in when the elevator doors dinged on the floor
of their hotel room.

Respectively, so unlike the way he’d pressed
her between his legs and tried to kiss her face off, he settled his
hand on her back and led her down the hall to their room. He
stopped at the door and turned, a smile tugging at the corner of
his mouth.

You know, I always had this

Oh, God. What had she gotten herself into?
She knew it. Knew it. This was why you didn't pick up strange,
handsome men in the bar. They turned out to be perverts, and not in
a good way.

Sebastian laughed. “Now tell me what you
think I'm about to say, because I have to know with that expression
you're wearing.”

She bit the inside of her lip. “You want me
to wear a diaper and a baby bonnet.”

Oh, I fucking love it, but
no.” He chuckled and handed over the key card. “I always wanted to
kiss someone and fall through the door in a tangle of limbs.” He
motioned for her to come closer. “Give me your best

You're kidding,” Nicole
said but laughed at the boyish grin.

It was either make you
laugh or throw you over my shoulder to get you through the

He'd read her. That was a rare experience
for. At work, her position forced her to keep up the appearance of
being a hard ass, a shark. Sebastian didn't know her, but he could
see straight through the facade. So, of course, he could see the
nerves. They didn't go away, but it felt ok to show them. And to
play. She hadn't played in months, years. Wagging a finger, she
said, “I'm not going to let you off that easy.”

Dirty talk, so

Nicole wasn't ready yet for the big time, so
she placed a hand on his chest and closed the space between them. A
frisson sizzled in the air. Hard muscle warmed her palm. This was
hers; he was hers for the night. To do with him all the things she
wanted to do. The thought put a crack in her controlled facade.

She ignored the jump in her stomach and
tilted her chin to meet his gaze. “No, I was talking about your
fantasy. Was it another line?”

Not anymore.” His arms slid
around her waist, and he tucked her closer. “Are you going to
seduce me?”

Nicole had plenty fantasies of her own, but
his intrigued her. “Is that your fantasy, too?” Her breasts felt
heavy and full against his chest.

it is.” He didn't chuckle or smile
as he spoke. “Show me how you'd seduce a handsome

The need to show him just that washed over
her. And maybe it was because, finally, she could let go. Nicole
lifted on the tips of her toes and captured his bottom lip between
her teeth, she lightly grazed the flesh. The way Sebastian groaned
let her know it wasn't too soon to introduce biting. She kissed
away any possible sting and did it again when he tried to change
the tone of the kiss with his tongue.

Again and again, she kissed him like this and
he let her. The control he handed over should have turned her off.
All day, at work, she made decisions for people. How to look, where
to stand, what words to say and the tone they should speak in. The
reward was more publicity and a stellar reputation.

Control over everything was
necessary or she'd lose hold of her reputation. Having Sebastian
pressed against the door, making him groan—a sound filled with
need—was pure pleasure. There was no outcome other than
, but they
couldn't stand in the hallway all night.

She pulled back and inserted the key card
into the door. He lifted her when the door beeped and cracked
opened. “You should hold on.”


He grinned, scuttled back and tumbled to the
floor with her on top of him. His breath whooshed out and he
coughed for a few seconds. “Good God, that hurt.”

A laugh sprang out of her, because it was the
most ridiculous thing to have witnessed. “Gravity's a bitch.”

His blue eyes gleamed with mischief. “Yeah,
but I have you on top of me. So it's not completely a lost

He brought his mouth up to hers. No. It
wasn't a lost cause and she could only smile. The exchange between
them wasn't what she imagined. This wasn't simply sex or something
light and fun, but slow. She was getting too comfortable with him.
She'd learned the hard way not to romanticize a man. Her heart
broken in the process the last time she had and Nicole hadn't made
the same mistake since. They needed to get down to business,
instead of laughing and joking with each other.

Unzip my dress.” Nicole
leaned closer to him so he could reach around her.

Sebastian kissed her again. He used
everything in his arsenal and made her forget about comfort, so
that all she could think was heat. How it pooled in her stomach and
at her core. She was damn near soaking wet from a kiss.

Finally, he unzipped her dress, trailing his
fingers down her spine. Nicole was supposed to seduce him but his
touch coaxed her into submission. He lifted the hem of the dress
and pulled it up to her waist. Without a command, she rose to
straddle him. There. Right there, hard and snug against her apex,
is what she wanted. It's what he wanted too, so why in the hell was
Sebastian taking his time? She tugged the hem of the dress from his
grasp and dragged it over her head.

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