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Jenika Snow


Copyright © 2016




Chapter One


“I can’t fucking take it anymore, Sam.” Alric snapped his gaze to his lover, Samuel.

Sam glanced over at him, but didn’t say anything.

“I can’t stay with the pack anymore. I can’t follow someone else’s rules when it goes against what I believe, what I feel.”

Sam exhaled. “I think you’re getting a little worked up.”

Alric stopped pacing and narrowed his eyes at Samuel. “A little worked up? No. I can’t handle following others, Sammy.” He ran a hand over his hair, feeling his wolf pace under his skin, getting riled up at what was going on. “It’s time for a change. I don’t work well under the command of alphas.”

“It’s because you’re an alpha yourself,” Sam said, a smile in his voice. “But they are
alphas.” Samuel sounded so genuine and logical, all of what Alric wasn’t, especially not right now. But Alric knew his mate, knew that Sam was just as unhappy living with the pack as he was, even if he was trying to be reasonable right now.

Alric ran his hand through his hair again and felt the strands stand on end. “No, they might be
alphas, but I was never meant to follow.” Alric walked over to Samuel and sat beside him on the couch. “It isn’t just that, Sam. I want to leave, and I want you to come with me.” He stared at his lover Samuel’s light blue eyes and blond hair, which made him seem innocent, a contrast to his towering frame, muscular physique, and the fierceness he knew was his mate.

They were both wolf shifters, living high in the mountains in the west of the United States. But as more and more of his kind found their mates living within the human population, Alric started to feel the congestion in the pack. There was also the issue with pack laws and rules, with having to blindly follow others when Alric didn’t feel that was in his or his mate’s best interest.

Alric felt the need to branch off and start a life of his own with Sam, one that didn’t have rules and authoritative figures barking out orders. He was a grown male, could decide what was best for himself and Sam, but as he looked at his mate, he knew that if the other male refused to leave with him, he wouldn’t be able to face life without Sam by his side.

It wasn’t just about going against their alphas’ orders. It was also about wanting to start a life outside of the pack with Samuel. He wanted a family, and although he could have all of that if he stayed within the tight shifter pack, he wanted it to be just him and Samuel, alone and on their own, following their own rules. Some would call that selfish, and maybe it was, but Alric was ready to take that step if Samuel was.

Alric stared at Sam, his hair damp from his recent shower and swept across his forehead. He smelled good, clean and fresh, and Alric’s cock got hard instantly. Sam’s chest was bare, and the muscles rippled just under his bronzed skin. He was focused on the book in front of him, and although he appeared busy, Alric scented that his mate was very aware of the arousal Alric felt.

Sam inhaled deeply, a low growl leaving him. “You’re insatiable.”

“You make me that way, mate,” Alric responded.

Sam looked at Alric and smiled. “I’ll go wherever you do, Alric. You know I love you. You are my mate, and I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life.” The teasing note in his voice brought relief to Alric.

Alric leaned forward and brought his lips to Samuel’s. Placing his hands on his mate’s chest, his felt the muscles flex under his palm. “That pleases me to no end, mate,” he all but growled the words out. “It’s been a while since we’ve had a good fuck, baby.”

Yeah, Alric was going there. He could smell his lover’s arousal thicken the air.

“That’s because you’ve been too damn irritable and stressed.”

Sam was right, and Alric felt guilty for not showing him enough attention. He would make it up to him, though.

Alric ran his hands down Sam’s chest. Once he reached the fly and button of his mate’s jeans, Alric felt his pulse increase from arousal, from his wolf coming forward, wanting to mate with Sam. He snapped the button free and lowered the zipper. The sound was erotic, and Alric’s cock stiffened even more in response. Alric slipped his hands beneath Samuel’s jeans and grinned at the fact that his mate was rock hard and not wearing any underwear.

Alric leaned in and licked at Sam’s lips. “Free ballin’ it again, I see.” Alric wrapped his hand around the thick length. “You know how much I fucking love when you are bare for me.”

Samuel chuckled in response and swiped his tongue along Alric’s. Groaning from the contact, Alric opened for his mate and tilted his head to accept the kiss. He stroked his tongue along Sam’s. The taste of wild, aroused male filled Alric’s senses and caused his cock to throb.

Alric gripped Samuel’s hard shaft even more firmly and ran his thumb over the slick head. Pre-cum already seeped from the tip, and Alric gathered it on his finger. Pulling his hand free of his lover’s jeans, he broke the kiss and heard Samuel groan in disappointment. Alric brought the finger that was coated with Sam’s fluid and ran it over his bottom lip before slipping the digit in his mouth. He could see what the sight of him doing that did to Samuel, saw his pupils dilate and scented his wolf right there.

Samuel’s spunk tasted sweet and potent. Alric pulled his finger away, leaned in again and brought his lips to Samuel’s. His mate immediately darted his tongue out and licked the bottom of Alric’s lip, cleaning off his cum that coated it. It was hot as hell and caused the small amount of control Alric had to snap.

He pushed Samuel against the couch, moved between his legs to grab hold of his jeans, and wrenched them down Sam’s muscular body. His mate’s erection sprang forth, thick and hard. Alric was ready to fuck his mate with fervor. He stood quickly, tore off his shirt and jeans and knelt between Samuel’s now spread thighs again.

“Spread your legs and lifted them. I want to see what I’ll be filling.”

Sam did as he was ordered. The sight of Samuel’s puckered little asshole was too much temptation for Alric to resist. His control snapped, his wolf clawed to be released, and Alric attacked Sam.

“Grab your knees, baby, and pull them to your chest.” Alric could hear the change in his voice. It was husky and aroused. His inner wolf itched to claim its mate. He snapped his eyes up to meet Samuel’s and saw the hazy expression of desire covering his mate’s face.

Samuel grabbed his knees and pulled them to his chest. He kept his thighs still spread, his cock standing hard between them, his tight asshole in plain view and ready for whatever Alric deemed necessary.

Kissing his inner thigh, Alric then alternated between licks and bites, moving closer to his cock. Samuel growled above him, a primal and rough sound that let Alric know he enjoyed this. Alric gripped the base of Samuel’s cock, and ran the tip around his lips, spreading the pre-cum around before sticking his tongue out and drawing circles around the slit. He pressed his tongue into it gently and felt Samuel’s dick jerk in response. Sucking the head in his mouth, Alric started to stroke Samuel with firm, quick motions. His mate was very well endowed, and although he wished he could take him all the way in, he wasn’t able to.

That didn’t stop him from trying, though.

Alric sucked in more of his length and licked the underside of Samuel’s cock, and felt the thick vein that ran just beneath the surface pulse in response and renewed his efforts. His jaw ached, a pleasant reminder of how large Samuel truly was. When the tip of his shaft hit the back of Alric’s throat, he gagged slightly. He loved doing that, waiting until he felt the thick, bulbous head of Sam’s dick touch the back of Alric’s throat, before swallowing and feeling the muscles flex around the length.

Alric let his mate’s dick slip out and went back to caressing the tender flesh of Samuel’s inner thighs. He slipped his hand between them and ran it over the tight, puckered opening of Samuel’s ass.

“I’m going to fuck this little ass until you can’t see straight, baby.” Alric growled against Samuel’s sac then sucked the sensitive skin into his mouth.

He ran his tongue along the soft skin and slipped his finger into the tight ring of the muscle of Sam’s asshole. Once his digits slipped inside, Alric started fucking the small hole while he licked Samuel’s balls.

Sam couldn’t help but pant above him. Samuel’s whole body shook to the point where Alric knew he was close to coming. Alric let go of the heavy weights and when they slid free of his mouth they made a popping noise that drove his desire higher. Moving lower, Alric ran his tongue over Samuel’s flesh until he ran it along one of his ass cheeks. Slipping his digit free of Samuel’s anus, Alric moved lower until he was so close to Samuel’s hole he could smell the soap he had used in the shower.

The urge to taste Samuel’s asshole rode him strongly, and he didn’t hesitate. He swiped out and tentatively licked the tight ring of flesh, felt the muscles give just slightly, and pressed inside Samuel. Alric brought his eyes up and watched as Samuel held a look of pure rapture. With his eyes closed tightly, an expression of sweet anguish covered Samuel’s masculine features.

Alric placed his hands on either side of Samuel’s ass, spread the cheeks as wide as they could go and leaned back to stare down at the tempting asshole that was presented. Samuel’s hole clenched slightly, as if Sam knew the thoughts moving through his mind. Leaning in, Alric started to run his lips over the puckered opening several times, wetting it, teasing it. He pressed his mouth farther into his mate. Samuel’s ass clenched around the muscle, and Sam growled low.

Alric couldn’t stand it any longer—he started to fuck Samuel with his tongue, mimicking the in and out motions that he would soon be doing with his cock. Samuel writhed above him, murmuring unintelligible words and fueling Alric’s desire. He could feel Samuel start to slightly press against his lips, as if seeking further penetration. Alric didn’t want to disappoint his lover. He opened his mouth wider over the opening then shoved into Samuel’s ass as far as he could, at the same time reaching up and stroking Sam’s shaft.

The dual act was almost Alric’s undoing. His erection throbbed, and pre-cum coated the tip of his dick. Standing abruptly, he stared down at Samuel. His mate was spread out wide, panting, sweat starting to lightly cover his body, and knew he wouldn’t last five minutes once his cock was buried in Samuel’s sweet ass.

Alric swore when he realized he would have to go to the bedroom to grab the lube and a condom. He strode with purpose to collect the items and returned to find Sam already in position. Sam was bent over the couch, his legs spread, his ass presented like an offering.

Alric sheathed himself and poured a generous amount of lube on his erection. He then coated Samuel’s hole with it. He ran his finger over Sam’s tight anus, and Alric’s shaft gave a mighty jerk. He stood back for a moment, stroking himself and watched as Samuel’s ass clenched and unclenched.

“You ready, baby?” Alric growled.

“You know I’m fucking ready, Alric. Get over here and stuff your cock up my ass.”

Leave it to Samuel to say it like it was. He came up behind Samuel. Alric positioned his dick at the entrance of Samuel’s hole and gripped his shoulder with one hand. Without the gentleness he wanted to deliver, Alric pressed forward and slammed his shaft into Sam. They both groaned when he was fully in, their balls slapping against each other.

“Fuck. I love it when you do that.” Sam moaned again, and Alric felt his inner muscles clench around his cock. “Fuck me, Alric. It’s been too long.”

Yes, it has.

He pulled back and let his dick slip almost all the way out before ramming it back into him. Alric moved his hand from Samuel’s shoulder to the back of his neck and gripped it tightly. Alric sank in and out of his mate, and felt his orgasm fast approaching. He used his other hand to slap Samuel’s muscular ass, loving how the sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the room.

“Faster, Alric. Harder.”

“You want it rougher, baby?” Alric panted, so worked up he could already feel his balls drawing up, getting ready to spew forth a massive amount of cum.

“Oh fuck, Alric, give it to me. I’m so close to coming.”



Faster, rougher, and harder, Alric pounded into Samuel with such intensity that his vision blurred. When he was close, he pulled out, tore the condom off and flipped Samuel around. “Stroke me, baby.” His voice was now a rough growl, his inner beast so close to the surface he could feel his whole body shaking.

Alric took hold of Samuel’s dick, and Sam reciprocated with Alric’s cock. They jerked each other off, their gazes trained on one another.

“Here I come, baby,” Alric groaned.

“Shit. I’m coming, too, Alric.”

They came at the same time, their spunk shooting out of the tips of their dicks in powerful, white arcs of thick cream. Alric watched as his cum landed on Samuel’s belly, and felt the hot splatters of Samuel’s jizz land on his abdomen. The sight of watching his mate ejaculate was always something that turned him on.

Glancing down at Sam’s cock, he saw that his mate was still hard and ready for him.

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