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Authors: Gabby Grant

Volcano (27 page)

Mark looked to Albert for reassurance...rescue.
But all he got was an “old
boy” chuckle.

Ana gazed up at her very handsome husband, knowing he’d
forgive her anything. Had forgiven her everything- and certainly would again.

about this?” Mark asked Albert.

Albert folded his arms over in front of him with an
enigmatic smile. “How much do any of us really know in this business?’

That, Ana thought, leaning in and grabbing Mark around the
waist, was a very good question.
A question, to which Mark
just shook his head with uproarious laughter.

“Alright,” Mark said, smiling resolutely and pulling Ana
tightly into the crook of his arm. “I can see when I’m outnumbered. Don’t think
I’d be applying for the position of Assistant Director of DOS without first
learning to play my odds.”

Albert’s lips drew into that old, omnipotent grin. “Always
knew I liked you for a reason.”

“That makes two of us,” Ana said, stretching up on her toes
to give Mark a kiss.

“Three,” Mark corrected, stopping her mid-pucker. “Don’t
forget our Isabel. I’m certain she thinks I’m pretty special, too.”

“Absolutely,” Ana said, with a mysterious
“You, Mark Neal, are developing a regular fan club. And, it’s
growing larger by the second.”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “What, exactly, does

“I’ll tell you,” Ana said, laying a hand against her belly
to quell its light flutter, “the moment you have a need to know.”


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