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I'd like to dedicate this book to my beta reader, author

Lynn Rae.







Allyson Young


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“You have to be shitting me.” Adara thought she’d barely breathed the phrase, but Samuel heard her. His brows snapped together, and he fixed her with his dark, disapproving stare, the one that would bring most women to their knees in a bid for forgiveness.

“Language.” The single word was spoken softly, but the authority resonated more so than if it had been a lengthy harangue.

“Sorry.” She made the apology not quite automatically, well aware of Samuel’s propensity to deal with what he deemed misbehavior or behavior not deemed appropriate for his subs. Well, fuck him. She wasn’t his sub, and although she really loved and respected him—he was probably her best friend—he’d just laid a world of hurt on her with what he’d shared and deviated from his role with
. The fact the former wasn’t his fault didn’t matter. Her fucking
wasn’t around to deal, the coward, so Sammy was in for it.

“You have two days to prepare.” His comment wasn’t helping. He sounded like there were absolutely no other options but to comply with the dictates of the contract.

“I’m not doing it.”

“You have no alternative, Adara, if you think about it.” She thought she detected a hint of sympathy in his measured tone but could read nothing on his craggy features.

“I’ll kill him.”

“Be that as it may, you’ll have to wait to do it. Elliot has pledged you for the debt and while such practices are no longer the norm on this planet, his gaming took place on Virile. And you have two days to prepare.”

She snorted, hardly ladylike, but fitting in this instance. Virile. A distant planet populated primarily by men because of how harsh the conditions were, deemed too difficult for women to flourish. She had no doubt the men there were indeed virile, but more aptly called desperate because of the lack of available pussy. They probably fucked one another and unsuspecting animals too, whatever species populated that forsaken planet. She tried to gather her thoughts, beginning to accept she had no other option but to honor the contract without dire consequences. Plague Elliot. If he had managed to wait just three more months before involving her in his excesses…she truly felt she could kill him, painfully and slowly.

“Adara.” His deep voice pulled her from her hopeless reverie.

Sighing, she asked, “Does the male have a name?” Maybe if she heard his name and it wasn’t something like Humper, it would make this insanity real and she’d accept her fate—get it over and done with quicker.
One month. One fucking month of her life, pledged to a stinking farmer. It may as well be one year. How would she hide her disgust? She hadn’t read the complete parameters of the agreement yet, relying on Sammy for the short version, but assumed her role would be that of sexual servitude. Probably the farmer hadn’t wanted someone to keep his home or clean the barn or whatever it was he did out there.

“They do.”

“They?” Her voice cracked the higher registers of human hearing and Samuel winced.

“They,” he confirmed.

“No. That’s not right, Sammy.” She ignored the twist of his lips at the use of the diminutive. “Not fair.
cannot be asked of me. I can’t take three brutes pawing me, having sex with me…”

His voice lowered and for certain there was sympathy on those features, and in his eyes too. “If you don’t honor the contract, your family’s estates, including your own inheritance, are forfeit to—”

He consulted a copy of the contract on his desk, although she knew there was no need. Samuel would have dissected it, hoping to spare her. Sammy loved her, even if she couldn’t love him back that way because he wanted, no, needed, a submissive, something she could never be, no matter how his dominance sometimes stirred her fantasies to life.

“—Thorn, Orion and Kellis Freestar.” He provided the names of the pigs who would soon own her. “And Elliot will go to prison on their planet for a term of one month in your stead if you refuse.”

An entire month. Her own term of imprisonment should she choose to accept the mission…like she had a freaking choice unless she offered her brother up as he did her. One male she could probably have managed and the contract would prohibit harming her, but three men? They would screw her to death, those depraved, deprived farmers. She would be nothing but a fuck toy no matter the niceties of the agreement. Bile filled her throat, and she swallowed against it, closing her eyes in an effort to hold on to her sanity. She clung fiercely to the memory of her future career.

“Adara, my love, there is more.”

What more could there be? Condemned to service three horny, unwashed brutes for a month. Could she keep her inner self safe and secure? A kernel of the famed Waycross strength, her brother excluded, unfurled deep inside and warmed her a trifle. She raised her head to stare at him with bleary eyes.

“Adara. There is no kind way to say this. It is why I asked you here to spend these two days with me in preparation. The Freestar males are Dominants, not so different from what some of us practice here.”

Surging out of her chair, the contract crumpled tightly in her hand, she felt her feet tracking backward until she came up against the cool window in Samuel’s office. The fabric of her shirt immediately clung to the heat of her body, polarized by the difference in temperature as she flushed from head to toe in horror. Her belly froze though, and sank to her toes.

If there was a weapon within her grasp she would use it in her desperation. On who, she didn’t know, but Samuel’s revelation doused that kernel of strength and terrified her into total and utter silence. She might defend against a physical sensual assault by going away in her head, but trained Dominants would want to get in there too and take everything from her. The bile flowed freely, and she dry heaved as she contemplated her sale into submissive, sexual slavery.

Despair replaced her fury and outrage, and she sagged down along the windowpane to crouch on the floor, her head sinking to rest on her knees. Samuel knelt beside her and his big arms enfolded her, but his warmth didn’t penetrate.

He murmured against her hair and rocked her. “I’ll teach you how to submit in order to cope. They will not cause you lasting harm, my love. The contract does not reflect true sadism. I promise.”

She couldn’t cry. She wanted to scream and wail and pour her anguish out, but she couldn’t. It was like her senses were frozen at the enormity of her situation. She tried to focus on Samuel’s promise. Two days. Two short days before a descent into hell. Elliot was no longer her brother. If that left her alone in the world, so be it. One month of submission followed by two months of recovery and she would come into her own inheritance. Twenty-five years old and
of managing her money and own affairs. That highlight was what she would set her mind on whenever things got too much on Virile, and not that she was saving her brother from certain death in a savage prison.


It was like a fantasy and a dream come true—meant to be. Thorn didn’t question it. If she wasn’t meant for them her spineless brother wouldn’t have come to their planet to hunt the secattor with countless guides and weaponry better suited to bring a starship down, seeking a change from the monotony of his life, only to end up in the center at a gaming table with Thorn. If it wasn’t meant to be then Thorn wouldn’t have laid eyes on her printed image, the one the brother pushed into the pile of ducats in his last desperate bet. Thorn’s entire body had responded to that representation of delicate female beauty. His cock had swelled, yes, but so did his heart—their kind fell once in a lifetime, hard and forever. He’d covertly caught her image on his profiler and sent it to his brothers, but had no doubt they too would be instantly enamored. The immediate reply, peppered with comments both bawdy and tender, confirmed his assumption.

The rest of the players had folded their tablets, and it was down to him and his intended’s brother. There was no doubt Thorn would prevail and so he had—Elliot Waycross had tried at the last moment to renege and withdraw his sister but redeemed himself with instant acquiescence when the room stilled before the menace in Thorn’s demeanor. Females were still clearly bound by the vagaries and rules of the males on her planet, despite the news of moderation of the paternalistic state there, or the brother could not have gambled her. It was something Thorn blessed, and he anticipated a sweet, gentle spirit, a product of her environment, in keeping with the creamy skin, the long, dark and probably silken hair, and grass green eyes. Her eyes alone would soothe the soul—their planet being so harsh, although not without its own beauty. He could see the vulnerability captured there. It would be their honor to protect and cherish her submission.

He and his brothers had waited such a long time for their permanent submissive partner. They would have to be gentle with her as they taught her to serve—so fragile she appeared—and that was the one thing Thorn regretted. He was a hard Dominant and well aware of it. He had hoped to find a woman who could take what he gave, but for Adara he would contain himself. If must be he would travel to the capital and slake his dark needs there. She would never have to know of his infidelity if it meant protecting her from his excesses, and it wouldn’t really be disloyal because there would be no fucking.

Orion and Kellis were dominant but softer, and they would compliment such a flower. He had no doubt she would be theirs almost immediately, and the one month contract—all he’d been able to browbeat out of the brother—an excess of time to convince Adara to commit to them, and agree to bear their children and grace their home forever. She would arrive in three short days, and he could barely restrain himself, his cock becoming regularly familiar with his hand. All of the brothers had withdrawn from Ronnie immediately upon finding Adara. Adara—fire virgin—such a misnomer.

He knew his brothers had prepared the room in which they would dominate and pleasure her as well as ensuring everything was at hand in the bedroom they would all share. They decided against giving Adara her own space. Although appreciating she might be overwhelmed, they daren’t give her an opportunity to retreat. Failure was not an option because they would never find another such as her. Thorn dismissed the prophecy that haunted his family for centuries, the one foretelling a specific woman who would complete a set of brothers. This woman was theirs, no matter that her appearance didn’t precisely match the description of the woman destined for Freestars. That foretold woman would have to complete another set of Freestar brothers.

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