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Authors: Jodi Redford

Vanessa Unveiled (7 page)

Kneeling between her spread-eagled thighs, he squeezed a generous dollop of the gel on the tips of his fingers. “What’s the biggest object you’ve taken in your ass, Nessie?”

She stared at him blankly and he nodded toward the vibrators. Her eyes widened as she took in the butt plug, and he reached for the slimmer vibrator instead. He lubed it up before applying more gel to his fingers. “We’ll start with this first, and work our way up.” He didn’t immediately dive into her ass, but his hesitation was merely a token gesture. Not that he wouldn’t have granted the request if she chose to refuse, because he most definitely would have. But he knew with everything inside him that Vanessa wanted that plug buried inside her when he fucked her. More than that, she wanted Braeden. She might not be willing to admit it yet, much less beg Brae to fuck her ass. But she would. Soon.

He worked one finger past her puckered opening, hot satisfaction burning low in his gut when she bit her lip, her breath quickening. Adding another finger, he stretched her, easing the way for the vibrator. She watched him the entire time he prepared her, her eyes never leaving his face. Reluctantly abandoning the snug haven of her ass, he gripped the vibrator and inserted it in one slick glide. He flicked the dial to
and she jerked, her fingers digging into the silk bedding. He leaned back and reached for her leg. Nuzzling the arch of her foot, he swirled his tongue over each of her curled toes before sucking them into his mouth. Her back bowing off the bed, she began panting. Releasing her toes, he licked his way down her foot again and bit the sensitive arch. She groaned.

“I’m going to fuck you while that vibrator is buzzing away in your ass. The stimulation is going to be constant and intense. But you can take it, sweetest. Furthermore, you crave it. The brief glimpse you had of that pleasure when you came moments ago is a mere shadow of what I can give you.” He glanced at Braeden, who was staring at Vanessa with an equally hungry expression. “What
can give you.”

She whimpered and Rand crawled over her, his hand sliding beneath her head, tilting her up to receive his ravenous kiss. Her nails dug into his back as his cock burrowed past the slick opening of her pussy. She was tight and wet, her inner walls vibrating around him. If not for the curse, he suspected he would have embarrassed himself by spending his seed right then and there, halfway lodged within her clasping channel. Rocking his hips, he sank deeper. Her cries coming faster, he pushed up onto his elbows and straddled her thighs, balancing his weight so that the only sensation she’d feel would be his cock gliding in and out of her pussy and the vibrator working its magic in her ass.

Her hands continued digging into the muscles in his back, her eyes going glassy. He heard Braeden’s rough moan, followed by the scrape of beard stubble along his sweat-dampened spine as Braeden licked a path toward his tailbone. Braeden’s teeth sank into the flesh of his left butt cheek, causing Rand’s steady strokes to falter.

“I need a taste.”

He didn’t require an elaboration of Braeden’s husky request. Easing from Vanessa’s pussy, he knelt, his knees bracketing her hips. Braeden leaned forward and sucked the swollen knob of Rand’s dick into his mouth. A delirious moan rolled from Vanessa. Rand smoothed a hand over her breast, his thumb and forefinger giving her nipple a light pinch that made her breath stutter. He fumbled for the larger plug and the tube of lubricant. Relinquishing Rand’s cock, Braeden slipped the vibrator from Vanessa and tossed it aside before splaying his palms on her inner thighs, spreading her wide for the insertion of the lubricated plug. She flinched slightly when the plug’s bulbous tip nudged into her opening.

“Relax, sweetest. We’re almost there.” Rand circled her clit with his thumb and coaxed the plug past the resistant band of muscle. “Good girl.” He powered on the device and she clutched Braeden’s shoulder in a death grip. Desperate to lose himself to the intoxicating pleasure of her body, Rand repositioned himself and grasped her hips, plunging inside her in one firm thrust. She cried out, the tight clasp of her pussy fitting him like a glove.

Rand closed his eyes, letting the carnal bliss of their joining wash over him for a moment before tucking her legs around his waist and gathering her into his arms. She clung to him, hugging him close as Braeden moved in behind her and kissed the nape of her neck. Her gasps muffled against Rand’s shoulder, she shivered and trembled. He cradled her to him, his heart thudding rapidly with a chaos of emotions. Lust. Love. They wove together into an inseparable thread. He watched Braeden caressing Vanessa’s back, the same emotions playing out on his face.

They’d opened their hearts to Vanessa. There would be no turning back from this pivotal moment. Brae’s hands slid around to cup her breasts and she leaned back, offering her mouth to him in a lush kiss. The sight of their tongues tangling sent a fierce bullet of need through Rand and he pumped his cock deeper into Vanessa’s slick channel, wringing a groan from her. Her hands dug into his biceps. “
Oh God

“Tell us what you want, sweet Nessie, and we’ll give it to you.”

She licked her lips, her breaths labored. “I—I want…”

Rand slowed his thrusts until he was barely moving, allowing him to feel each of the tiny muscles in her pussy gripping him tight. The exquisite sensation made it damn difficult to concentrate. “We need to hear you say it, sweetest.”

“Together. I want the three of us together. F-for sex.”

He gave a growl of victory. Though she’d felt it necessary to tag sex onto the end of her statement for clarification’s sake, she’d soon see that she needed more from this union than just their cocks. While Braeden snagged the lube, Rand reached behind Vanessa and worked the plug from her ass. A moment later, the head of Brae’s cock bumped Rand’s knuckles and he helped guide his lover inside Vanessa’s rear passage. She shuddered, her gaze locking with his.

He ducked and brushed his lips over hers. “We’re going to make this good for you.”
And convince you to never leave us
. With that silent promise suspended between them, he gradually withdrew from her before pumping inside again in a languid glide. The snugness of her sheath made his and Brae’s cocks ride against each other, the friction mind-blowing.

Braeden’s eyes became hooded, his jaw going slack. Rand powered up his strokes. “You feel me, don’t you? And it’s making you hot, knowing I’m fucking you both.”

A whimper broke from Vanessa, her pussy clenching. Apparently Braeden noticed the telltale sign of her looming orgasm too because he pressed a sliding kiss along the slope of her neck, his hand insinuating between her and Rand’s groins. His thumb rubbed over her clit. “You gonna come for us, baby? Milk our cocks at the same time?”

She replied with a strangled cry, her pussy performing the marvelous trick Braeden had just suggested. Her body shook and they both held her through the tempest of her climax until she slumped weakly against Rand’s chest. He smoothed her sweat-dampened hair off her face and kissed her forehead. A sense of tranquility and fulfillment locked in place inside him. This woman was the missing piece he and Braeden had been searching for since practically the beginning of time. Now that they’d found her, everything would be okay.

No cruel fate would dare deny them a happy ever after.

Chapter Seven

“Oh yeah. I’ve definitely died and gone to heaven.” Vanessa snuggled between Rand and Braeden on the bed, luxuriating in the solid wall of muscles and warm, musky skin surrounding her. A sexy, masculine chuckle feathered over her neck before Braeden nibbled her earlobe. Despite the fact she’d had more orgasms in the last twelve hours than she’d had all year, her nipples immediately beaded in response. A groan tumbled past her lips. “You’re insatiable.”

“Sorry, darlin’. You bring out the hungry beast in me.”

“And me.” His palm cupping her hip, Rand nuzzled her collarbone.

She sighed. “Sad to say, but I was talking about myself.”

Rumbles of laughter broke from Rand and Braeden. Unable to resist, she joined in with a giggle. “I’m probably going to regret admitting that to you two horny bastards, aren’t I?”

Braeden nipped at her shoulder. “Count on it, baby.”

“Mm, I concur.” Rand followed up his statement by combing his fingers through the curls covering her mound.

She tried to escape their lascivious onslaught, but the dirty rotten sons-of-bitches pinned her between them, hindering her attempt. Gasping, she managed to wiggle an arm free of their tangled limbs. “Whoa. Hold it, would you?” Her laugh bordered on a groan when Rand and Braeden each fondled one of her breasts. “I wasn’t referring to that! I need to use the bathroom.”

Their grins equally sinful, they released her and she scrambled from the bed. Once inside the bathroom, she took care of the necessary business of emptying her full bladder before crossing to the sink. She splashed cold water on her face and winced at the image reflecting back at her in the mirror. She looked like she’d just spent three hours screwing her brains out.
Probably because I did.
It occurred to her that she should feel like a big, dirty slut, but not even a trickle of guilt dampened the warm glow of satisfaction that permeated every cell in her body. She’d have plenty of time tomorrow to let her conscience berate her for sleeping with the fugitives she was supposed to be bringing in. For now, she planned to indulge in every fantasy she could think of with Rand and Braeden—and enjoy each wicked second of it.

As if they’d read her thoughts, the two naughty pookas in question sauntered into the bathroom. She gave them a mock glare in the mirror. “Just because I’ve let you guys defile me beyond decency doesn’t mean you can bust in here while I’m tinkling.”

“You’re not tinkling. You’re standing in front of the sink,” Braeden pointed out rather unhelpfully. He and Rand stepped forward and crowded her on either side before herding her toward the pool.

Putting up token resistance, she allowed them to lead her down the steps into the swirling water. “Is this your way of telling me I’m stinky?”

“No, you smell good enough to eat.” Rand buried his nose in her hair before coaxing her deeper into the water. “Brae and I talked it over though, and we’ve decided its way past time to induct you into the pleasures of pool sex.”

“Oh really.”

Braeden reached for her hand, his devilish smile too delicious for words. “We’re only thinking of you, darlin’.”

Snorting, she followed him toward the edge of the pool, where a cache of sea sponges and luscious scented soaps waited. Rand joined them, and soon she found herself the lucky recipient of the most thorough scrubbing of all time. In between attending to her, Rand and Braeden also lathered up each other. Seeing those big, soapy hands trailing all over each other’s hard, muscular bodies fired her desire to a fever pitch. Picking up one of the sponges, she rinsed the suds from Rand’s chest, fascinated by how the rivulets of champagne-colored water seemed to make his tattoos sparkle.

Unable to resist, she traced the design with her fingertip, earning his shiver. “They really are beautiful. Is there a meaning behind the symbols?”

“They’re clan marks.” Rand’s fingers closed over hers. “This one is Braeden’s.” He drew their hands higher until they rested on the upper portion of the tattoo that covered his shoulder. “And this one is mine.”

Braeden’s palm skated over the tanned, velvety skin stretched over Rand’s pectoral. “He made sure to leave plenty of room here for your mark, darlin’.”

She blinked at him. “But I don’t belong to any clan.”

“Your family.” Braeden chuckled. “Surely you’ve got one of those. We can always do a little research and find out if your people have an ancestral crest.”

The pain she thought she’d buried so well caught her unawares, the dull ache of it seeping into her heart. She swallowed, her throat and chest unbearably heavy. Old insecurities rose to the forefront, whispering a jumbled, discordant chorus of hateful words that cut her to the bone.

Freak. That’s all you’ll ever be. A little, good-for-nothing freak.

Desperate to hide from the taunting specter inside her head, she stumbled back a step. Rand’s fingers squeezed hers tight, refusing to grant her the escape she longed for.

“Nessie.” The soft command in Rand’s voice managed to edge past her panic and she stared up at him, instantly becoming ensnared in his dark, compelling gaze. “What are you afraid of, sweetest?”


Rand’s expression made it clear that she didn’t have him fooled. “You were ready to bolt. This is the second time today any mention of your family has upset you.”

She sent him a glare, this one completely genuine. “I told you that I have no family.”

Frown lines pinched the center of Braeden’s brow. “But that makes no sense. How could you not have one?”

The pain she’d kept locked away broke from its bonds and tumbled free in all its gut-wrenching, ugly glory. “Because some of us are too much of a freak show to deserve a family who won’t abandon us the first chance they get. Some of us are destined to be alone our entire lives.” Shaking, she met Rand and Braeden’s compassionate gazes. Shit, she’d said too much.

Rand tugged her toward him. Left with little choice, she slumped into his arms. Though she made a valiant effort to regain a semblance of composure, Rand and Braeden’s comforting hugs and kisses proved her undoing and she cried against Rand’s chest.

“That’s right, sweetest, let it all out.”

Apparently his words were a carte blanche invitation to her psyche, because everything came spilling out in a rush. Every last sordid, pathetic memory. “I—I don’t recall much about my real parents. They left me in a women’s restroom at a state hospital in California when I was three.” She read the disbelief and anger riding Braeden and Rand’s features and tried for a dismissive shrug. “I guess there could have been worse places to drop me than a loony bin. Regardless, that should have been a warning of what my future had in store. I probably could have saved myself a shitload of trouble if I’d been smart enough to ignore the Otherworlders in the beginning. Because once they knew I could see them, interact with them, nothing would convince them to leave me be. The worst was a goblin named Fred. That dickhead would follow me from foster home to foster home, creating all kinds of hell for me and the families that took me in. For a while, everyone thought maybe I was haunted by an evil poltergeist. Eventually I became known as the cursed child, and it became near impossible for the state to place me with a family.”

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