Unchaste: A Steamy Short Lesbian Erotica

Candy wiggled
and moaned beneath me, leaving her eyes shut, savoring the sensation I presume,
while she spread her legs a bit farther apart.  Ahhh, that is what she
wanted, was
  I smiled and, with my mouth
still firmly fastened on one of her tits, let my hand drop to between her
legs.  Her skin was soft, perfectly smooth with
not even
trace of stubble and when I touched her,
she gasped and then spread her legs even wider, so apparently I had not read
her wrong.  I let one finger slip between the lips of her pussy, spreading
them ever so gently.  As it glided over her pink skin there was no
friction – she was so wet that when I pulled my hand away, it was quite
literally, dripping with her juice.

“Mmm,” I purred
against her tit, letting the sound of my voice vibrate through her body. 
I lifted my lips from her breast long enough to stick my finger in and suck on
it noisily, though she didn’t open her eyes, there was no way she could mistake
what I was doing.  Then I turned my mouth’s attention to her other nipple,
and returned my hand to the juncture between her legs.

Slowly I slid
two fingers up and down the length of her dripping trench, never slipping into
her hole, but taking plenty of time to stop and rub against her swollen and no
doubt, throbbing clit.  My tongue lashed at her nipple, my teeth nibbled
at it, and my fingers between her legs made her whimper and grow even wetter.

“Please,” she
gasped, and I tore my mouth from her breast and pressed her down onto her back
on the floor, slipping my face between her thighs and letting my tongue slither
up the length of her pussy.  She tasted sweet, fresh and unspoiled, and as
I licked at her dripping cunt I wondered if she’d ever had anyone do this to
her before.  She tangled her hands in my hair, pulling my face down harder
against her and grinding her clit against my nose. 
she had had it before or not, there was no question that she knew what she
wanted now – and I was going to give it to her.

I reached up
and grabbed one of her tits in my hand, never moving my face from between her
legs, and pinched her nipple, moaning into her pussy while I did it.  That
elicited a deep groan from her, and she became even more frantic, if that were

“Please,” she
gasped again.  “Please, fuck me.”


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A Lesbian
Erotic Short Story

Do you really
collect sex toys?” Candy asked me, her blue eyes opened wide with surprise and
a piece of gum forgotten on the tip of her tongue as she opened her jaw to show
her surprise. 

I laughed at
the comical look on her face and nodded.  “Hell yeah, why shouldn’t I?”

“Oh, I don’t
know,” she looked away, embarrassment coloring her face.  “I mean, I guess
it’s pretty normal to have them…toys I mean, but I’ve never heard anyone brag
about them before.”

“Well then,” I
countered, “I think you’ve been hanging out with the wrong people.”

Really, I
suspected the problem was just her youth and inexperience.  Candy was 18
years old – plus a month.  I knew because I had been at her birthday
party.  She had started working at the office straight out of high school
and I had been admiring her figure even before it was legal for me to do
so.  Now that she was not jailbait anymore, there was no way I was going
to pass up a chance to flirt with her and maybe even get her back to my place.

Candy was
hot.  She was almost as blonde as I was, but I suspect hers was natural
and mine came in a bottle – and
I said, she was
hot.  She had a pair of titties that would make grown men weep, and horny
women like me wet.  They were D cup at least and one hundred percent
natural.  While mine matched hers in size, they were far from natural –
but still looked good.

“Maybe,” she
giggled, but turned to look at me rather than at the floor, something I took as
a very good sign.

“Would you like
to come over and see them?” I prodded, against my better judgment.  Past
experience told me that it was better for me to take it slow, take my time,
tease, make jokes and make up a bogus reason for her to come to the house, but
for some reason I just thought, ‘fuck it’ and went for it.  Thankfully, it
worked.  Candy blushed again and then chomped down on her gum once,
probably a nervous habit, and then nodded.

“Awesome, I’m
off work now, if you are too we could head out now, I’ll give you a ride.”

“Okay,” she
managed to say, but her voice was barely a whisper.  She cleared her throat
and when she spoke, again it sounded far more normal.  “Sounds good – just
let me get my purse.”

As she weaved
her way through the maze of desks to her own, I watched her round butt – not
even bothering to try to hide it, everyone I worked with already knew I am a
horny bitch so there was no point.  She had the kind of ass that bounced
when she walked in a way that always made me feel like it was chewing bubble
gum – though maybe I was projecting because I’d never seen Candy without a
piece in her mouth.

She grabbed her
coat and purse, turned off her computer and then, without a word of goodbye to
anyone else, came back over to where I was waiting in the hall.  We walked
out together and down to the car park in almost complete silence – small talk felt
trite and forced but she was not ready for anything else, yet.

When we reached
my car, I unlocked my door, got in and then reached over to unlock hers. 
As she got in, I arranged it so that my hand would be on her seat when she sat

I said and
pulled it away, sounding and looking quite innocent.  She blushed all the
way up to her ears and then looked down at the floor as she shut the door
behind her and did up her seat belt. 
I might have taken
that as a sign that she was only interested in seeing the toys and leaving my
place, except that she sat in such a way that when I reached over to shift
gears the knuckles of my hand would brush against the outside of her knee and
thigh – a girl doesn’t do that when she’s not looking for a little action.

“So, Candy, why
are you working here?  It doesn’t seem like the best destination for a
girl just out of high school – being shackled to a desk, typing up notes for
horny old men who spend all day just trying to think of ways to look down your
shirt without being caught.”

She laughed at
that and nodded.  “I know, and I don’t plan on staying – I’m only here
until January, then I can start university in the winter semester – but I had
to work for this fall semester to get enough money to supplement my student

“Ahh, student
loans,” I nodded, and reached over to shift again, letting my fingers linger
against her leg for longer than necessary and making sure she noticed before I
moved them away.  “I’m still paying off mine, I hope yours don’t end up
quite as high, they are the bane of my fucking existence.”

“That’s what I
hear,” she said and shifted in her seat, spreading her legs and moving one even
closer to the gearshift.  “But what else can you do?  If you’re not
born with a silver spoon in your…oh, is this where you live?”

I nodded and
pulled into my parking space.  “Yeah, but don’t be too impressed, I had to
have a roommate up until last month and now I need to either find a new one or
move – the rent is just too much for me to keep up myself.”

“Still, damn,
this is one nice building.  What do you pay?” She laughed, “I mean, if you
don’t mind my asking.”

“Too much,” I
laughed then smiled at her.  “Why?  Are you looking for a place to

She shrugged,
“Maybe, living on campus isn’t exactly cheap, you know.”

My tummy did a
little flip at that, if she really was thinking of moving and if tonight went
well…no.  I stopped myself from thinking about it – no need to put any
extra pressure on myself.  We got out of the car and she tilted her head
back to look up at the building as we entered.  “Wow.” She said again.

We got in the
elevator, punched the number for my floor and then walked to my door in near
silence – but this was
not an uncomfortable
it just…was.  We reached my door, which I unlocked and then went
.  She looked around herself and whispered ‘Whoa’
once more before kicking her shoes off and immediately heading over to my
sunken living room.  I laughed as I watched her wiggle her toes in the
lush white carpet, and headed over to the bar to get us drinks.

  I asked.

“Oh, I’ve never
had wine before, sure, why not?”

She sat down on
the floor, crossing her legs and watching me with undisguised delight.  “I
love your place.”

I handed her a
glass of wine and said thank you, then took a sip from my glass and set it down
on the end table.  “I’ll be right back; I’m just going to grab a few
things from my collection.”

As I moved down
the hallway toward my room, I glanced back toward her, and from the angle I was
at, was able to see directly up her skirt. 

When I came
back, just minutes later, with my treasure chest in my arms, Candy had already
finished her glass of wine.

“Wow,” I
laughed.  “If you keep drinking that fast you’re going to be drunk in no
time – I’ll get you another glass, but you have to promise to take it slow this
time, I don’t want you passing out on me.”

She laughed and
admitted that she thought she might already be getting a buzz from what
drank.  I set down my little wooden chest filled
with toys and poured her another glass before joining her on the floor.

We talked about
nothing, office gossip, hockey teams and college, and sipped our wine (my first
glass, her second)  After enough time had passed that I felt like she
wouldn’t feel out of place anymore, I pulled the small chest over so that it
sat between us.  I flipped open the lid and looked inside.

“Now this is
only part of my collection – the part I use the most often.  I cannot fit
it all in here, of course, but neither can I bring it all out.  And I
didn’t want you to invite you into my bedroom…” I let the ending of that
sentence dangle, and Candy, who really must have been feeling her wine picked
it up, giggling.

Didn’t want me to get the wrong idea?”

“What idea
would that be?”

“That um…you
wanted to…you know.” She blushed – apparently not buzzing enough
to actually put
to words the reason we both knew she was

“Oh, would that
be the wrong idea?” I grinned meaningfully at her, and then, not giving her a
chance to respond or even finish processing it, I reached into the box and
pulled out my silver bullet vibrator.  It was little, not intimidating and
seemed like a good place to start.

“Hold out your
hand.” I suggested.  Candy complied and I turned the vibrator on its lowest
setting and ran it over the back of her hand.  “This one is my silver
bullet – it’s got a cord, unfortunately, but as you can see and here I turned
up the power gradually until it reached its highest setting and buzzed against
her hand almost violently.  “It’s quite powerful.”

She smiled
slowly, and turned her hand over so that the vibrator moved over the palm of
her hand, and then down the length of her fingers.  “That could be yummy
hey?” she asked.

“Oh yes, yes it
could.” I smiled at her.  “It’s especially good for focused attention…like
if you have one spot that you really like to have stimulated…”

“Like my clit?”
she asked and then
bright red at her question.

“Indeed.” I
said and turned the vibrator off, slipping it back into my treasure chest.
“This one,” I said, pulling out a battery operated, cordless, soft pink
vibrator, is better for penetration, and larger surfaces.  It’s not as
powerful, but it feels nice too.”

I turned the
vibe on and ran it over the bare skin of her knee.  Candy jumped but did
not pull away, in fact, she shifted and stuck her legs straight out in front of
her.  I slid the purring vibe down her calf and then back up to her knee,
then I moved so that it was on the inside of her leg rather than the top and
repeated the motion, but this time I didn’t stop when I reached her knee, but
kept going under her skirt and up her thigh.

“Does that feel
nice?” I whispered my face just inches
from her own

That is when she did something I never could have anticipated – she grabbed me
with both hands and pulled me hard against her lips.  She did not kiss me
in a shy or hesitant way, not even a slow or sensual way – she crushed my lips
against her own, kissing me hard, slipping her tongue into my mouth and
aggressively stabbing against my own.  After a very long moment during
which I overcame my shock and kissed her back, just as hungrily, she pulled
away and whispered, “Yes, yes that feels good.”

I turned the
vibrator off and stuck it back in my treasure chest, smiling.  “Yes, yes it
did.  I was going to save this one for last, but I think you might be
ready for it.” I pulled out my strap on harness – which was already fitted with
a big, blue cock.  “This, this is the crown jewel of my collection.”

Candy’s jaw
dropped and her eyes went wide – and I realized that she must have swallowed
her gum while we were kissing because it was conspicuously absent.  She
reached out a hand, no longer tentative, to touch the hard shaft, and looked up
into my face.  “Use it on me, will you?  Use it on me?”

“Damn Candy,
you don’t need to ask me twice.”  I set the strap on down beside us,
pushed the treasure chest out of the way and then kissed her again.  This
time I used my practiced fingers to pull at the buttons of her shirt and tug
down the zipper of her skirt – while she fumbled a bit and did the same thing
to my clothes. 
Before long we were naked, still locked
in that same kiss but with our clothing strewn about my living room.
I pulled away, and whispered, “Let me look at you.”

Candy stepped
back, but held her hands in front of herself defensively, until I tilted my
head and raised an eyebrow.  “Why are you hiding?  You’re beautiful –
let me see how beautiful you are.”

Tentatively she
let her hands drop to her sides, and I gasped.  I had known she was hot,
but I had no idea how hot.  Her tits were amazing – one hundred percent
natural and huge – they were perky still though, a benefit of youth, no doubt,
and just begged to
be licked
and sucked on.  Her
waist was small, but then her hips flared out perfectly – and her pussy, god
her pussy, it was shaved and looked so tender and sweet, I could not wait to
get a taste of it.

“Damn.” I
gasped.  “You’re even more gorgeous than I’d imagined.”

“You don’t
think my boobs are too big?”

Are you crazy
girl?  They are perfect.” I closed the distance between them, reaching out
to pinch her nipples, eliciting a gasp of delight from her lips, “absolutely

She tossed her
head back, eyes closed with delight, and I took that as my cue.  This
first time was going to be all about her pleasure, and then I would have her
that was the plan anyway.

I pinched and
kneaded her nipples, toying with them exactly how I would if they were my own,
and using the soft sighs of pleasure she made as encouragement.  I helped
her down, back onto her knees on my soft carpet, and then leaned in to let my
tongue flick over first one nipple and then the other.  She sighed again,
and arched back further, pressing her chest up against my hungry tongue. 
She did not need to do that twice for me to take the hint.  Holding one
breast in my hand and toying with its nipple with my fingers, I pulled the
other into my mouth and began to suck and nibble on it.

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