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Authors: C. L. Scholey

Tags: #Fiction

The Rhythm of Rain (9 page)

Jaron urged Telor forward. Rain took Telor's hard erection into her mouth. "I'll be right back. Don't let her up," Jaron demanded.

Rain had no doubt Telor wasn't about to let her go anywhere as her hand clasped his shaft and rubbed his entire length. But she wondered what Jaron was up to. She didn't wonder for long, for he was soon back behind her. Rain tried to squeal when she felt a thick, slick finger sink into her behind. With Telor's hands in her hair, Rain sucked him harder.

Jaron gripped her hips and Rain moaned when he entered her. For a moment she stopped sucking on Telor. Slowly Jaron pumped higher. Rain didn't try and resist. It was such an odd sensation that made her feel heady. Her eyes closed. When she gasped at his long, hard length, releasing Telor, he dropped to his knees before her. Telor spoke sweet words of loving endearments meant to calm her, but Rain's heart was hammering in her chest with excitement.

Rain felt a hand at her throat and one on her breast as she was pulled higher. Telor moved closer and very gently spread her legs wider, seeking entry. Rain gripped his shoulders. Telor moved with tenderness as her body stretched to accommodate both large men. Telor lifted his hand to rub soft circles around her breast.

Jaron moved faster, making her cry out as he grunted gutturally. Rain closed her eyes when her face was cupped to the side exposing her throat. She knew immediately who bit her then laved and sucked at the hurt, soothing it. Powerful hands kept her in place.

Both men were so different. Her Telor was sweet and caring and she loved the way he moved against her. Telor savored her body with his gentle caresses and adoring words. Jaron made her scream her release with his demanding thrusts and vise-like grip of possession. Rain's entire body shuddered with the raw strength of the man behind her. She didn't cry out either man's name when she found release again. They both gave her what she needed. They were both so perfect. They were both everything she needed and wanted.

Outside, the storm still raged. The lights inside the house flickered off. Thunder crashed, and close by lightning struck, sending a soaring boom. Rain wasn't afraid of the storm anymore. As all three collapsed in a gasping heap on their sides, Rain felt a smile curl her lips.

Jaron's possessive hand rested on her backside; she could feel where each finger held her. Telor slid his fingers down her hip. Rain looked from one to the other and closed her eyes, feeling satisfied. She drifted to sleep, safe and warm as the rhythm of rain danced across the rooftop.


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