The Marine's Naughty Sister










The Marine's
Naughty Sister


Copyright 2011
by Terry Towers


Cover by: Terry


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"I just
a man in uniform," a soft female voice purred from
behind Nate.

Nate smirked at
his buddy, Brian - a fellow Marine - and slowly turned around to
get a look at the face behind the sultry voice.
Taking a swig from
his beer he gave the leggy blonde one of his patented ‘seduce her’

Long legs,
large round breasts, long silky golden hair.
Yep, she's a sexy
little thing
, his eyes affirmed as he surveyed her body from
head to toe,
This just might be my lucky night.

"Well then
you're in the right place."
His eyes scanned the bar which the
majority of Marines from his base frequented.
There was a sea of
men all with shaved heads and wearing standard issue combat
Most women stayed away from this particular bar.
The only
ones that wandered into the Wrangler Tavern were those looking to
snag themselves a Marine for the night.
Taking a look at the blonde
he determined she was no exception to the rule.

"So how about
you buy a girl a drink, soldier?"
Closing the distance between
them, she ran her index finger down the length of his uniformed

Nate's body
began to rev up in anticipation of a night filled with fucking the
fine piece of ass standing in front of him.
"I certainly

A sexy smile
touched her lips.
"A beer would be fine."

"Alright, a
beer it is," he responded turning to order from the bartender.

"Hey Nate,"
Brian nudged Nate's shoulder before he had a chance to give the
bartender his order.

"Ya," he said
turning back to face Brian.

"Isn't that
your sister?"
Brian pointed across the crowd to a shapely
dark-haired woman who was in the process of stripping on a

Evelyn - at the
Wrangler Tavern?
He chuckled at the absurdity of the thought.
Taking another swig from his bottle of beer, Nate's eyes followed
Brian's finger and he found himself choking.
He coughed and
spluttered a moment before bringing his eyes back to the woman
Brian was pointing out.

"Isn't that
Brian asked again.

Nate's mouth
He could hardly believe what his eyes were seeing.
woman he was watching was standing on a table and doing her best
stripper imitation, swinging her white blouse high above her head,
to the delighted cheers of the nearby Marines.
Her pert breasts
covered with just a flimsy black lace bra, bounced with each
Luckily, she hadn't gotten around to removing her bra or
mid-thigh length black, pleated skirt.

He didn't know
Evelyn well; his mother had just married her father a few months
ago, but he did know a few things about her.
The first of those
things was that she was
uptight and conservative.
was no way in
the woman who was swinging her blouse
over her head and was now in the process of flinging it into the
gathered crowd of a couple dozen or more Marines could be Eve.

Nate shook his
"It can't be her, man."

Brian narrowed
his eyes, and stared another minute.
"Oh, I bet it is."

"So what about
that drink, honey?"
The blonde prompted, running a finger up and
down the length of his arm.

"Ya, one
minute," he muttered to the blonde without bothering to look at
He continued to watch the woman who resembled Evelyn as she
pulled one of the men from his unit up on the table with her.
started to use his body as she would a stripper pole, bumping and
grinding against him.
"Oh, fuck me," he groaned inwardly on
realizing that it
, indeed, Evelyn.

"What are you
going to do?"

What was he
going to do?
She was an adult.
It was none of his business what she
did in a bar.
But why was she here in the first place?
It wasn't
exactly the type of place she'd frequent.
Where was her fiancé -
Mark Thornton - Nate believed the man's name was?
was an uptight asshole if ever he had met one.
He doubted
tight-assed Mark would be wandering around the tavern.

he decided.
He would do nothing.
What she did was none of his
Turning back to the bartender he ordered a beer for the

"You realize
that Jason is the kind of guy that does what he has to do to get a
girl in bed."
Brian made a point of mentioning.

Paying the
bartender, Nate accepted the beer and handed it to the blonde,
before turning back to look at his stepsister and Jason.
Jason had
her off the table and back on the floor with his hands groping each
and every inch of her.
"What do you mean by
finally asked Brian, though already suspecting the answer.

"You know, get
them drunk or give them a pill now and then to loosen them up a
bit, whatever it takes," Brian shrugged, "at least that's what I
heard anyhow."

"God dammit."
Slamming his half-drunk beer on the bar he turned to the blonde,
"Sorry, I gotta go."
Without giving her another look he started to
make his way towards Evelyn.
Why couldn't he have a good time
without something fucking it up?
One night to enjoy himself, was
that too much to ask?

Giving the
blonde a lopsided smile, Brian shrugged.
He followed after
Nate through the crowd.

Evelyn noticed
Nate and Brian as they approached.
A wide smile spread across her
"Well, here come the Marines!"

Stopping a
couple of feet away from his sister, he glared at her, "Evelyn,
every man in here is a Marine.
The question is what the
doing here?"

confused at his annoyed attitude she slipped an arm around Jason's
waist and smiled.
"Getting to know...
She looked up at him
frowning, "Who are you again?"

Looking her up
and down and then into her green eyes, examining her pupils, Nate
determined that she had either taken or been given something.
turned his attention to Jason, and took a menacing step towards
"What the fuck did you give her?"

"Nothing man."
Jason backed up a couple of steps keeping a safe distance of a
couple of feet between himself and Nate.

"Hmm, now
aren't you a cute one?"

Nate looked
over his shoulder to see Evelyn wrapping her arms around Brian's
Brian caught Nate's stormy blue eyes and shrugged.

Well, better
Brian keeping her busy than someone else
, he supposed.

Satisfied that
his sister was occupied and out of trouble - for the time being -
he focused his attention on Jason.
Nate took several more steps
toward Jason then reached out and pinned the smaller man, who bore
a striking resemblance to a weasel, to the wall by the throat.
I'm going to ask you again.
did you give my

Jason struggled
under Nate's grasp for a minute or two.
When he realized that he
was not going anywhere until Nate allowed him to, he settled on
simply glaring.
"She came in here all worked up.
Said she just
wanted to unwind and forget her problems.
She got dumped or
something, so I gave her some E.
Not a big deal."

"You fucking
drugged my sister you piece-of-shit!"
Nate's grip tightened on the
other man's throat.
Jason struggled a little harder, while gagging
and gasping for breath.
"I should kick the shit out of you right
now, you date-raping motherfucker."

"Get off him
Nate," a gruff male voice, which he recognized as belonging to his
Staff Sergeant, ordered from behind him.
Moments later he felt a
couple of sets of hands pulling him off and away from Jason.
much as he wanted to give that little weasel a good ass-kicking, he
knew it would cause more trouble for him than it was worth.

"This isn't
over," he threatened, pointing a finger at Jason and turning
He brushed past the two Marines who had pulled him off
Jason, without giving them so much as a look, and marched over to
Brian and Evelyn.

Evelyn was in
the process of unbuttoning Brian's shirt, while kissing her way
down his neck as Nate approached.
Satisfied she wasn't causing
many problems, Nate left her and the contented Brian for
another couple of minutes to look around for her blouse.
After a
brief search he realized it had evidently disappeared.
He quickly
unbuttoned his uniform shirt and pulled it off, leaving him wearing
a forest green undershirt which stretched across the massive
expanse of his chest.

"Here Evelyn,
put this on."
Nate prised her arms from around Brian's neck and
started to help her into his shirt, but Evelyn wasn't having any of

Switching her
attention to him, her hands tugged at the bottom of the undershirt
he was still wearing, pulled it free of his pants and ran her hands
up his bare stomach.
"Mmm, you know I didn't realize how sexy you
were, Nate."
She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his
throat, kissing and licking her way up his neck to his ear.

Nate froze for
a moment, his body taking over his mind.
His cock sprang to life,
begging to be unleashed.
Closing his eyes, he took a moment to
gather the strength to resist her.
, she smelt so
damned good, a mixture of roses and lavender.
Not to mention the
chills that shot through him at the feel of her tongue teasing the
side of his neck.
He attempted to ignore the feelings she was
stirring within him and proceeded to dress her.

Evelyn pushed
her body full against him.
Her firm round breasts, only covered in
the thin lace bra, pressed tight against his chest.
Nate couldn't
resist looking down and taking a peek at the creamy ivory flesh
spilling from the black lace.
He groaned.
, put
the shirt on."

She pulled
back, looked him in the eye, and then told him in a matter-of-fact
tone, "I want to get fucked; either you do it or I’ll find someone

shook his head, trying to decide if he had heard correctly.
looked over at Brian who was wearing a broad grin.

"Hey Nate, if
you don't want to, I'll offer up my services to her," Brian
suggested, his grin widening as he gave Nate a wink.

not touching my sister either, asshole," he growled.

Not even
remotely fazed by Nate's aggression, Brian laughed and continued to
watch in amusement as Nate finally managed to get Eve into the

"Mmm, big boy,
I see," Eve whispered seductively in his ear as she reached between
them and caressed the ridge of his hardened cock over his
camouflage pants.

Nate froze and
his breath caught in his throat.
He hated that he loved the feel of
her hand rubbing against his shaft, but God help him he did.
found himself wondering if her pussy would be tight and moist if he
reached up under her short skirt.
He doubted if that anal-retentive
boyfriend - ex-boyfriend if Jason was to be believed - of hers was
any good in bed.
He came across as too selfish and too prudish to
He was betting she hadn't gotten a good fucking in a long

Yes, Nate was
certain she'd be nice and tight.

himself for letting his mind wander to forbidden thoughts of her,
he grabbed her wrist and reluctantly pulled her hand away from his
"We're leaving."
Taking her hand in his, he started towards
the exit.

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