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Tags: #Theories of the Multiverse, #Parallel Universes, #Immortality, #Worm-Hole Travel, #Aliens

The Immortal Harvest

The Immortal Harvest

Is it an Alien Threat or Something Far Worse?

L.J. Wallace

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Subjects include: Theories of the Multiverse, Parallel Universes, Immortality, Worm-Hole Travel, Aliens.

This book is dedicated to my beautiful wife Julie – Thank you for being you.

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“Surely God would not have created such a being as man, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality”.

—Abraham Lincoln


Matt Rojerson had taken off his gloves to get a better grip on the arms of his friend Bob Webb, who hung helplessly suspended within a large ice crevasse.

Like razor sharp scimitars, the icy winds of the Antarctic tore at the flesh on his hands. The pain was unbearable. He gritted his teeth. Every muscle in his body ached from the exertion of grasping the arms of his comrade.

Fortunately for Matt, he had tethered himself to the sled. He silently prayed that the weight of all of the geological surveying equipment would be sufficient to stop him from following his friend into the giant crack in the ice.

He shouted through the deafening scream of the Antarctic blizzard and the menacing rumble as the ground shook mercilessly. The looming edifice of Vinson Massif towered above him.

“Hang on Bob; I’ll get you out of there. Don’t let go. Try to crawl up my body.”

He attempted a comforting smile, but knew immediately that his suggestion was ludicrous. It would take superhuman strength to even attempt such a feat, even without the nasty wound that Bob had on his leg.

He could imagine that the sheer terror of the situation would be contorting his features, as thankfully, he could not see all of Bob’s face. He had lost his goggles in the fall.

Bob’s eyes darted frantically behind the holes in his balaclava. Even in this dim Antarctic light, Matt could see that the pupils of Bob’s eyes had expanded to the point that his normally blue eyes looked black.

His arms were shaking under the enormous strain of having to hold up his own body weight, plus the eighty kilograms of equipment which hung suspended below him from a rope around his waist.

“Matt, I don’t think I can hold on much longer,” said Bob, his voice high pitched and quivering under the strain.

“You have to. Can you untie the rope from around your waist? That will make you lighter.”

“What about all the equipment?”

“Fuck the equipment Bob. You are more important than a sled full of crap.”

Matt’s mind raced. He needed a solution fast; he decided that drastic actions were needed as he screamed his instructions at his terrified friend.

“I will let go of your left arm so that you can release your karabiner and let the sled go. That will make it easier for me to pull you up.”

Matt released Bob’s left arm causing Bob to scream in pain from the incredible strain placed on his right arm and shoulder joint. He kicked his legs wildly as he spun around in the air. The added movement caused the sled anchoring Matt, to slide slightly forward. His whole body shifted forward and caused a jolting movement. He yelled at Bob in desperation.

“Bob, try to stay calm. Can you release the karabiner?”

Matt could feel the pain in his jaws from grimacing from the sheer strain of combating gravity. He watched as Bob used his free left arm to fumble with the frozen metallic device that held the loop of rope. The task made even more difficult by the bulk of his gloved hand.

He knew that the rope around his waist would be extremely tight. He tried not to think about the futility of the task and thrust his arm down towards his friend. He saw the look of fear and dejection spread across Bob’s face as his attempt at releasing the rope failed.

“It’s no use it won’t release. Just let me go Matt. Save yourself.”

“No. I can get you out. Just hang on.”

“It’s over Matt. I’m fucked. Just let me go. Tell Trudy I love her for me mate. Tell her I’m sorry,” his voice cracked as he spoke.

Matt suppressed the urge to scream at his friend. Tears stung his eyes and then were instantly swept away by the howling wind. He buried his face in the lump of crushed snow that had piled up in front of him. Anger and frustration welled up inside. He screamed into the snow.

“Damn it Bob, I’m not going to let you go. Do you hear me? I need you to complete this mission.”

His arms and shoulders burned from the constant strain. His hands were numb from the cold and the grasp that he had on Bob’s arms.

Suddenly, the sled which was supporting his weight slid forward again. This time his whole body lunged forward further into the crevasse. The unexpected shift in weight caused his grasp to momentarily loosen.

Seizing the opportunity, Bob wrenched his arms free from Matt’s grasp; remaining deathly silent as he plummeted into the icy blackness, the weight of the sled and the conspiracy of gravity hastening his descent.

Within seconds he had disappeared from Matt’s vision. He stared in horrified silence as his friend disappeared. His fingers outstretched into the abyss as if they were subconsciously willing Bob not to fall. It was too late, he was gone.

He remained in the same position for a long time. The sheer effort of supporting his friend and then losing him had rendered him lifeless. His energy was depleted.

After several minutes the horrifying realisation of his being alone and a renewed upheaval in the ice, forced him to back to reality.

He hurriedly put his gloves back on and resecured his sled. He clenched his jaws tightly as he proceeded to make his way to his original intended destination. He had a mission to accomplish.

Just one thought flashed across his mind as he stared up at the massive monolith of Vinson Massif and tugged hard on the sled.

It will be called Bob Webb’s meteorite

“You’re sacrifice will be remembered Bob,” he screamed into the wind as he pushed steadily into the blizzard. The bitter wind driven snow, pummelling his balaclava, as a small pool of tears formed at the bottom of his goggles and solidified in seconds.

As he trudged slowly through the knee deep snow he let his thoughts wander. He thought about the lead up to this expedition. He thought of the months of preparation and the impetus that fuelled the haste to secure the find of the century.

He remembered the first time he had met Bob.

They were both in the office of one of the largest ore exploration companies in the world.

They had been summoned to attend a meeting with several interested parties. He noticed Bob who was sitting quietly outside of the CEO’s office reading a science journal. He rushed to introduce himself.

“Hi. My name is Matt Rojerson.”

“Good for you mate. My name is Robert Webb. My friends call me Bob.”

“Hi Bob it’s nice to meet you.”

He shook his hand with a firm grasp and smiled at the man with the obviously laconic Australian accent. He liked him. He had never met an Australian that he did not like. They all had those rugged good looks with the mischievous smiles and their infamous sense of humour. Bob’s reply proved that he was certainly no exception.

“I didn’t say that you could call me Bob.”

He quickly pulled his hand away. He was unsure of what to say. Until he heard Bob’s hearty, booming laugh.

“Just kidding mate, I’m pullin’ ya leg. Seriously though mate, what’s all this about? Do you have any idea? Who are these jokers?” he asked as he pointed to the impressively large office door.

“They’re obviously over compensating for something.”

Bob wriggled his little finger to emphasise the point.

Matt laughed at the innuendo and continued. “I heard that there has been a discovery made in Antarctica. They needed a leading Geologist so they called me in.”

“Bloody hell, someone’s got tickets on themselves. I’m not exactly chopped liver in the field of Geology myself you know.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know you were a Geologist.”

Matt felt his face redden as he proceeded to sit down across from Bob. He attempted to change the subject.

“I don’t know anything about this discovery, do you? It must be something big.”

He noticed Bob’s raised eyebrow and his uncanny smile as he replied.

“Why do you say that?”

Matt ignored the response and continued.

“Well as you know, it goes against the Madrid Protocol to even suggest mining in the Antarctic region. If that is their plan, they must be in possession of some extremely extenuating circumstances. Maybe they found a substantial oil reserve.”

At that moment their eyes were drawn to the sound of the large door opening. Matt smiled at Bob when he saw him get to his feet and gesture for him to walk ahead of him.

“Well mate, I guess we are about to find out.”

*     *     *

The memory of that first meeting had a calming affect against the blizzard as Matt smiled to himself, recalling the brusque manner in which Bob had entered the meeting and his deliberate attempts to bring humour to an otherwise seriously deadpan meeting.

Unfortunately his attempts were met with derision from the men who were in no mood to joke around. Almost as soon as the introductions were over they were given their briefing.

He thought of the voluminous document that had been placed in front of the Geologists in that meeting. The front cover imprinted with the words
Top Secret
. This immediately piqued his curiosity. He listened intently to the presentation as he scanned through the document. The appendix contained the ultimate surprise.

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