The Fillies of Three Ferns Farm

The Fillies of Three Ferns Farm

A Ponyplay Collection


Andrea Forsythe

Copyright 2012 Andrea Forsythe

Kindle Edition




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Table of Contents


The Tacking Up of Sweet Caroline


Madame Carnegie's Best Broodmare


Miss Sally's First Ponygirl


About the Author

The Tacking Up of Sweet Caroline




Amy blinked as she was turned out into a little paddock. The woman who waited for her smiled. She was a middle-aged but very attractive and fit woman with deeply tanned skin (no tan lines) and beautiful long, platinum blonde hair. She was also completely nude except for a rope halter, and she wore a long horse tail the exact same color as her hair.

She was also naked.

So,” she asked casually. “What is your show name?”

Amy looked down shyly, not wanting to be caught looking at the woman’s nakedness. The stranger was a mature woman, Amy estimated her to be around forty, but her small tits were so flawless and perky. Amy couldn’t stop herself from staring. “It's 'Sweet Caroline'.”

Oh wow! I like that!” she said enthusiastically. “And your barn name?”

Amy resisted the urge to touch the rope halter she wore for the hundredth time. “Sweetie.”

My show name is All that Glitters, but you can call me ‘Goldie,’” she said with a giggle. “Show names have to be my third or fourth favorite thing about this whole thing. The puns are incredible!”

Amy nodded. Her mind was still reeling from the morning. She waited for months for her first retreat at Three Ferns Farm, a privately owned haven for ponyplayers the world over. When she arrived at the greeting center, she had been gently asked to shed her clothing, given a simple rope halter, and transported the rest of the way to the barns in the back of a horse trailer along with six other human equines. Some of them were bewildered new arrivals like herself but others were clearly returning, and they looked excitedly out of the slits in the trailer for familiar sights and faces. The ponies and horses divided, newbies being led in one direction and the more experienced members being taken directly to the stables. “Have... you come to a retreat before?” Amy asked, trying to make conversation.

Oh lord yes, Dear. I'm a broodmare! Here at Three Ferns, the broodmares often act as unofficial den mothers and very official greeters. You've been paired with me for your orientation.”

Oh,” said Amy, who was very much in need of orientation. “So... how does this all... work?”

Goldie smiled and patted her on the shoulder. “That's a bit of a big order all at once. Let's get specific about you first, then I can tell you more about what your personal experience might be like and we'll start from there. The main goal here is to accommodate everyone as best we can and make sure all our human ponies and horses are well taken care of. Do you remember filling out all those forms when you registered?” Amy nodded. “Good. Well those forms have been turned into a document called your 'papers'. They're just as important as a bio- that is a 'real'- horse's registration papers. They tell all about you: what breed you are, your show and barn name, what kind of play you enjoy, whether you will accept men or women trainers or both, and your safe word. Every single trainer, groomer, or potential owner who interacts with you will see your papers. You with me so far?”

Amy nodded again, trying to remember all the answers she had given to the seemingly endless parade of questions she had answered as part of the registration process. “I think so,” she said slowly. “I put that I was a pony... a bay Fell pony.” She got a wistful look in her eye. “My uncle kept Fell ponies, and I always pretended I was one when I was a little girl.”

Goldie grinned and started walking the perimeter of the paddock, continuing their conversation as they ambled along the fence line. “You'd be surprised how many of us got started that way. For some folks, the urge to play horsie just grows up when we do. I'm a quarter horse myself. A palomino.” She tossed her long platinum hair and Amy admired it openly.

like a palomino,” she said, impressed.

And I see the bay in you,” Goldie said gently. Oddly, this statement filled Amy with a warm glow. “What discipline did you put down?”

I wrote that I wanted to train in harness. I don't think I am big enough to really carry someone on my back, but I have really strong legs and...” she looked down shyly. “I like the harnesses.”

Goldie smiled at the petite, dark haired woman. Amy was small, pear shaped and adorable. She did have an air of a draft pony about her. “I think you'll be very happy here. You'll find a trainer in no time, or an owner if you want. Let's see... what else is important? Talking is a big one. The custom at Three Ferns is to talk very little or not at all to the 'humans.' You can always use your safeword, of course, and some trainers and owners have their own way of doing things, but for the most part it's body language and horse sounds if you need to communicate. When it comes to talking to other equines, well... everyone has their own preference. When we
talk to each other we refer to it as 'Black Beauty-ing.'” Amy blinked, not quite getting the joke. “Oh, you know,” Goldie said, waving her hands as she explained. “It’s because of how in books like that the horses are always chatting to each other as soon as the humans are out of sight. Anyway, I'd say that most equines here 'Black Beauty' from time to time, especially after hours in the barn. The ones who don't like to will generally give you a clue by responding with only gestures or horse noises. Just be respectful of those folks and you'll do fine.”

Do we really sleep in the stables?” Amy asked, breathlessly.

Yep! You'll have your very own stall with your name on it. When you get your tack- and I'll get to that in a second- it'll hang on your stall door. The barns are heated if it gets too cold at night and there are some very basic amenities in the way of comfort and sanitation, but the Three Ferns goal really is as authentic an experience as h possible.”

Amy repressed an excited thrill. It was so much to take in!“What about, you know... the sex parts?”

Well that goes back to the 'try to accommodate' everyone. If you think back you answered a lot of questions about what you'd like to do as a horse. For some people, pony play is non-sensual. Folks just... feel like they are horses inside and want a place to
horses. For other folks, myself included, sex is a big part of it.”

Me too,” Amy said, warming up as Goldie revealed a bit about herself. “I mean, I enjoy playing the part, but it excites me in that way, too.”

Then it's in your papers! The trainers and grooms who feel the same way will seek you out, trust me!”

Amy tilted her head as they rounded a corner. “So, being a broodmare... does that mean...?”

You bet your boots it does!” Goldie said, brightly. “I love playing a horse, but I have a bad back from a car accident and I can't carry or pull. At first I just came out and did lunge work and that sort of thing, but then I found out about the broodmares. The first few retreats I went to the auction and got owners for each retreat, but now I have a permanent owner and every time she selects the stallion, and sometimes stallions, to breed with me. It's incredibly hot,” Goldie had a gleam in her eye. She was clearly anticipating this year’s 'breeding'! “Sometimes my owner does it herself like artificial insemination.”

Amy was instantly horny. “Could I do that someday?”

Oh sure! Every horse can breed, after all. It's just that it's the main focus of my time here while you'll have others.”

Could you tell me about the auction?”

Oh the auctions are fun. I miss is now that I have a permanent owner, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. After you get settled in, get your tack picked out and your 'hooves' under you, they hold a big event. It's on Sunday this year. All the folks who want an owner for the duration of the retreat will be auctioned off. Newbies are very popular. You'll have no trouble selling. The potential buyers have your papers so they know what you like and what you'll do, and they'll bid on you just like at a real horse sale. It's good to do your first time because the money will cover whatever tack you buy that isn't covered by your registration fee. The cost of “buying” you goes first to cover your tack and the rest goes to supporting Three Ferns Farm. You don’t have to do it, though. If you want to be a barn horse with no owner you can do that, too. It's entirely up to you.”

Amy knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of the auction, but Goldie had reminded her something else. “I read about the Tack Room on the website,” she said. “How does it work?”

Well, it's like a big fetish store. It's in the main barn- that big one over there. They keep a
supply of pony gear. We even have a few trainers and owners who do leather work so there's some custom work going on. Soon, one of the grooms will come and give you his, um, services according to the preferences on your papers. As a part of it you'll be taken into the Tack Room and you get to pick out your starter gear. They have everything I mean
so you can really bankrupt yourself in there. The stuff that comes under the registration fee has white tags. You can have three white tags for your registration fee, but if you don’t want any of the white tags that money goes toward the other tack you want. Anything beyond that and it'll either be covered by your auction price or it will just go on your credit card.” Goldie went a little starry eyed for a moment. “If you take my advice, spoil yourself. If you're anything like me you've been waiting for this retreat for years, possibly your whole adult life. Enjoy it. For many of us, the first tacking up is a transformative experience.”

Amy nodded. She absolutely meant to do just that. “How do I pick things out if I shouldn't talk to the groom?”

Oh you'll get the hang of that really quick. Just act like a happy horse! You know... whinny a little when you see something you like or paw at the ground. Shy away from things you don't like. The grooms are good at what they do and they'll know exactly what you mean. Speaking of which...” Goldie gestured to a figure walking towards them from the direction of the barns. “Looooks like someone is coming for you! Oh! You're
lucky! It's Conner. He is a great groom and really easy on the eyes. You're on, girl! Let's frisk, come on!” Goldie tossed her hair and ran off at a trot, her small and very tanned tits bouncing as she ran to the gate for all the world like a horse greeting a familiar face. Amy followed at a somewhat more sedate pace, a little unsure of herself and feeling shy about being completely nude in front of a man she didn't know.

Conner, as Goldie had called him, was a tall, young man, perhaps in his early thirties, with a smooth shaven face, a dimpled smile, square chin, and curly brown hair that was currently covered with a tweed flat cap. He wore an old fashioned white cotton shirt with khaki pants and suspenders. He had crystal blue eyes that were almost gray, and they wrinkled in a smile as the two human mares approached him. “Well hello there, girls” He fished in his pocket and came out with a pair of sugar cubes. Goldie took hers eagerly out of his flat palm with her full lips, but Amy blushed furiously as she gingerly plucked the treat from his hand with her teeth. “You must be Sweetie, huh girl?” he said, gently taking a hold of her rope halter. She shied away automatically and he made soothing sounds just as one would do with a restless mare. Despite herself, she found herself relaxing. Before she came, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to act the part of a pony convincingly, but the way he treated her made it so easy to respond with her inner equine. He opened the gate and gave Goldie a familiar pat as he hooked a cotton lead rope onto her halter and led Amy from the paddock and down the smooth white lane in the direction of the main barn. At first she moved stiffly, painfully aware of her nakedness. There had been an illusion of privacy in the paddock and being naked around Goldie was no worse than being in a gym locker room. The activity on the farm was starting to pick up, though, and she could see at least fifteen people- horses, grooms, and trainers alike, busily going about their business on the first day of the retreat.

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