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Editor: Sara Kent


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“C.A. Salo has outdone herself and I trust this is only the beginning of a bookshelf overflowing with sexy sci-fi treats. I hope there will be a story showcasing Trea and Daniel since their characters made such a lasting impression and added to what was already an outstanding read which I definitely recommend to the masses.”


Joyfully Reviewed


“I’ve read a lot of books over the years, but
A Slave’s Way Out
is one of the hottest I’ve read in a long time. It isn’t just the chemistry between Catrin and Niko, which explodes off the pages, or the dynamics of the secondary characters. It’s that C A Salo shows a woman can be not only outstanding in her job that she fights for but also that she can be dominated by her lover and not look weak. When the reader first starts reading this book they are sucked into a different time and space right off the bat and aren’t let go of until the last word is read. They realize the voyage is over. I hope C A Salo writes more about these characters as the world she’s created is one you’ll want to visit over and over again to see how each one is doing. This is definitely going on my keeper shelf and I am looking for more of her stories.”







“I really enjoyed the author’s unique approach to a classic love story. This wasn’t an ordinary boy-meets-girl story as it featured a creature that some might find hard to love, yet the author was able to humanize the beast in the story and make me, the reader, fall for him as well despite what some might consider imperfections. I found the author’s use of an imperfect hero, at least when it comes to looks, refreshing and interesting.

“This was a very touching love story that I would definitely recommend to those looking for something a bit different.”


Whipped Cream Review

Rating: 4.5 Cherries





A Warriors Longing
is definitely steamy. The chemistry between Lord Gage and Meiken is strong enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. C.A. Salo did an excellent job blending the sci-fi, romance and erotica genres. Not everyone can do it so seamlessly.”

Victoria Cross

Night Owl Reviews


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My Marlene, my sister, my best friend.












Chapter 1


“God you’re such a jerk!” Mari snapped as she turned, coming up short when he appeared in front of her. “Stop that flash-step crap.”

“I’m a vampire, we quick-step. Lykens flash-step.”

“What the hell ever, just get out of my way, I’ve had it with you!” Turning, she bumped into his chest when he did it again. She lifted her hand, slapping him hard. “Damn it, Rhys, just leave me alone.”

Rhys grabbed her hand, holding it to his chest. “You know what Drake said, what he scented. You’re a seer right? You tell me what you’ve seen.”

“I’m a witch, you hate witches.”

Rhys chuckled. “No you’re not; you even said so in the clearing when the Golem attacked Olivia Roven months ago. I’m the one who should be running, yet you’re the one backing away, and I want to know why.”

Mari sighed, turning. How to tell him what she was and why she was here was something she did not want to deal with. Finding out she had a life mate here just made it worse—and her wanting to flee. But with the darkness still out there hovering at the edges of Alston somewhere, fleeing was not an option. “Why can’t you just let it go?” The warmth of his hand settled on her shoulder.

“Because you’re not the only seer around here. I want to hear the words from your own mouth.”

“Well you’re not going to and I’m not a seer.” Turning, she tossed his hand off. “Don’t get used to the idea. I’m out of here the minute the darkness is dealt with, and I’m heading some place warm and sunny. Key West sounds good.” Her eyes narrowed as laughter erupted from his lips.

“I’m a high blood vamp remember? The sunlight doesn’t bother me woman.”

“Will you just—shut-up?” She turned and ran for the woods. Relief washed over her when he didn’t follow, but she could hear his words behind her warning that he wouldn’t drop it until she explained herself. Damn man, why couldn’t he be like others and run when she got pissy? No, he gave her attitude right back and laughed. Why did the powers-that-be have to do this? Why did they choose him to be her life mate, why here and why now? Why did they decide it was time for her to settle down again? She’d tried that once and she wasn’t doing it again. The pain still burned heavily in her heart and soul…even after so long.

“It’s what must be.”

Mari whipped her head around to see one of the ancients. “Why now? Why him?”

“I don’t have all the answers, Mari. Like you I only know what is shown to me. He is your life mate and I have a feeling you know it and have sensed the bond with Rhys. Is it because he’s a vampire?”

“No,” she sighed. Sitting down on a rock she met Darina’s gaze. “I’m afraid.” Her whisper was barely heard.

Darina sat beside her, taking Mari’s hand within her own. “Mariwen Gawain, I know there are very few instances that frighten you. We go through trials for a reason. Most times, we don’t know why the powers set us on a path, especially if there is pain and sorrow, but there is a reason and sometimes it’s just the time for them to happen. The balance must be kept.”

“I know,” Mari groaned. “But seriously, have you checked the attitude of that vamp? By the gods he’s arrogant and self-assured.”

Darina chuckled. “Several good qualities for a coven leader, wouldn’t you say.”

“I suppose.”

“How’s your training with young Olivia going?”

“Good. She’s a smart child when she’s not getting into trouble.”

“Do you think she’ll be ready when she’s needed?”

Mari’s forehead crinkled. “She’s young and still has much to learn, but yes, when she needs to step up as guardian she’ll be ready.”

“Keeping her away from Tommy has given her focus. I realize she’s hurting over not being able to see her friend, but make sure Drake and Kalana ensure their separation until this is over.”

“I’ll speak with them. May I tell Kalana why Livi’s taking it so hard?”

“If you’d like. I think if Drake and Kalana know, it may help them understand why we’re doing what we’re doing for her training.”

Mari lifted her gaze as Darina rose. “So soon?”

“Sorry, sweet one, but I have responsibilities I must see to.”

“I know, but you come around less and less and you’re the only one I can really talk to who knows me.”

“I apologize, but there is one who you need to have faith in right now. I will always be here for you, Mari, never forget that.”

Mari rolled her eyes as she rose. “Yes, Mother.” She snorted.

“I’m gonna slap you.”

“Oh that sounds real wise and ancient-like,” she chuckled.

Darina smiled as she started fading. “On the back of the head when you least expect it, just so you know I’m watching.”

“Just not while I’m getting all hot and bothered with the vamp.” She grinned, chuckling. The mist sparked bright for a moment before disappearing entirely. “Ah, crap,” she exclaimed as she turned and headed back to the Roven’s manor. She’d stayed with Rhys for a while until he started getting all touchy feely and bugging her about what Drake Roven had scented about them on their first meeting at the edge of Alston. “Damn Lykens, always sticking their noses where they don’t belong.”

“Not true and you know it,” Darina’s disembodied voice replied.

Mari whipped around when she felt the slap to the back of the head. “Damn it, Mom, cut it out.” Turning back around, Mari took off at a run, heading for her secret place. She could have flown, but knowing her luck someone would see her, and then she’d be answering a bevy of questions about what she was and she wasn’t ready for that just yet. Climbing the rock face to stand on a ledge, she lifted her hand to the rock in front of her and walked through it. She’d erected a magical charm years ago to hide and cloak the entrance so no one would find it or bother her while she was here. Sighing loudly, Mari headed over to her wooden chest and withdrew four stones, placing them at the four points of a circle to represent the directions and elements. She then sat down on the skin in the middle of the cave, crossed her legs, closed her eyes and rested her hands on her legs. Her chest rose with a deep breath. As she blew it out slowly, Mari connected with the land of her birth.

* * * *

“Where in the hell have you been?” Rhys yelled.

Mari glanced behind her to see if there was someone there before turning and meeting his gaze. “Are you talking to me?”

“Who in the hell else am I talking to? You take off for three days without telling anyone and stroll back in here like nothing’s happened?”

Mari’s eye twitched as Drake and Kalana Roven stood in the middle of the Roven Manor foyer with several others and one pissed off vamp. “The last time I checked I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to take off without a chaperone. And I did tell someone. I spoke with Olivia telepathically. I’m taking it she didn’t let anyone know.”

“No she didn’t, but that’s what happens when you tell a child what’s going on! We didn’t know if someone had gotten past our borders and taken you or worse. Forces have been out searching every inch of Alston for you!”

Mari’s head tilted. He was worried for her and not just a causal fear. The emotions she sensed coming off him were something she’d never felt before, even from her first husband. Calmly she replied, “I connected with Olivia because she’s the only one I can connect with as she is the next guardian. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I needed some time alone.”

“Where in the hell were you?”

“Within the boundaries of Alston.”

“Bullshit! If you were here, we would have found you!”

Ok, now he was starting to piss her off. Breathing deeply, she kept Rhys’ gaze as he stepped forward. “First off, vamp, I don’t lie, so you’d better get that through your thick skull right now. Second, just because you
you know all of these lands, I’m here to tell you, you don’t. Third, if you don’t stop yelling at me, so help me by the ancients, I’m going to give you something to yell about,” she growled through her teeth. Mari clenched her fists tightly to keep the rising heat of rage at bay. Damn it, she didn’t need this. She’d just spent three days getting herself in balance again and what’s he do the minute she walks through the door? He jumps all over her. Well, she wasn’t taking any of his shit. Worried or not, he needed to understand he couldn’t treat her like she was one of his coven.

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