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: The characters and story belong to me and me alone. So no poaching! Do not post this story without permission. It's not nice. Oh and some of the characters may bare similar features to the two leads on a certain television show. You know the one. I don't own that . . . or them so thank Universal/MCA for them and just so you know I'm only borrowing them, blah blah blah.

Sex/Violence & Roadtrips
: Yes, no & maybe. You know the drill . . . but here goes if you are too young or this is illegal in your neck of the woods get out now! If you are offended by a loving, intimate relationship between two women crawl back into your cave and leave me alone. I am also warning you that at times some of the characters may use less than lady like expressions.

: Some are real and many exist only in my imagination. The story takes place somewhere in New England. Vague enough for you?

Thank You
: To the folks hosting this wonderful Website that for some insane reason agreed to post my ramblings. Also to my beta readers Suzette and Shelia better known as the poster girls from Alabama. And Joanne.



As Always
For Heather






March 1989


AMIE JAMESON SAT along side of the road seated in her roommate’s green Volvo. Jamie was mentally debating what was worse at the moment, being seen in a green Volvo or having just been pulled over for speeding, again. Jamie couldn't help herself. This was Massachusetts; everyone drove like a freakin idiot. Jamie fumbled for her driver's license knowing that she probably wouldn't receive any form of a citation. Yes it was good to be blonde. Jamie checked her hair and make up in the rear view mirror as the tall uniformed figure approached. Her green eyes glinted merrily as she noticed the officer was a woman. Jamie suddenly felt her day had just gotten better.

There was a tap on her window and Jamie turned to find the statuesque beauty staring down at her.
"Oh my!"
Jamie thought as she drank in the tall beauty standing outside of the car. She hurriedly rolled down her window as her heart began beating out of control. "License and registration." Came the cold demand. Jamie grimaced slightly at the officer's icy demeanor.

Jamie felt her mouth go dry and decided to play up her hair color for all it was worth.
"Why not have some fun?"
Jamie thought wryly. After all she often flirted with male cops just to beat a ticket, even though she suspected that was not what she was looking for. Now this woman was definitely someone she would enjoy flirting with. As Jamie handed over the requested items to the tall dark officer she briefly brushed the officer's strong hands.

Jamie smirked as she felt the officer tremble slightly from her touch. "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Jamie's heart dropped slightly as the icy facade remained firmly in place.
"Why do they always ask that? Of course I know why you pulled me over, I was driving like a bat out hell."

"No?" Jamie lied as she flashed her most innocent smile and batted her eyes at the dark beauty.

"You were speeding." Came the curt response.
"Well no kidding Sherlock."
Jamie mentally groaned as she smiled brightly up at the woman whose legs seemed to go on forever.

"I was?" Jamie gasped slightly adding a hint of an accent to her tone.
"Yup, time to lay on that blonde charm. Please let her be gay . . .. Please let her be gay . . .. Please let her be gay and single."
Jamie silently chanted to herself as she once again smiled up at the officer. "I had no idea." Jamie lied once again. "Was I going very fast Officer . . . Callaway?" Jamie added noting the name on her nametag. In truth she wouldn't have noticed the nametag at all if she hadn't been looking at the woman's chest.

"Yes. You were doing sixty in a forty mile an hour zone." Came the frigid reply. Jamie saw herself grimacing in the mirrored sunglasses the officer was wearing. "This is a Maryland license are you from out of state Miss. Jameson?"
"Gee you think?"
Jamie mentally groaned realizing that she was quickly loosing ground.

"Yes, I'm a student at BC." Jamie sighed conceding defeat.

"I see." The officer noted. "And this registration says that the vehicle belongs to Claudia Turner."

"My roommate." Jamie sighed again knowing that she was indeed going to get a ticket and Claudia was going to be her usual pissy self about it.

"I'll be right back." Officer Callaway snapped in her ever-present icy demeanor.

Jamie slumped down in her seat resigned to her fate. She found herself glancing in the rear view mirror catching a glimpse of the cop's well-defined backside as she strolled back to her patrol car. Jamie waited for what seemed an eternity as she watch the tall dark cop chatting away with her partner in the patrol car.
"Great! Just my luck. Maybe she's straight, or just not interested in me. Maybe she thinks I'm a dork. Maybe she looks totally gross out of uniform. Yeah right and maybe pigs will fly!"

Jamie had been so lost in her own little world she failed to notice Officer Callaway's return. "Sign here." Came the firm command as the officer shoved a clipboard with the violation attached into Jamie's face. Jamie angrily penned her signature to paper and handed it back to the officer. "In the future drive more carefully." The cop sternly warned as she gave Jamie the citation along with her driver's license and the registration for the ugly Volvo.

"Thanks." Jamie snorted as she tossed the items onto the passenger seat.

"Have a nice day." Officer Callaway added in a mocking tone.

"Do they make you say that?" Jamie groused.

"Yes." The cop responded flatly as she turned away.

Later that day Jamie found herself storming into her dorm room. She tossed her backpack onto the bed and the spare set of keys to Claudia's Volvo onto her roommate’s bureau. "Of all the rotten . . .." She growled recalling her afternoon's exploits. "The first woman I've been attracted to in months and she doesn't even notice me. And she gives me a . . ." Jamie’s heart stopped momentarily as she suddenly realized that she had left the speeding ticket in the car. "Oh shit." She growled knowing that Claudia would check on the car as soon as she could.

Jamie raced down the staircase not wanting to waste time on the ancient elevator. She was on a mission. Knowing her anal roomie would check every inch of her precious Volvo to insure Jamie had not marred the ugly vehicle. It always amazed Jamie that Claudia allowed her to use it all. As Jamie bolted out of the main doorway and raced towards the parking lot she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten the spare set of car keys that Claudia insisted that she use.
'Don't know what she's afraid of that I'll drive down to East Bum Fuck and ransack Mommy and Daddy's house.'
Jamie thought in disgust not that she wanted to carry around Claudia's
Jesus Saves
key chain. But the spare set was on a key chain that held only the keys to the car and read,
'The wages of sin are death'

Realizing that she had forgotten the hideous key chain, Jamie came to a complete halt almost tumbling to the ground as she spun around and raced back into the dormitory. Once again she opted for the staircase as she ran back up the four flights towards her room. Bursting into the room, she was greeted by the sight of her roommate glaring at her. "You were speeding!" Claudia bellowed as she held up the slip of paper as proof.

"Jesus Claudia." Jamie rolled her eyes as she snatched the citation out of Claudia's hands. Claudia inhaled sharply at Jamie's expletive.

"Way to go Jamie first you get busted with the ticket and now you take the Lord's name in vain. Claudia is bound to have an aneurysm for sure. How did I get stuck with her for the last two years? Oh yeah no one wanted to room with either of us. So the dyke and the Jesus Freak were forced into it."
Jamie's mind was racing as she tried to calm herself. "Look I'm sorry." She said trying to placate her now fuming roommate.

After a solid hour of lecturing from Claudia, Jamie found herself retreating out of the room muttering to herself. "Bad day?" A familiar voice called out to her. "You could say that Becky." Jamie groaned as she greeted her friend.

"Let me guess, Claudia?" The brunette chuckled.

"How did I get stuck with her?" Jamie whined. "Never mind I know. I should have never told Janie but somehow I thought we were friends. How did I know when I came out to her she would blab to the entire dorm."?

"Hey you know that Toni and I never cared." Becky pointed out. "If we weren't already rooming together either one of us would have roomed with you after Janie asked for a new assignment."

"I know." Jamie sighed.

"And you know that people really like you their just too chicken shit to room with a lesbian because someone might think that they are gay also." Becky draped a comforting arm around her friend.

"Yeah or they might catch it." Jamie chuckled feeling slightly better.

"Right." Becky laughed. "Never mind you are the only dyke in the building who has the guts to admit it. How many times has one these little Miss prim and proper gals gotten wasted so they would have an excuse to make a pass at you."

"Don't remind me." Jamie sighed. "Just a few more months and I'm off to Med School."

"So, what got Claudia's knickers in a twist?"

"I got a speeding ticket while I was driving her precious little car." Jamie explained as they walked towards the elevator.

"That bucket of bolts can actually speed?" Becky asked surprised.

"Who knew?" Jamie laughed, as she looked at the ticket in question. "Damn it! Seventy Five bucks!"

"How fast were you going?" Becky inquired.

"About twenty five over the posted limit." Jamie confessed. "Seventy Five bucks and a lecture from Claudia. This day totally bites."

"What was the lecture about?"

"Oh, being responsible when borrowing other people's possessions, blah blah blah." Jamie responded with a roll of her eyes. "Oh, and of course her usual reminder that I'm going to hell. You know that one really frosts my cookies. Because only one of us is a virgin and it isn’t the bible thumper."

Jamie felt better after chatting with Becky and decided she deserved a night out; it was after all the weekend. Claudia walked into the room and gave her a disgusted snarl. "Where are you going?" Claudia asked with her arms folded.

"To a lesbian bar." Jamie said flatly knowing it would bother her roommate.

"Ugh." Claudia blanched. "You can't . . ."

"Use your car." Jamie finished for her with a smirk. "No kidding."

"You shouldn't go to places like that it's disgusting." Claudia added in a distasteful tone.

"How would you know?" Jamie shot back deciding it was time to torture Claudia. "Have you ever been to one? Come on Claudia fess up; have you ever felt up another woman? Stuck your tongue in a woman's mouth while gently caressing her breast. Feel her nipple harden from your touch. Gotten all hot and sweaty while your bodies pressed together in the heat of passion. Feeling yourself getting so wet that you thought that you would explode from her touch." Jamie hadn't done most of those things either but that wasn’t the point.

Jamie watched in amusement, as Claudia turned pale and bolted out of the room. "Now that was fun." Jamie smiled as she finished getting dressed. Jamie stepped out into the hallway and carefully locked the door behind her. She turned hearing footsteps rapidly approaching. "Where's the fire?" Jamie called out as she spotted Becky barreling towards her.

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