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The Black Wolf's Mark



Black Wolf’s Mark


Pet Torres

Book 1

Of the Black Wolf’s Mark Series







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August 26, 2013

The black wolf’s mark

Author: Pet Torres

Original title: A marca do lobo negro

Translation: (2013) Pet Torres books

Electronics edition: (2013) Pet Torres books





To my parents

To my sisters

To my nephews






To my dear readers




I got enthusiastic about its music.

The black wolf’s curse awakes every time that a full moon points in the middle of the sky.”


The black wolf’s mark; Pet Torres



When the seventh male son from a same family is born, it occurs ‘the black wolf curse’ over this child.

And this baby must be sacrificed for the good of all humanity.

Or the black beast will awake after 277 full moons.



The black wolf legend began millions of years ago and has extended from generation to generation among divers villages.

One of the better known legends is the black wolf’s mark. That occurred at the time
of the birth of a little boy, the youngest child among seven brothers.

time that this occurred, the child’s death followed right after his birth.

Chapter 1


Vistancia Village


A mother has given birth to her seventh male son and as soon as he is born she is hindered from breast-feeding or suckling.

However, that woman cries as soon as several men from her village arrive and take the child from her arms.



She cries losing her self-control and her husband hugs her with zeal and says.

“Darling, we cannot stay with this child.”

“He is our son!” she insists.

“He is cursed!” her husband insists.

With that the little boy that ended up coming to light is carried to a house in the village where a group of ten men are waiting for him.

“Here he is,” a grizzled haired man says, bringing the little boy in his arms.

“Give an end to this child’s life! He cannot remain among us,” the village leader orders while he verifies the state of the child. “But first of all, he needs to be marked.”


They take the child to the outside of the house and they walk to a lit bonfire. The village leader holds a steel stick and brings the lance’s tip into red - hot fire.  After some time he pulls the lance and walks in the direction of the grizzled haired man, who is holding the child.

“Turn him around!” the leader orders him.

Then the man turns the child onto his belly and his
delicate lung is exposed to the elements, because the child is rolled up in an old cloth.

And the entire village listens to the boy crying after the leader leans the hot lance against his left lung and marks him with the wolf symbol.


The mother of the boy hugs her husband as soon as she feels and listens to her son’s crying and she cannot do anything to save him.

At that moment, the boy is carried by the grizzled haired man, who is assigned a duty to eliminate the boy some distance from the village.

The man walks with the child to the edge of a river and his most important function is to throw that boy into the river’s dark water.

His death is inevitable.

But before he has the courage to do so, he holds the child as if it was his own son and a guilty feeling torments him. Then the gray haired sir gazes in front at a piece of wood and suddenly he has an idea.

“I’ll leave his life to destiny’s account,” he says gazing at the child that is fastened on to the piece of wood.

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