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Authors: Alexx Andria

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The Awakening


(The Breeding Prophecy 1)

By Alexx Andria

Copyright 2012 by Alexx Andria


Smashwords edition


*This naughty bit of a story is intended for
mature readers only. If you’re not 18 years or older, find
something else to read.

The following short story of approx. 4,000
words is an original work of fiction.


Cassidy couldn’t escape the feeling she was
being watched.

A shiver of apprehension crawled up her spine
and rattled her skull as she hurriedly walked home. The walking
path was illuminated by the barest of street lamps — budget
cuts within the city had eliminated bulb replacement — and it
was her bad luck that she didn’t own a car and so had to walk home
from the university.

Normally, she enjoyed the time to herself to
walk home. But lately, she couldn’t shake the feeling that eyes
were on her, watching her every move.

Of course, the dreams didn’t help either.

For the past week, she’d woken out of a deep,
almost drugged sleep, sweat-soaked and achy as if eaten by a fever,
and oddly, aroused. It was disconcerting and a bit embarrassing
considering the men in her dreams weren’t exactly
more like beasts. Thank God she lived alone. She’d hate to have to
explain her behavior when she didn’t have a clue what was going on
with her body or her mind.

The bite in the air signaled snow was coming
and she pulled her scarf tighter around her neck to ward off the
cold. Almost home, she noted with relief, when the old apartment
building loomed in the darkness.

A sound, much like that of a coyote or wolf,
echoed in the night and she startled at the mournful sound. What
the hell? She quickened her step, her heart thundering in her
chest. Probably someone’s dog, she told herself when her
imagination threatened to run away with her. It’s not like there
were actual wolves running around the city. The idea was

So stop freaking out.

But even as the stern advice seemed rational,
she continued to jump at the shadows from the moving foliage, until
when she stepped onto the paved parking lot of her building, she
broke out into a run, slamming into her front door and fumbling
with the keys to let herself in.

She slid the bolt and leaned against her door
to release a shaky laugh.
God, Cassidy…get a grip. No one is out

Willing her heart to slow down, she took
several deep, calming breaths and when she was sufficiently
recovered, she tossed her backpack to the table and went straight
to the kitchen. She was starved. No, she was beyond starved. She
was ravenous. Cassidy cracked her fridge and peered inside, her
eyes lighting on the package of raw hamburger she’d purchased
yesterday on impulse. For a weird moment, she pictured herself
ripping into the package and devouring the raw meat, slurping the
blood as it ran in rivulets down her forearms. Shocked and
disgusted at the errant thought, she deliberately shut the door and
grabbed a box of Cheeze-Its.

Maybe she had the bird flu or something, she
thought as she munched on the crackers and tried to ignore how the
cheesy taste was starting to make her a little nauseous.

She wanted meat, not wheat.

Damn it, she thought, returning the box to
the cupboard. Her stomach cramped from hunger and she almost
doubled over from the pain. Fuck! What was wrong with her? The pain
shot spikes of red-hot agony twisting through her body and she
collapsed with a cry to the tiled kitchen floor. She writhed,
knowing she needed a hospital, but she couldn’t reach her cell
phone. Oh God, she was going to die on her kitchen floor. Cassidy
struggled to rise to her feet, or at least climb to her knees, but
she blacked out before she succeeded.


“She needs meat,” a sharp voice sounded from
a distance. “She will not survive the mating if she does not

“She is in no shape to mate, Koris,” another
voice snapped. “She knows nothing of her heritage and has had no
one to teach her our ways.”

“That is unfortunate, but the fact
remains…her body knows what it needs. Her temperature is elevated,
her skin is beaded with sweat, and her tits are enlarged. The time
is now.”

Cassidy struggled to regain consciousness and
opened her eyes blearily to find two men — no, check that, two
very large
men — standing over her. They wore all black
and seemed almost indistinguishable from one another. Their muscles
bulged from beneath tight T-shirts and narrowed to lean hips. Hanks
of black hair, almost too long to be fashionable, dusted strong
shoulders and impossibly dark eyes stared into her soul.

Oh, and she was lying on her bed, naked.

“Oh my God,” she managed to squeak as she
attempted to cover her breasts but she felt weak as a kitten. “Help
me, please! I need to go to the hospital,” she implored the
handsome strangers, hoping for some shred of decency in either of
them. “Please, I’m very sick…I think I might be dying…”

They ignored her plea but the one named Koris
shot the other a knowing look, saying, “Prop her up. She will need
sustenance,” before leaving the room.

“Hush, Cassandra,” the other said, coming to
sit beside her. “My name is Jandin. We are here to help you.”

Her body had begun to shake. “H-how? What’s
wrong with me?”

He smoothed her damp hair from her brow with
a surprisingly gentle hand. “What do you remember of your
childhood?” he asked.

“What? Why are you asking me about my
childhood? Didn’t you hear me? I’m very sick. I think I have food
poisoning or something. I could die if I don’t get to a

“You’re right. You could die. But there is
nothing that humans can do for you.”


“Are you crazy?” she asked fearfully,
tightening her grip across her breasts. “Why am I naked?”

“Because you tore your clothes off,” he

“I would never do that,” she whispered but a
foggy part of her memory recalled doing exactly that. She’d been
burning up. The clothes had felt as if they were scratching against
her tender, sensitized skin.

“You have entered your Breeding Time,” he
said as if it were the perfect explanation when in fact, it was
total lunacy. “The females of our species…if not bred properly,
become inflamed with an internal fever that can consume them if not
cared for. Normally, a female would be guarded and under
protection, but we did not find out about your existence until your
body started sending out signals. Then we followed your scent.”

“You’re the one who has been watching me,”
she surmised fearfully.

“Yes. Koris and myself. We had to ensure that
no one from the rival clan claimed you first. Breeding females are
rare. Especially ones from your bloodline. Claiming you would be a
coup for either clan.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”
Cassidy exclaimed, scooting away from him. “I was raised in rural
New Jersey in a subdivision with normal parents. I was high school
valedictorian and editor of the school newspaper. I dated the
quarterback and came to college on a full-ride scholarship. Nothing
about my childhood is remotely close to anything that you’re
talking about because you’re

“You were adopted,” Jandin stated flatly. She
stared. How did he know that? She swallowed a lump of fear. “And
you may have lived a normal,
life but you are not, in
fact, human. You are the most revered in our species because your
kind are so rare these days. You are also still a virgin. I can
smell it on you. It’s intoxicating.”

She startled, frightened that he knew such
private details about her, but even more terrified because
somewhere deep inside, his words rang with truth.

“I wanted to wait until marriage,” she

“No, your body knew to wait until the
Breeding Time and simply convinced your brain to go along.”

Koris reappeared with something bloody on a
plate. A wave of nausea followed as she fought with the urge to
swallow it whole.

“Do not fight your hunger, Cassandra,” Jandin
warned, motioning for Koris to come forward with the plate. “Your
body needs the sustenance to survive.”

“Survive what?” she asked.

“The breeding.”

“I don’t want-“

“Hold her down,” Koris instructed and Jandin
grabbed her hands and held them above her head. She tried to scream
but her voice was weak and unable to do much more then mewl with
fear. But as much as she struggled, the smell from the meat began
to do weird things to her resolve. Suddenly, it smelled like heaven
even though it looked repugnant. Koris plucked a juicy chunk of the
raw meat from the plate and brought it to her mouth. “Eat,” he
commanded sternly. Her eyes filled with tears but her mouth
reluctantly opened. He placed the meat in her mouth and her jaws
snapped shut as she closed her eyes in sudden relief. Her body
leapt at the blood and meat sliding down her throat. Strength
returned to her limbs and the pounding in her head receded. “More,”
Koris said, pushing more meat into her mouth, which she eagerly
accepted. He continued until the plate was empty. Cassidy eyed the
pooled blood remaining on the plate and Koris smiled at her
plaintive look in her eyes. He tipped the plate and blood trickled
into her mouth. She lapped at the liquid with cheeks burning with
shame but she almost felt normal again. Her hunger pains had abated
but she was wholly conscious of the fact that she was naked and
alone with two handsome men.

She writhed against the bed, unable to stop
herself. The heat in her body was rising again. “What’s wrong with
me?” she asked, her lower region aching and pulsing with a strange
need that she couldn’t define.

“We’re running out of time. We need to get
her back to the clan,” Koris said, concerned.

Jandin released her hands and felt her
forehead. “Damn,” he swore softly under his breath. “She’s already
gone into second phase. She won’t make the trip.”

“I told you we should’ve grabbed her last
week,” Koris growled.

“We didn’t know if she was going to phase,”
Jandin shot back. “Some breeding females never actually reach their
Breeding Time, you know that!”

“Don’t talk over my head,” Cassidy said,
groaning as another wave of aching desire washed over her. “Help
me! Bring me more meat!”

“More fuel is not what you need,” Jandin said
grimly. “You need to be bred.”

“Excuse me?”

Koris, the rougher of the two, looked angry
at Jandin’s admission but he agreed. “Breeding females go through
three phases before they pass out of their Breeding Time.”

“I’ll just wait it out then,” she said,
almost deliriously. She didn’t want to breed. She was waiting until
marriage to have sex. But both men were beginning to look as good
as that raw meat. A different sort of hunger was twisting her
inside out.

“You’ll die,” Koris said bluntly. “Breeding
females who haven’t been bred, die soon after. It’s an evolutionary
protection. As long as there is a breeding female, another will not
take her place. But once you are gone, another breeding female will
be born. They are rare for a reason…we must not overrun our

She groaned, barely understanding what they
were saying. “Make it stop,” she pleaded, her nipples hardening to
the point of delicious pain.

“We must take her,” Koris said but Jandin was
reluctant. “The Alpha will understand.”

“You know our brother has never been the
understanding sort,” Jandin said.

“It is preferable to her death. He will
understand that simple truth even if he is not happy about it. We
haven’t had a breeding female in sixty years.”

“We must do it properly or she will remain at

“There is no time!”

Koris stripped his shirt, revealing rippling
muscles of pure steel beneath bronzed silk. Cassidy gasped and her
legs fell open as if in invitation. She felt as if someone else
were taking over her body, causing her to act like a wanton whore
when she’d never in her life been so brazen.

“She will phase again within minutes,” Koris
exclaimed, shooting a dark glance at his brother. “You must bite
her. You are the second brother in the absence of the Alpha. Do

Jandin ripped his shirt free from his body
with a growl and his jeans followed. Cassidy shuddered at the
enormous cock that jutted out toward her, the mushroom head
glistening with moisture. Instinct caused her to roll onto her
belly and rise on all fours. Within seconds, Jandin’s large body
covered her small one. The comforter abraded her nipples as he
pressed down upon her with a feral growl. He gripped her hips and
drew her closer. The wiry patch of hair at his groin tickled her
ass cheeks. She groaned and gripped the comforter, crying out with
need as his cock pressed against her opening. Without warning, he
plunged himself deep inside her, ripping through her hymen without
mercy. His cock filled her virgin passage until she felt she
couldn’t breathe. The pain cascaded through her, causing tears to
spring to her eyes. He pushed her down flat, his cock pinning her
to the bed as he slowly withdrew his cock, only to plunge it deep
inside again. She cried out and struggled to get away, afraid of
the feelings this primal act created, but Jandin’s huge body
prevented her escape. Another growl rumbled from his chest and
reverberated through her body and she shuddered at the spike of
pleasure. His cock seemed to grow inside her, which should’ve been
impossible, but suddenly, she felt as if she were stuffed to the
bottom of her throat with his cock. In a sudden move, Jandin rose
up and pulled her with him, his cock still firmly embedded inside
her. Her breasts heaved from the invasion of her body and she was
startled to see Koris watching them with narrowed, lust-filled
eyes. Her breasts bounced with each of his hip thrusts as he
continued to impale her with his length. Crinkly hair rubbed
against her backside as Jandin wrapped one long forearm around her
torso and held her in place as he continued to fuck her with hard,
merciless thrusts.

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