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Authors: Lizzie Lynn Lee

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The Alien King and I (3 page)

An orgasm tore through me. The world
around me blackened.

When I floated back to reality, I
noticed Fai jerked, climaxing. His cock shuddered inside me,
emptying his seed. I could feel his every spasm, the staccato of
his breath.


His call was intimate and alluring. I
found his lips and kissed him. We mauled each other as the waves of
ecstasy slowly ebbed away. When the last wave of pleasure
dissipated, I felt like a wreck. My eyelids were heavy. My strength
left me. I was barely aware when he spoke. Sleep overcame

* * *

When I woke up, I felt as if I had
been run over with a Mac truck. My body was sore and my pussy
throbbed with dull aches. Fai slept next to me, one arm crossed
over my chest. I needed to use the bathroom so I squirmed out of
his possessive embrace.

I had no idea what time it was. The
bedroom had no window. No clock in sight. The light had faded into
dimness. My feet touched the plushy carpet. I eyed the walls. Now
where was that door? I remembered the bathroom was near the night
stand on Fai’s side. I trudged my way there and fumbled on the
wall. I pushed and felt, hoping I would hit a button or something.
After five minutes groping, my effort was rewarded and the sleek,
tiled wall slid aside. I hurried into the gem-plastered bathroom. I
scanned the four walls looking for a toilet but I didn’t find any.
It appeared this room was only for a shower. My eyes caught another
opening I hadn’t seen before. I followed the trail of light. It led
me into a narrow gangway that was constructed exclusively in

What the hell…

Who would someone want to build a
house that looked like the inside of a ship? I saw a metal hatchway
at the end of the hallway. Curious, I stepped into the passageway.
Before I could reach the end of the corridor, my attention was
stolen by the round window near the hatch.

I blinked and shook myself.

It wasn’t a window. It was a

The sight beyond the viewport made me
want to faint.

Oh my holy fucking God. It was outer

I clutched my cheeks and steadied my
wobbly knees. My sore and aches were forgotten.

I screamed.

What happened?” Fai’s
sleepy noise responded to my panic. He had abruptly awoken from his
slumber. Like me, he stood naked.

What is this place? A

He blinked as I stated the obvious.
“Yes, this is a ship. If you step beyond that hatch, you’d meet my

A space ship?”

A star ship,” he

You’re an

I think I’ve already told
you that.”

I couldn’t believe what had happened.
I didn’t want to believe what had happened. Fai wasn’t lying when
he told me he was an alien from planet Naxia whatever.

You’ve kidnapped me?” I

I’ve come to collect you
as my mate. Come over here, why are you suddenly in distress? Are
you ill?”

I’m ill, all right! I
thought you were a stripper.”

What is a stripper? You
keep repeating that word in my presence.” Fai stalked toward me.
His face was weighed with pure concern. “Are you all

No, I’m not all right. I’m
being kidnapped by a freaking alien.” My outburst seemed to offend
him. Fai stopped in mid-track, looking irritated. “And why do you
look like that?”

What do you mean?” he
asked back.

You look

Fai gave me another “huh”

I thought aliens were
little grey men with big eyes and scrawny fingers.”

Woman, you’re obviously
deluded. Did you not think that we might come from the same

What do you mean? Darwin
said humans descended from apes.”

Fai rolled his eyes. “If you’d calm
down, I’d be delighted to give you a history lesson.”

No!” I yelled. “You have
to take me back home.”

That’s impossible. You’re
my chosen mate and…”

I don’t agree with this. I
don’t want to be with you.”

He was taken aback. “You…do not wish
to be with me, even after we consummated our union?”

Damn right! I want to go
home. You have to return me to Earth.”


Lord Fairoh du Urugna sent me home all
right. He beamed me back to my apartment after hours of me
screaming, kicking, and some groin punching. I was beyond freaking
out. I was looking forward to a male stripper for my birthday. I
didn’t expect to be kidnapped by an alien king. I didn’t think
aliens were real, let alone looked like a GQ model and spoke
perfect English.

He finally surrendered when I wouldn’t
stop crying. I didn’t let him touch me. I couldn’t stand the idea
of being kidnapped by an alien. I had so much to live for. My home.
My job. My friends. Granted, I didn’t have any immediate family
left since my dad passed away two years ago, but I’d been on Earth
my whole life—the only life I knew. I wasn’t ready to give
everything up just because some High freaking Priest said I was
Fai’s chosen mate.

And how did the stupid priest come up
with kidnapping a human female for his mate in the first place, I
really didn’t get it. What was up with that?

Anyway, Fai conceded to my demand and
I was sent home. Before he did, he told me that I wouldn’t survive
without him. As his chosen mate, we were bonded during the
consummation. I would never desire any male than him and he would
never desire any woman other than me. We would waste away from
heartache should we have be separated.

Yeah, right. We shall see about

When I got home, I found out that I
had been gone for nearly a week. Carrie had reported me missing and
gotten the FBI involved. The day I was beamed back into the living
room of my apartment, I had to deal with the real life Scully and
Mulder, asking me a lot of questions. I spent the next couple of
days explaining things to people. I didn’t expect anyone would
believe me with the kidnapped-by-alien thing, so I lied. I said the
stripper who came to entertain me on my birthday was actually my
childhood boyfriend and we took off to catch up with one another
for old time’s sake. Everybody was pissed at me, especially Carrie.
I couldn’t blame her. She was really worried.

Carrie and the girls at the party were
actually hazy about my kidnapping. The moment Fai touched my
forehead and transported me onto his ship, he also did something
that knocked out all of my friends. Hours later, they found
themselves lying on the floor, groggy and befuddled. The
authorities thought it was some kind of a nutcase, but they didn’t
find any trace of evidence to support their theory. Whatever Fai
did to them, it had to have been alien technology beyond the scope
of the CSI team’s capability. When Carrie asked me what really had
happened that night, I told her I had no idea. I took off after I
met Jon, leaving everybody to party to their hearts’ content.
Carrie called me a selfish bitch and we haven’t spoken ever since.
She’d cool down eventually.

I almost got fired from work for not
showing up for almost a week. But since the firm was short staffed,
my boss let me keep the job. I became unpopular at work because of
my disappearance at the party and went MIA for days. Being
kidnapped by an alien had ruined my social life and threatened my
job. But it wasn’t all. As I started settling back in my daily
routine, I couldn’t get Fai out of my mind. As much as it pained me
to admit, I missed the son of a bitch.

I missed his voice. Missed those
shockingly blue eyes of his. Missed his kiss. His touch. I even
missed his arrogant, chauvinistic attitude. This was bad, if not
straight down pathetic. What the hell did he do to me? Our
encounter was brief and he was basically a stranger. And not a
human either. As the days went by, my need for him became
overwhelming. I craved him as I craved air. Could what he had said
before we parted be true, that once we bonded, we would be wasting
away in heartache should we ever part?


But how could I explain what was
happening to me now?

I became irritated at work or
anywhere, people avoided me like a plague. Carrie and I started
talking again and the first thing she said that my bitch-o-meter
hit an all-time high. I was angry at myself. I thought I was going
to be all right without Fai, but I guessed I was wrong. I think I
might have made the biggest mistake in my life and there was no way
to redeem myself. It wasn’t like I could call Fai’s ship to say I
was sorry.

Another week passed and I was in a
terrible mess. I needed him like a junkie needed his fix. I
couldn’t concentrate at work and my nerves stretched taut like a
harp string ready to snap. I decided to go home early to sort
myself out. I needed to pull myself together, otherwise I would be
royally fucked. And not royally fucked in a good way. Maybe a
therapist could help. I was planning to call one as soon as I get

I made an appointment with a therapist
for Friday. Since I came home early and had nothing else to do, I
wanted to give myself a break and just relax for the rest of the
night. I took a long bath, then ordered a pizza. I wanted to
splurge and watch a movie marathon until my eyes bled.

The door rang.

I opened the door and immediately, my
breath was knocked from my lungs. There he was, Fairoh du Urugna,
the man who had made me miserable for the past two weeks, standing
aloof, leaning against the door frame with arms folded in front of
his chest. He was dressed in a simple white linen shirt and black
satin breeches, and he certainly wasn’t the pizza guy. I grabbed
his collar and yanked him into the house.

He didn’t say a word as I struggled
with my emotions. I was mad, relieved, mad, terribly annoyed,
horny, mad, half-crazy missing him, I didn’t know what to feel.
They all bubbled in my chest, making me want to scream at him. I
smacked his shoulder.

You jerk!”

That brought a smile to his face. An
arrogant smile. “Did you miss me yet?”

Ugh. I really wanted to punch him. And
kiss him. No, I wanted to punch him. “Get out of here.”

He laughed. Fai snatched my wrist and
pulled me into his arms. I squirmed fitfully, but he locked me

Why is it so hard for you
to admit that you missed me, too?” he murmured.

Yeah. I didn’t think about that. Why
was it so hard to admit that I needed him? I’ve always been
independent my whole life and not being in control scared

I miss you too, sweet
thing. I’m miserable without you.”

My heart did a quick leap. “You,

Fai drowned me with his intense stare.
“Let’s go home, shall we?”

I…I don’t

Cease your foolishness. I
need you.”

He needs me?
My heart fluttered like butterfly

We have a lot of things to

I agree. We shall do so in
the comfort of my ship.”

What if this marriage
thing doesn’t work? Can I go home then?”

We shall discuss it, also.
Anything else, sweet thing?”

I pouted. “Yeah, kiss me, damn

About the Author:

Lizzie Lynn Lee was a guitarist,
receptionist, executive assistant, tarot reader, boutique owner and
graphic artist before she discovered writing is her dream job. The
advantage is she can do it in her pajamas and socks. She’s an
incurable chatterbox, heavy metal aficionado, book worm, digital
enthusiast and a night owl since most of her stories were done in
the wee hours of the morning because of her caffeine-induced
insomnia. These days she still plays her guitar whenever she gets
bored, staring at her computer’s screen or plotting the most
elaborate scheme of world domination. Fortunately, she has a
chronically short attention span.

She loves to hear back from her
readers, so drop her a line at:

mailto:[email protected]

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