The 6th of Six (The Legend of Kimraig Llu)

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The 6th of Six - The Legend of Kimraig Llu—Volume I

ebook, first edition


978-0-9899564-0-6 (ebook)

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Editors: Pattie W., Marcia G., Traci & John H., Melisa W. and John Carrigan

Cover/interior design: Mark E. Anderson,

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents


The Survivors of Manhattan

Survivors Zone

Prologue. Leave no record

Chapter 1. Cut off his name

Chapter 2. Kill—Love

Chapter 3. Betrayed

Chapter 4. Graduation Day

Chapter 5. Stealing Babies

Chapter 6. Uneasy Truce

Chapter 7. Dead Is Dead

Chapter 8. Silent Vote

Chapter 9. Just Breen

Chapter 10. The Street Boils

Chapter 11. Tall Tales

Chapter 12. Bug Juice

Chapter 13. Killing Machine

Chapter 14. Sweet Spot

Chapter 15. About Those Doors

Chapter 16. Hurt things

Chapter 17. Enough Mourning

Epilogue. Hall ball

First Look. Proctor’s War—The Legend of Kimraig Llu Volume II


“It is late spring, a short fifty years in the future.”

The remnants of a long gone society dare to survive in a shattered section of Manhattan. Their population is rapidly fading away as their gene pool refuses to produce males. Yet their people have chosen war—war to protect power. Split into five uneven camps, each group covets the property and space held by their neighbors.

The Builders are the largest and strongest group. In their society, males have no rights. They are objects only, for a female’s pleasure. If they give no pleasure, they discarded them. One position of honor exists, the
—an elite fighter.
exist only to protect their Queen who is commander of a single battle group. The remaining positions are menial at best.

Life is cheap. Injured and sick are of no use, female or male, their destination is the compost heap, the Builders garbage disposal.

Kimraig Llu, one lone male, defies them. Once an elite Hunter, he escapes the compost heap to challenge the Wicca, his all-female government. He has made himself indispensable as their construction superintendent. Under the cover of this assignment, he secretly assembles an Army to threaten their rule.

One group, the Others, have infiltrated into the highest positions of government in three of the remaining groups, no human can exist in the fourth group: Ergots. When the Others are strong enough, they will control this island.

Everyone has his or her own agenda. Kimraig Llu can trust only one. A person behind the scenes that keeps him from feeling truly isolated. Will help come from there?

Before Kimraig is ready to make his move, his former lover, Leader Breen, holds him captive and uses his plans to pursue her own goals; the essence of power hovering just out of reach. She will forge her own empire with Kimraig as the hammer.


The Survivors of Manhattan

are the survivors of professionals caught in high-rise buildings when disaster struck New York. Females out number males ten to one: each female controls her own future. Males are slaves fit only for breeding.

life is good; a
is better; promotion to
, the ultimate. Even a basic female

One female elected by the Governing Council to head each of the five buildings. The Superiors hold the title of Mistress. The 1st of One, controls Number 1 Building.

The title of Queen is a warrior’s honor, gained only on the battlefield. The number after a Queen’s name is the building where each individual’s mother conceived.

The title is a warrior’s honor, gained only on the battlefield in service to his Queen.

These are female soldiers, earning their rank in battle. Individuals may exempt themselves from the battle groups by committing to an alternate way of life before the Mating Ritual.

are descendants of former police and service people who survive under constant attack from Builders. In their smaller buildings
Across the Street
they have done their best to protect the working parts of their previous government. The number of Crossers is one-third the size of the Builders; their population is in rapid decline. Females outnumber males two to one, the difference growing with each child’s delivery. Birth rate continues to fall. They steal children, preferably male children. Protecting life is the first priority of each citizen.

are the street’s discarded people. They live a nomadic lifestyle, nowhere and everywhere, just as their ancestors had amid the rubble of a decaying city. They raid Crossers and Builders for young girls—plenty of those around. More times than not, the girls—and a few males—are gifts as children, discarded in the Builder’s decaying basements or unguarded compost heap.

Their current despot leader rules his losers by rationing the alcohol they need to feed their addiction. The more they obey, the more they get.

tally as fifty percent of all three populations. They are males with their domestic partners: females with theirs; and Hermaphrodites, the
Alternate Genders

defy description. They appear as blobs, or bubbles with little substance, seen irregularly, while traveling the basements and tunnels of the city.


The Builders

Number 1 Building is the spot where the Builder nation began.

Number 2 Building is the baby factory (hospital) where all births “should” take place.

Number 3 Building is the Compost Heap—garbage disposal, cemetery and punishment.

Number 4 Building is the Training area for all Battle Groups. Top floor is under construction.

Number 5 Building is the seat of Government.

Number 6 Building is One Nine, the final battleground.

The Crossers

Their main building towers 16 stories, next to the wrecked Subway Station. The Subway’s elevator and its tunnels are the Crosser’s main ingress and egress to the city.

Survivors Zone

Prologue. Leave no record

Damn woman was in his face, standing right here beside him, first thing this morning. It was all he could do to keep his temper, much less respond with good humor. He managed one limited smile, then sent his Superior—made that title up she did—on her way with a promise to call as soon as he finished.

Now here she is interrupting his lunch with a C-link call, asking, “You done yet.”

I was the Head Librarian around here for fifty years, and way before these people took control after the wars. Best she remembers that. She did not need to know he had finished his assignment. Destroy every scrap of research relating to birth defects.

In fact, he finished it yesterday. Wiping computer drives did not take very long. What did take a few minutes extra was filling one up as he had done with several stacked in the salvage bins. All the research into births here in the five buildings was archived—hidden—here on these drives. Someone would find them someday.

He made the promised call. Now he had to wait while she came up to check his work. Well if she was going to treat him like a little kid, he would act like one. He kicked back to read the last piece of the puzzle. Put his feet up on the desk, she hated him doing that.

This is exciting. Read the first line and what do we have? A sniff of another puzzle, request one of two. Where could number two be hiding?


Digital Scan Copy Request: 1of 2

Return to:
Library pickup requested. ID #213

Date: Month
013 A.B.

Number 5 Building Library Archives.

Restricted Entry

Original handwritten journal document, dated 012 A. B. *** Unfinished Journal found in backpack near skeletal remains. Credentials for R. B. Styles, Freelance Writer, attached. Gnaw marks on bones from unknown species.

Location: Basement level-two, Number 1 Building, dated 015, A. B.

Note to yourself R.B., is this going to be Chapter 1, the book cover teaser, or prologue? Whatever works, but remember to decide later.

were all wrong. Yes
: those fools who called themselves experts.

Of course, if you listen to those who remain,
were right on with their dooms-day predictions. So a few minor details were short of the truth, no one cares. Cover it up. Who knew updated information would come in after publication. Damn those deadlines. After all, they protected tenure, grants and enhanced reputations.

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