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Tales of Lust and Magic


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Tales of Lust and Magic



Layla Silver



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The Tarot Cards



That was the summer when I was actively seeking out my destiny. Having recently split up with my boyfriend, I was naturally a little unsure as to the path down which my future lay. As a temporary measure, I had started sharing a flat with a few other people my age, one of them being an American guy. So far our cohabitation had been unaffected by the coming together of four different personalities and, on the contrary, we were thriving on the novelty of the recent friendships. After an emotional upheaval, I was feeling somewhat just like a flower in the springtime, just about to come into full bloom. Perhaps it was just the freedom of the moment after being trapped and stifled in an emotionally abusive relationship. I was at last able to be blown in any way the wind should choose. So while I was revelling in the freedom of my newfound circumstances, I was also keen to know that my true love was lingering on the horizon of a none-too-distant future. For this reason, I had turned to the mystical for a little guidance.

That particular morning, I had just been to a Tarot card reading. I had heard the typical clichés, spouted to me by a sweet old lady whose tone was tone was calming and reassuring. Needless to say, her comforting words had sent me skipping away through the summer breeze, sure that I would soon be in the arms of a perfect man. It was around midday by now and I had decided to have a cold drink on the balcony before going about the rest of my daily business. No sooner had I crept through the creaking door than I felt a presence. The apartment was strangely dark and I knew that meant one thing; the American had brought a friend back to stay the night. This very same friend was just about to reveal himself to me, as he awoke from the most blissful of slumbers. I tried to tiptoe, so as not to disturb him unnecessarily, but it was too late. A pair of muscular and tanned arms and legs were stretching out from the sofa, accompanied by a stifled yawn as he caught sight of me. He eagerly sprang to his feet and I was able to admire his great stature. His tall athletic body was covered by a pair of shorts that came to his knees, leaving his toned chest and gym-perfected biceps on full display. Suddenly, the image of me as a child, standing in front of the glass dessert counter came floating back to me. All of those glorious puddings that I could feast my eyes on. Now here, many years later, I was coming face-to-face with the most tantalising of all sweet treats.

The temptation eagerly proffered his hand for me to shake.

“I’m Tom, a friend of Jim’s. I hope you don’t mind, I crashed on the sofa last night. You would be?”

“Lisa.” I replied.

“Pretty name,” he complimented.

“Thanks,” I replied. “Can I get you anything? A glass of water? An orange juice maybe?”

“Some water would be nice if you don’t mind. A little hydration would do me good after last night.”

I expected him to put his t-shirt on, exhibit a little modesty or something of the like, but to my surprise he followed me into the kitchen in his glorious nakedness and I tried to get the water in the glass and not be too distracted by his tantalising proximity. I handed him the glass and he drank quickly, keen to bring the vitality back to his wholesome American body. I studied his face for a second and contemplated how healthy he looked, with a sun-kissed complexion, gleaming blue eyes and a stunning bright smile that had decidedly made my morning.

“Do you need anything else?” I offered, not really wanting to let this moment go by too quickly.

“Well, there was just one more thing...” he ventured on.

“Anything...” I practically gasped, before catching my pride.

“Any idea how to take the Metro from here?”

“Sure, let me get a map and I’ll show you...”

I proceeded to rustle around in my bag for the next few seconds and now it was his turn to cast his eyes over me. I felt the heat of his gaze as he traced his way down, from my almond-shaped emerald eyes, down the flat of my little nose and to the fullest of pink lips. I dared to look up for just a split second and found he had followed the route of my long blonde hair and had arrived to my breasts, which were small but perfectly pert and had only ever evoked fascination in any passing man. As I averted my stare back to the task at hand, I felt his eyes dropping lower. I suddenly felt the blush of self-consciousness at the realisation of how short my skirt was. It was indeed summertime, I reminded myself.

“Maybe it might just be easier if you showed me?” he braved.

I was stunned for a moment, taken aback by his audacity. After all, we’d only just met. Yet he said it so naturally and accompanied the question with such a charming smile, that I was swooned into obedience.

“Sure, why not?” was all I could reply. “Give me just a second while I change my shoes.”

With that I hurried into my bedroom, feeling the need to escape the intensity of his stare. Just ten minutes ago, I had been totally oblivious as to his existence, yet here I was minutes later quivering on my bed whilst changing my shoes. How could such a short conversation have affected me so? I didn’t even have time to contemplate this, for I heard footsteps coming towards my room, followed by a tapping at the door and his beautiful face peering inside.

I felt a blush rise from my toes to my cheeks; he had caught me unawares and now he was going to see how crazy I was, with my Tarot cards spread out over the bed.

“Wow... are you a witch?” he teased, edging himself further into the room.

“Do come in...” I replied, sure that he was just about to in any case. “And well, in answer to your question... not really. It’s just something I’ve been interested in for a while.”

An enigmatic smile spread across his face as he seemed to be toying with an idea.

“How about reading my cards?” he dared.

I was spellbound by now. I don’t know how, but he’d managed to make his way into my room and was sitting next to me on that bed. My cards certainly hadn’t foreseen that!

“I...I don’t know...” I started.

“Please Lisa...” he feigned a begging tone. My skin tingled as he ran a couple of fingers over my forearm in some attempt of persuasion. I wondered how I could feel so simultaneously on fire and yet have goose bumps all over my hyper-sensitive skin.

“Is that a yes then?” he grinned, starting to make himself more comfortable on my pink-sheeted queen-sized bed. How could I possibly resist? I smiled to myself at the sight of this handsome Alpha-male sprawled on the most feminine of beds. There was something quite endearing about it. I was almost forgetting that this guy was a perfect stranger.

“Okay...” I was willingly defeated. After all, reading his cards meant spending a little longer in his presence. As I eyed the idle splendour of his laid-back pose, I became more and more nervous. His deep blue eyes were gleaming at me through the afternoon sunlight and I, the ‘clairvoyant’ here, was the person feeling transfixed!

“Shuffle these cards please and put all of your energy on them. As you’re doing it, try to focus on a specific question that you’d like to be answered.” I instructed, trying to maintain my professionalism as the semi-naked American took the cards from my hand with a bemused look on his face.

“Like this?” he asked, shuffling in a way that I’d been trying to master ever since I was a child.

“Like that...” I reassured. “Now when you feel ready, give them back to me...”

He closed his eyes in what I perceived to be fake concentration, before humming slightly to himself and then handing them back to me with an expectant grin. Now that his work was done, he propped himself up on his elbow and watched me carefully. He was very close to me indeed, seemingly having no sense of personal space and I felt my territory was being invaded. My nerves were pulling me away from him, yet my attraction was drawing me closer and closer. As I drew the cards, he came closer and closer, using the cards as an excuse for such proximity.

The first card that came up was The Magician. His eyes widened at the sight of this beautiful card.

“Good or bad?” he questioned.

“Neither good nor bad. This speaks about new ideas or a person who will bring them to you. It’s all about beginnings and new opportunities...” I replied.

“Sounds good...” he said.

As I turned over the second card, he got so close to me that I could feel his body heat and I started to feel very hot indeed.

“The Emperor...” I announced. “A young man prone to foolishness or recklessness due to impulsive behaviour...”

“Spot on...” he winked at me.

I felt a surge of electricity run through my body as he held my gaze. His lips were so enticing and I had to tear my eyes away from them as he ran a playful tongue over his lower lip.

“The next...” I declared, intent on completing the reading as quickly as I could, for I was becoming very uncomfortable at having to restrain myself. I didn’t know if I could hold out much longer. “The Wheel of Fortune...” I tried to meet his eyes, but found that his concentration had strayed to my breasts. He quickly found my eyes, though a knowing smile lingered on his lips. “This is the card of sudden changing fortunes, influenced by any surrounding cards...especially the next one we find...”

“So it all depends on the next one...” he concluded.

“Well, the next one could be influential, that’s all I’m saying.”

Without further hesitation, I turned over the card. I blushed before I spoke.

“The Queen of Cups,” I confessed, averting my eyes.

“Who is that?” he asked innocently.

“A woman who is mysterious, creative and somebody in touch with their spiritual side.”

“I see,” he said. With that, he took my chin in his hand, forcing me to meet his eyes. The desire dancing through me at that moment was all-consuming and I surrendered myself to the sweetest and most intoxicating of kisses. He pulled me onto him, so that we collapsed in a heap of passion, squashing our destiny below us and being consumed by the present moment. His tongue greeted mine with the most tantalising of hand-shakes; this really was the most delightful of chance encounters.

“Feel like taking a shower?” he whispered to me. “I could use a little invigoration...”

“Sure,” I responded, knowing this might well be more than just a shower.

I took his hand and led him to the bathroom. I caught his reflection in the mirror and almost jumped at the sight of the handsome man standing behind me, wrapping his arms around me and starting to caress my breasts slowly over my skimpy summer top. We were both glued to our reflection; him to the sight of my feminine curves that were about to be exposed, I to the sight of his ripped torso squeezed tightly against me. We were both mesmerized.

Slowly but surely, he started to pull my top down, revealing my ample breasts. His chest pressed to my back as he started to tease my ever-hardening nipples. “God, you’re beautiful,” he exclaimed.

I gave him a shy smile through the mirror and whilst running my hands over his tight firm ass I told him,

“You’re pretty fucking hot too...”

His modesty was not as fully developed as mine and he beamed at me through the mirror. Now we were both topless, the only barriers between us were his shorts and my little skirt. I could feel him pressing against me and I was pretty sure he was hard.

“Mind if I pull this down?” he flirted, slipping his long fingers into the waistband of my skirt.

“Be my guest...” was my reply, made with a skipping heart and butterfly-filled tummy.

In tantalisingly slow-motion, he started to edge my skirt further and further down, over my slender hips, free-falling down my bronzed legs to land at my feet. He never left my eye contact in the mirror and it was only when I was left standing before him in my little black thong that his gaze finally moved down to between my thighs. I hoped my arousal wasn’t too evident, for I could feel my heat and desire for him soaking through the sheer material.

He started to run his hands down from my shoulders, down the gentle curve of my back and finally coming to rest on my ass. I heard a sharp intake of breath as his hands were filled with the generous firmness of my rounded buttocks and I felt a definite hardness practically enter me through his shorts. He spun me round into a dramatic Hollywood embrace and we kissed with that now-or-never passion.

I knew it was time to free his restrained cock, begging to be released from the tight confines of his shorts. In just one tug, his dick sprang into liberty and now it was my turn to be awe-struck by its dimensions. He had most certainly been aesthetically blessed, for standing in front of me was a man of statuesque perfection. I was completely wet and he seemed to intuit this, running a hand over the flat of my stomach, down to my smooth pussy that was sparkling with intent. A skilled finger found my clitoris straight away and began to rub, enticing me to spread my legs further for easier access. I did and he immediately picked up on this – for he was a very psychic lover – and within seconds a couple of fingers were fucking my tight wetness.

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