Surrender to Temptation Part VI: Tempted to Possess (3 page)

“Well, hopefully that took the edge off, little one.” He smacked me lightly on the butt as his mirth died down. “But you needn’t thank me for it.”

“Took the edge off?” I heard myself echoing his words suspiciously. I had been expecting him to untie me now. I was slightly panicked to discover that there was more.

“We’re not even close to being done.” Zach’s voice was full of sultry promise. I gasped sharply when his finger dipped into the crevice between my cheeks, spreading oil there. “You can go much deeper.”

“Zach!” I tried to shy away when he slipped one oiled finger inside the tight channel of my ass. Though it was infinitely smaller than the cock that he’d had there the night before, the muscles were sore, unused to the activity.

“I’m not going to fuck you here tonight.” A shudder of relief worked through me, as well as a trickle of disappointment. “Though it’s very tempting, with your ass such a tantalizing red from my attentions.”

“Ah . . .” If he wanted to, I would do it for him. But it would hurt. I hoped to avoid it.

“Relax, Devon. When you give up control to me, part of my job is to take care of you. I wouldn’t be doing that if I tried to force myself inside of you before you’ve had a chance to recover.” He worked his finger back and forth a few times, massaging the oil into my entrance. I moaned at the unexpected ache of pleasure, then at the loss as he removed his finger from me entirely.

Before I could even catch my breath, something hard and unyielding replaced Zach’s finger. Startled, I pushed back before I could even think about what I was doing, and the small plug that Zach had also lubricated with the mint oil seated itself inside me, stretching me just enough to wake up the flesh.

“No.” The sensation was uncomfortable. I was still too sore. “Zach, I can’t.”

“Devon.” Tugging on the plug once, just enough to set off a chain reaction in my nerves, Zach moved to crouch beside the bench again. “Don’t you trust by now that I’m not going to take you further than you can go?”

I didn’t speak, just regarded him with wide eyes. I had too many thoughts whirling through my mind to formulate them into words. All I knew for sure was that this felt right with Zach.

Squeezing my eyes shut as tightly as I could, I heard the rustle of Zach’s clothing falling to the floor. Tucking my hands beneath my hips, I waited for him to remove the plug and to enter me.

Instead, I felt the head of his erection nudge at the opening to my pussy. My eyes flew open when he pushed inside an inch, gave me a moment to adjust, then thrust the rest of the way.

“Unh.” I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t think. Zach’s cock fit tightly inside of me even without a plug, and with the additional intrusion to my body, I felt full, tight.

I sucked in air, and felt the separate points of hardness rubbing against one another, separated only by a thin membrane. It was uncomfortable, and a bit painful.

It was also one of the most erotic, arousing sensations that I had ever felt.

“Stop thinking so much.” Zach’s hands strayed from where they rested at my hips up to plump the mounds of my breasts. Easing his fingers between my flesh and the leather of the bench, he took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger and began to roll the tight buds.

Liquid heat shot through my center. When I moaned loudly and tried to push my breasts more fully into his hands, to show him how much I wanted this, he pulled his pelvis back, withdrawing his cock to the very tip, then pushing forward again, slow and steady.

I cried out, trying to free myself. It was too much. I couldn’t enjoy any one sensation, when I was bombarded with them all.

“Ssh.” Zach pushed all the way in, rotated his hips in a way that made my eyes roll back in my head. “Devon. Stop fighting it. Stop trying to control it. Empty yourself of everything, and then let sensation fill you back up.”

I opened my mouth to protest that I couldn’t possibly, and closed it once I’d thought for a moment. Zach was right, I knew he was right. I was uncomfortable because I was trying to control the moment.

Biting my lip, I breathed in, then out, slow and full, trying to let my mind go blank as I did. I wanted the pleasure that Zach could bring me. I wanted to share this with him, whatever this was.

Zach slid back into me, seating himself fully, then back out, until only the head of his erection remained inside. In, then out. His paced quickened. I timed my breaths to his thrusts, and finally my body relaxed into the rhythm, broken only by the occasional small tug that he gave to the plug.

My ass was still on fire, and though the tingles from the icy mint oil had faded, they were still there, humming over my skin. I was aroused to the point of pain, filled in every way imaginable, and to top it off my breasts were on the receiving end of the most delicious kind of torture.

The combination of sensual touches became too much for me. I heard the slap of Zach’s flesh on my own as he began to increase his pace. I felt the bite of the leather bonds, all that was keeping me tethered to reality. My entire body hummed with the promise of a pleasure that I hadn’t even known was possible.

“Come for me, Devon.” Zach’s words sounded like they were spoken through water. I tried to lift my cheek from the bench, but it was like moving through quicksand.

“Now!” Freeing my breasts, Zach’s hands moved between my legs. One held my lower lips open, and the other pinched over my clit, in a series of short, sharp squeezes that sent all of the sensations I felt curling into a small, atomic ball low in my belly.

The ball burst, the release detonating inside of me and melting everything in its path. My mind went blank, able to comprehend only one thing.


I shuddered, over and over and again, and when I finally started to come down, Zach rubbed his hands through my heat again and another wave crashed over me. As I shook, having lost all conscious control, I felt him thrust inside of me, as deep as he could possibly go, and then felt the heat of his shouted release warm me from the inside out.

I lay there, unable to move for long moments before a thread of consciousness came back to me. I knew when Zach pulled out of me, and flinched a bit when he pulled the plug from my tight passage. In the intense pleasure, I had forgotten about my bondage until I felt his touch as the straps around my ankles were released, and my feet massaged to get the blood flowing again.

Then the straps over my waist and my back were removed, and I was wrapped in a thick, warm blanket, and nestled into Zach’s arms, which lifted me easily and carried me to the bathroom.

I knew that he whispered endearments to me as he carried me, but I was too far gone to understand what he said. I had never experienced anything like this before. I was empty, and yet I was full; floating on something that, if I had believed in such things, I would have said felt like pure energy.

“Drink this.” Zach seated me on a cushion on the heated floor tiles by his massive bathtub, the blanket still wrapped around me. He pressed an open bottle of water into my palm, staring at me until I lifted the bottle to my lips and mechanically took a sip.

Satisfied, he nodded, then moved to turn on the giant streams of water. He added a liberal splash of an oil that smelled like tangerines, and the sharp citrus scent brought me one step closer to coming back to myself.

I thought, absentmindedly, that an artist would be thrilled to see Zach as I saw him now, knee-deep in water, the shadows of the undulating ocean sky outside throwing his muscles into sharp relief. Placing one knee on the edge of the marble tub, he pulled me to him, gathering me into his arms and into the water, blanket and all. The water sucked at the dense wool, then licked at my tender flesh, and only after I hissed with contentment at the heat of the bath did Zach pull the sodden cloth away from my skin.

He tossed it to the side of the tub. I cocked my head after it curiously, wondering why he hadn’t removed it before he pulled me into the bath, but not having the energy to ask.

“I didn’t want you to get a chill.” Wrapping an arm around my waist, Zach pulled my back to his chest, seating me in his lap as he positioned himself on the ledge inside the bath. He grabbed the water bottle that I hadn’t finished and held it to my lips, ensuring that I drank the rest.

“Oh.” I struggled to make myself finish the beverage, though I knew that he was right and I needed it, after the intensity of what had just happened. He hadn’t wanted me to get a chill—the small detail made my heart do a shaky flip before it filled so full I felt it could burst.

I had already known that I was in love with this man, but now . . . I didn’t think I could ever walk away from him again. I was head over heels, crazy in love. He brought me an intensity of pleasure that I had never dreamed of, and he was the only man who had ever cared for me so deeply.

The realization helped me to shake the lethargic bliss away, to snap back into control of myself. As soon as I did, I felt my muscles begin to tense, felt my mind begin to try to fence off my heart, warding it against certain pain.

“And she’s back.” Zach’s hands moved from my waist to my hair, toying with the sweat-dampened strands. He ran cupped handfuls of water over it, then squirted shampoo and began to rub.

I closed my eyes, leaned back, and sighed with ecstasy as his thumbs worked at a knot at the base of my skull.

“Why are you doing this?” My voice was quiet as he again poured water over my head, rinsing away the strawberry-scented shampoo, careful that none ran down over my face. “Not the sex. I understand that, because no matter how much either of us tries to deny it, we connect there on a level that I didn’t even know was possible.”

Beneath me Zach stilled, his body tensing. I felt him deliberately relax as he reached for a bar of sweet-smelling soap.

I wasn’t sure that he was going to answer, but as he massaged the suds into my skin, he did.

“A dominant is responsible for the care of his submissive after . . . after.” A tendril of anger took hold, even though I had thought that I had nothing left inside of me. My hands clenched into fists, and I felt frustration build.

Here we went again, the same pattern. We wanted each other. I was willing to give everything. Zach felt that he couldn’t.

I decided to try a different tack.

“Since you’re the king of finding out things about me that I haven’t told you, I suppose you know that my parents died in a car accident?” Zach’s fingers bit into my skin painfully at my surprising pronouncement, and I felt him deliberately relax them, one by one.

“I did.” The barriers had slammed closed, I could hear it in his voice. Though I trembled, I pressed on.

“They were on a trip when it happened. A romantic little weekend getaway. I wasn’t even there.” Zach’s hands had been soaping my breasts, and his fingers closed over my nipples sharply, a warning.

I ignored it.

“Even though I wasn’t anywhere close, I still had nightmares, dreams that felt so real that I couldn’t get into a car for months afterward. I might never have, except I knew that being able to drive, to be in a moving vehicle equaled freedom.”

I clenched my teeth tightly together, partly from the memories that I had done my best to forget, and partly because I was waiting for him to yell, or to order me out.

“Drop it, Devon.” His words were devoid of emotion, but that, I knew, was the way he coped.

“Make me.” I knew from experience that sometimes a person needed an uncomfortable push to face facts and start to heal.

I gasped when he spun me on his lap, spreading my legs so that I straddled his lap. He shoved his cock into me without warning, and I gasped as he began to thrust up, over and over and with brutal force. I knew he was deflecting, changing the subject, but my body was so conditioned to arousal at his touch that I found myself unable to do more than hold on as he lost himself in my body.

My breasts floated on top of the water. Slipping his mouth beneath the surface as he continued to move inside of me, he sucked first one nipple, then the other between his lips, sucking hard, then laving with the rough surface of his tongue, driving me mad.

I wanted him to slow down, to let me gather my wits, to continue to push the conversation, but he drove us on, taking us both relentlessly towards climax.

Reaching between my legs, I circled his cock with my thumb and forefinger. As he continued to thrust, I added a small twist of my wrist, wanting him to remember who it was that he was inside of.

“Fuck. Devon!” His movements faltered for a moment, and I took advantage of his momentary uncertainty to pull off of him.

“Sit on the edge of the tub.” My voice sounded far more firm than I felt, but if he was going to use my body as a diversionary tactic, then he was damn well going to enjoy the experience.

His eyes shadowed with something dangerous, and I gestured again.

“Now.” Casting me a look that said I would hear about it later, Zach pulled himself from the warm bath, bracing his weight on the edge of the tub.

I moved in quickly. Palming the heavy weight of his testicles in one hand, I sucked his cock between my lips with the other. He groaned, his hips shoving his cock farther into my mouth, his hands fisting in my hair as I sucked, swirling my tongue over the head and continuing to twirl my free hand around the base.

The first taste of salt trickled over my tongue, and I felt satisfaction wash through me. I continued my assault on his erection, and moments later, when I felt his sac begin to tighten, I knew that he was about to explode.

“No.” Pulling my head back by the hair, he slipped back into the water. I was ready for him when he turned me, my back to his front, and again seated himself inside of me.

He could control me completely from this position. All I could do was curl my legs underneath his thighs and go along for the ride.

My breasts bobbed above the water with each hard thrust. His hand moved unerringly between my legs, playing over my clit in the exact way that he had discovered I liked.

“I haven’t tasted you enough.” His arousing words made me shudder. “One day soon, I’m going to tie you open and drink your sweet pussy for hours.” The words, combined with his fingers on my clit, sent me hurtling over the edge. Another thrust and he followed me, his heat burning low in my belly.

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