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Sunset Rising (Sunset Vampire Series, Book 5)




Sunset Rising


Book #5 in the Sunset
Vampire Series





Jaz Primo







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Sunset Rising

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My heartfelt thanks to Tabby, the newest
member of my family, who injects her youthful exuberance into both
my life and my writing process, often with equal parts mirth and
aggravation. My sincere thanks to my loved ones for supporting me
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written. As always, a huge thank you to my dedicated publicist,
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Thank you to my editor, Laura Matheson, for
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Sunset Rising


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Chapter 2: Katrina

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Chapter 5: Caleb

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Chapter 11: Caleb

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Chapter 17: Caleb

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Chapter 19: Caleb

Chapter 20: Katrina

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Chapter 1





Imagining killing people versus actually
killing people are completely different experiences. The former
questions your sense of innocence while the latter questions your

Contemplating either was abhorrent to

Yet, I’d recently partaken in each.

Grasping the repercussions of either was
vast; certainly too much for me to process during the moments in
which each had occurred.

In the fog that followed my recent
experiences, I felt too overwhelmed to confront those

As such, sleep was my preferred form of

In the space between restless dreams and
consciousness is a timeless place of endless possibilities; a place
I felt satisfied to dwell.

Unfortunately, my visit there felt far too
short lived.

The moment my eyes opened, a host of
unsettling thoughts and memories washed over me.

It took a few seconds to get my bearings as
moonlight streamed in through the open blinds.

I lay alone in my bed, feeling slightly

My last memory before falling asleep was of
Kat curled around me.

I had felt safe then. And loved.

After a moment, my feelings of numbness,
confusion, and bewilderment from Friday night resurfaced anew.

Accompanying them was a stark reminder that
I’d killed two people.

While I felt anxious over that, strangely
enough, I was devoid of either guilt or regret.

Despite the taint of death, I realized that
it was nothing personal. It had been a matter of either living or
dying; a simple choice, really.

It had been an exercise in survival, and I
had prevailed. In the end, that was what mattered.

Memories from Friday night flashed through
my mind in a series of disjointed images.

My walk home from the convenience store.

The two mysterious men who assaulted me; the
ones who’d been stalking me around the city and campus, though I
had no idea why.

I vividly recalled my surprise and feelings
of panic at their strength and speed.

The memories of my desperate attempts to
defend myself felt like permanent scars in my mind. My actions had
culminated in two separate, and very awkward, acts with the combat
knives that Kat had given to me.

In the end, there had been two deaths, and
thankfully, neither of them was mine.

But that had been Friday night. I scarcely
recalled anything from Saturday night. I’d only briefly talked to
Kat and Alton and then slept again.

Though uncertain of the time or day, my
visit with them must’ve been only a few hours ago because I still
felt tired and sore. My entire body ached as I stretched my arms
and then strained to read the display on my wristwatch.

Damn! Sunday evening! I slept through the
entire day.

I groaned, rubbing at my eyelids with my
rough fingertips. Even the joints in my fingers ached.

After pausing to listen for the sounds of
voices downstairs, but hearing only silence, I slowly sat up and
rolled out of bed, ignoring the pain from my protesting muscles and

I’d gotten the hell beat out of me Friday

It had all happened so fast, and I’d felt so
ill-equipped to handle things.

Fortunately, I had handled things in the

Following a quick hot shower, I put on a
pair of jeans and a t-shirt and quietly exited my bedroom.

As I stood at the top of the stairs, I heard
the subdued conversation of familiar voices downstairs, but I
couldn’t understand what anyone was saying.

As I slowly descended to the first floor,
the voices fell silent and multiple sets of eyes targeted me.

They were the four most important and
beloved people in my life.

Actually, more accurately, they were
vampires; not that I cared in the least. They were like family to

While I was relieved to see them, their
intense expressions spoke volumes; concern that radiated toward me
in veritable waves.

Still, who could blame them? Upon being
attacked the other night, I didn’t know if I’d ever see them

My beautiful mate, truly the love of my
life, Katrina, stared at me from her seat on the couch. I could
almost feel the pain reflected in her emerald eyes.

Alton Rutherford, my quasi-uncle for all
intents and purposes nowadays, nodded back at me as he sat in one
of the recliners, confidently poised like a king upon his

Honestly, as one of the most powerful
vampires in the world, perhaps the title truly suited him.

My surrogate vampire, Paige Turner, a sassy
hellion who always had something snarky to say, was oddly silent at
the moment. She leaned against the breakfast counter next to where
her beau, Dr. Ethan Reynolds, sat on one of the barstools.

Ethan was one of the kindest and most
sincere vampires I’d ever met, and he had the best of bedside
manners for any physician, either human or vampire.

Hey,” I said, nervously
slipping my hands into the front pockets of my jeans. “Grim faces.
You’d think somebody died.”

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