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Authors: Crystal Kaswell

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Laurie greets me with her usual goofy smile. She's in friendly mode today, not lioness
how dare you mess with my Alyssa

"Is it time for the daily booty call already?" She smirks and motions for me to step inside. "Alyssa is in the backyard."

The backyard, and God is it a backyard--it's huge and immaculately landscaped--is awash in the soft, orange glow of sunset.

And there's Alyssa, sitting on the couch, hoodie wrapped around her bare legs. She's reading her Kindle, of course. She's probably reading something English majors ignore in favor of Cliff Notes.

"Some lawyer here to see you," Laurie says.

"I hope you're not in trouble," Alyssa mimics, rolling her eyes like it's the hundredth time Laurie has made that joke.

Laurie folds her arms over her chest. "You know I write comedy for a living."

"It eludes explanation." Alyssa looks up at me--a quick glance to register my presence--then back down to her book. Her lips curl into a smile. "I have a chapter to finish."

That smile could melt glaciers. I would kill for that smile and the spark it brings to her clear blue eyes.

She sets her Kindle aside.

She's mine now. All her attention is mine.

Her eyes pass over my body, then come back to mine. She bites her lip. God, I love that look--that look that screams
I'm thinking about touching you right now, and I like the thought of it
. No one has ever looked at me the way Alyssa does. I had other girlfriends before, slept with other women, but none of them stared at me with that kind of lust.

"Oh get a room," Laurie says. She steps back towards the door. "No, really, do you want a room, because I'll make like a tree and get the hell out of here."

Alyssa shakes her head--Laurie really does make the worst jokes--and steps off the couch. "We'll be quiet."

"As much as I appreciate the free porn show, even if it's more of a free porn podcast what with the lack of video, I'll go grab a bite." Laurie steps into the living room and yells back to us. "I'll be back in an hour. But give me five minutes to put on something presentable." She shuts the sliding glass door behind her.

"We should get dinner first," I say.

"You're funny." She takes another step towards me.

"Maybe I want a matcha latte before Peets closes."

"There's a Peets by your house."

"What if I like this one better?"

She shakes her head. "Your protests are pathetic." Her eyes are glued to mine. She takes another step towards me, until she's close enough to touch.

God, she smells so good, like oranges and honey. Like Alyssa. Her fingers skim my waist just under my T-shirt.

I try to stick to my plan. I have to tease her, to get her wanting me so badly she thinks she might burst. I can't give in so easily. "I'm very convincing."

She shakes her head. "You're awful. Completely lacking belief." She presses her body against mine. "I could teach you a little about acting. You could use it." Her grin is ear to ear.

I almost want to stay like this just to keep that grin on her face.

She closes her eyes and presses her lips to mine. She's so soft and so hungry, and she moans the second my fingertips brush against her skin.

She's making this impossible.

"You only want me for my body," I say. A flimsy objection, but my blood is quickly rushing out of my brain.

"I can't help it. You're painfully hot." She takes another look at me as if to confirm. She nods. "Very painfully." She smiles, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. Some irresistible mix of joy and lust.

"So it's my fault you're objectifying me?"

"Of course. If you had a better personality, I'd care about that too."

I'm going to have to get her back for this teasing. I'm going to have to torture her until she's begging.

She kisses me again, her nails digging into my skin. I love those fucking nails, like a blinking sign screaming
I want you.
Her lips part and her tongue slides into my mouth.

She pulls me towards the couch.

"I shouldn't reward your insensitivity." I slide my hand over the curve of her waist.

"But you will." Her eyes flutter closed. She kisses me, her back arching, her body straining against mine.

I bring my hands to her chest, cupping her breasts over her dress. She groans softly, almost a beg. She's already desperate. She already wants this so badly.

I trace the neckline of her dress slowly, back and forth. She groans louder, and I slip my fingers into her bra.

She breaks our kiss, nearly panting. "Luke." She reaches for my jeans. "You better not... You better..."

"I better what?" I slide the strap of her dress off her shoulder. Then the other.

She's wearing a hot pink bra. It's so her, and it looks so damn good against her skin. Still, she'll look much better without it.

"You know what," she says.

I push the straps off her shoulders, pulling the cups off her breasts. Damn. Heat courses through my body. I need to be inside her, and soon.

I rub my nipples over her. "Maybe you should enlighten me."

She presses her body against mine again, her crotch grinding against me. God, she feels so good, but I have to wait until she's begging.

I pull my shirt over my head and she relaxes, no doubt sure my protests are just for show.

"You're awful." She lifts her ass and slides out of her dress.

I stare as she peels off her bra and kicks off her panties. Those hips, God, those hips, the smooth skin on her stomach, and her chest...

She's perfect, and she's looking at me like she wants to consume me. It's magic. I'm so lucky that this gorgeous, perfect woman wants me.

Any blood left in my brain rushes downward. I slide out of my shorts and shift onto the couch, on top of her. She rocks her hips into mine, groaning as she rubs against me. I watch the delightful contortions in her face, my ears wide open to the soft moans escaping her lips. She wants me. She wants me so much. And I want her, all of her, all at once.

She's in agony, groaning and shaking and digging those nails into my back again.

I've tortured her enough.


Alyssa talks me into takeout at my place. We sit on the floor, our plates on the low coffee table in the living room, a seemingly endless bottle of tequila between us.

She eats slowly, paying careful attention to every bite. I'm more obvious than I mean to be about watching her, and she looks at me with a weariness usually reserved for conversations about Ryan.

She bites her thumb, her eyes heavy with irritation. "I'm not going to binge just because you aren't watching me."

"I know, but I worry." I hold her gaze and move a little closer.

She shifts away from the table. "You're going to have to get used to it eventually."

"I know."

She stabs another bite of her dinner and takes a long bite. She chews, slowly. Swallows, slowly. She turns her eyes to the table and clears her throat. "Have you heard from Samantha?"

Samantha, my ex-fiancée, is one of my least favorite topics of conversation. We met at law school. I got her a job at my father's firm. She had an affair with him, fell madly in love with him, tried to leave me for him. When he rejected her, I begged her to take me back, promised things would be like they were in the beginning. She gave in, but I didn't hold up my end of the bargain. I ignored her at every turn, even when she sank into a terrible depression.

Then she tried to kill herself.

Now, we're friends. I call every week or two. Visit her at her parents' place in Santa Barbara every once in a while. I owe her that much.

"Do you really want to talk about her?" I ask.

Alyssa shakes her head. "No, but it's better than wondering." She looks at the floor. God, she looks so worried.

"You're not jealous..."

"Cause you're never jealous?" She folds her arms.

"Never," I say. "I've never been jealous in my life."


"Okay, that's not true. I do get jealous of Jack McCoy from time to time." I move closer to her. "Have you seen his closing?"

"I've seen his eyebrows."

"Oh yeah?" I laugh.

She looks me in the eyes. "They're amazing. So full and lush. I'd kill for those eyebrows."

"They're huge."

"They're gorgeous."

"But he's so old."

"Age is just a number. He's distinguished. He's got the most beautiful, wrinkled face. It's so full of character."

I slide my hands around her waist. "Now I'm getting jealous of him all over again."

"Shock of the century." Her voice is light, happy.

She brushes a hair out of my eyes and presses her lips to mine. It's such a sweet release. I almost feel like we could dodge this topic forever.

"I haven't heard from her in a few weeks," I say. "I'm sure she's the same. Lonely but okay."

She rests her head against my chest, sighing. "I'm more worried about the loneliness."

I brush my fingers against my chin, tilting her head so our eyes connect. "You know I'd never..."

"I know, but..." Her gaze drifts to the pool in the backyard.

The first place we kissed, though from the look on her face I really hope she's not reliving the utter exhilaration of our lips meeting. If she is, she must be thinking of what an ass I was to pursue her so aggressively, what with the small matter of her being engaged to my business partner.

I reach for her hand. God, it feels so good just to hold her hand. I feel safe, like nothing could hurt either of us. "I want a life with you, Ally. I don't have a life with her anymore. A weekend a month maybe."

"Two most months."

"Still. I don't want her. I don't want anyone but you."

"Really?" A little spark returns to her eyes.

"Of course. I want you so badly it kills me. I'd drive to Las Vegas and marry you tonight if I thought you'd have me."

Her pink lips curve into a smile. "And you'd text Ryan a play by play."

"He needs to know all the details of our newlywed sex."

"You're insane."

"You should see what I sent him when you were getting dressed."

"I know what it said--I'm an awful tease and I'm constantly torturing your poor, innocent ex-fiancée."

She smirks, and it's like the lights in the room finally turned on.

"Would you prefer if I didn't torture you?" I ask. "Say if I never sucked on your nipples?"

"Luke!" Her cheeks turn red. Beet red.

"So you don't like that?"

"Of course I... You're awful. You know that?"

I move towards her until I feel the warmth of her body. She unfolds her arms, her eyes still on mine, and wraps them around my neck. I kiss her, hard. My hands slide up her sides and she arches into me, a soft moan escaping from her mouth to mine.


"I like the sounds of that 'Alyssa.'" Her hands slide down to my shoulders and she pushes me onto the carpet. She shifts her body onto mine, straddling me.

"We're going to have this conversation eventually."

"Later is eventually." She lowers her body onto mine, her legs squeezing mine, her chest pressing against mine. She kisses me hard. All I want is to be inside her again, until she's screaming my name and digging her nails hard into my back.

"After we talk," I say.

She rolls off me and flops on the carpet. "Okay. Talk."

"It's a good talk."

"Likely story."

"I love you."

"Okay, it's starting off good," she says.

"I really do want a life with you. I want your face to be the first thing I see every morning, and the last thing I see every night."

I prop myself on my elbows so I'm closer to her. She's so beautiful, but that isn't what matters. It's that she's Alyssa, my Alyssa. Those blue eyes, that soft skin, the light hair--that's my Alyssa.

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