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Society Girls:

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By Crystal Perkins

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About Society Girls:

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About the

About Society Girls: Sierra

When Sierra Taylor’s brother, Zack, fell in
love with a spy from the Society, she wished she could join the
secret group. Knowing that wasn’t an option, she went back to work
at the auction house in her hometown. Now, with Reina Corrigan
running things, the Society has recruited her as a trainee. She’s
not worried about passing the classes on etiquette, technology, or
even hand to hand combat. It’s mastering languages that’s giving
her a hard time. Or at least one language in particular:
Portuguese. The language that her brother’s infuriating friend can
help her with—at a price she knows she shouldn’t want to pay.


Joel Cruz was born in Brazil, but has lived
in the States for most of his life. The son of diplomats, he found
his calling when he first picked up a baseball bat. He also found
himself surrounded by plenty of women willing to be on his arm in
public, and in his bed at night. Sierra Taylor is one of the only
women who has ever said no to him. Unfortunately for her, she needs
his help, and in order to receive it, she’ll have to say yes. To
everything—and anything—he wants from her.


Training in the Society is pass or fail, and
failure is not an option Sierra’s willing to consider. Can she
master the language, while keeping the player out of her heart? Or
will she strike out on both counts, and lose it all?

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Praise for Books by Crystal Perkins

“People should be free to
love whoever their heart leads them, too. And this author did a
great job of presenting a passionate love between 2 people who are
seen as different from each other as dictated by society, but this
difference wasn't a part of the love they share. Ms. Perkins did an
admirable job of dealing with the issue (and other issues) as a non
issue, if that makes sense.” -DianeM, Amazon Reviewer,
Creating A Love


“I love this series!!!!!!
Crystal has the amazing ability to bring her characters to life. I
laugh with them, I hurt with them, I smile with them, and I cry
with them.” -Jessica, Amazon reviewer,
Griffin Brothers series


“I love how Crystal makes
the characters feel like real people.” -Tami, Amazon
Learning To Love


“This is a lovely romance
story that has a sexy sizzle to it but it's funny as well as it is
somewhat edgy. I like that the hero has money but it's not the
focal point in this story. I love that the heroine has problems but
they are not so insurmountable that they take over the story. This
is good old-fashioned romance done with a modern day twist. Well
Done.” -Kindle Customer, Amazon Reviewer,
Gaming For Love


“I found this book on Amazon
yesterday and loved the cover. I read the synopsis and knew I had
to get it. So I purchased it and started to read it right away. Oh
my, I could not put the book down. I got so wrapped up in the story
I was afraid to put my Kindle down or I would miss a part.” -Amazon
Gaming For Love


“I thought this was a
fantastic start to a series, and kind of first book of a series
that makes you want to rush out and buy each additional book in the
series. The premise of a strong group of women working together to
help other women in need was pretty awesome. I loved how C0rrigan
& Co was a secret covert company along the same lines as the
underground railroad but it saved women from sticky situations or
abusive relationships.” -Aubrey, Romancing the Book blog,
Fielding Her SECRET


“I had so many different
emotions while reading. I was rooting people, wanting kick people,
wanting to rip some peoples clothes off, laughing while reading,
gasping out loud. Seriously, I read this like a crazy person. So
much happened that I was not mentally prepared for. There were so
many shockers while reading this I could not even think about
putting the book down.” -Sabrina, Amazon Reviewer,
Devouring the SECRET


“Love this book the suspense
and sex is EPIC.” -Teresa Jensen, Amazon Reviewer,
Rocking a SECRET


“Perkins breathes life into
their characters and has the reader feeling their agony, pain, and
even their love for one-another. I enjoy reading her books and
learning more and more about each of the people that make up this
secretive group.” -Dayreader Reviews,
Corrigan & Co. series


“In the end I am somehow
proud of you Crystal Perkins. How you portrayed Ellie and her and
Aiden love. I know I have no right to be, and it's really not my
place to say but I am proud I read it and I recommend it to all
women so they can see how strong We can be.” -Marta Bukoswka,
Goodreads Reviewer,
Tending Their


“The story flowed well and
kept my attention throughout. There was one part I was totally not
expecting to happen. I love when that happens.” -Lisa Dess, Girls
With Books blog,
Training Her


“Wow this story! There are
some stories and characters that leave you speechless, breathless
and at times slightly broken, and Loving my SECRET Matt &
Reina's story is definitely one of them!” -Vicki Plant, Goodreads
Loving My SECRET


“I laughed I cried and there
many times that I wanted to throw my device.” -Mallory, Goodreads
Loving My SECRET


“Perkins gives the reader a
quick peak into the Weddings of the amazing ladies in the society.
What a fun roller coaster ride it was.” -Taz Lozada, Goodreads
Society Weddings


The Corrigan & Co. Foundation is a cover
for the Society, a group of women helping to rid the world of evil,
and right ever wrong that they can. Originally founded by five
powerful women, leadership of this secret group is now in the hands
of Reina Corrigan, and her nine friends. The ten veterans are
training ten new agents, from all walks of life, to replace them in
the field. Just like those before them, the new recruits will need
to find a way to balance falling in love with honoring their
commitment, and passing their rigorous training. The Society isn’t
just a job, it’s a way of life. Training is necessary, loyalty is
non-negotiable, and failure is never an option!


For all of you who wanted to know about how
the Society girls were trained, and asked me to peel back the
layers of my secret society, this new series is for you!

The Beginning



When Reina Corrigan calls and asks you to
come to her office, you don’t say no. At least, I don’t, and I
think I’d be hard pressed to find anyone else who’d say no to her,
either. She’s intimidating as Hell, even though I know she’s super
cool, too. Anyway, here I am, waiting in the lobby of the Corrigan
& Co. Foundation. Trying not to bite my nails, or fidget too
much as Alex Corrigan smiles at me.

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