Shared by Eight Strangers

Shared by Eight Strangers


by Lia Marsh


Copyright © 2013 by Lia Marsh


All rights reserved.


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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are above the age of eighteen, and all sexual acts depicted are consensual.





Adult Reading Material


Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and above


Includes group oral sex.

Chapter 1: Same Time, Same Place


Jenya was already checked in. Just as Mike had said before they left last week and just as he said on the phone the next day when she called him, same time, same place. She was a dirty, filthy slut, no two ways about it. She’d had sex with just about anything and everything one could think of, except an animal. But who knows, if the price was right, she might be willing too.


That little fact made her life as a whore so much easier. If they were paying, she was laying. That was her motto. No job too big. No cock too big, though Mike and his friends sure pushed her to her limit even if she didn’t outright admit it.


They’ll be more of them this time. Good. Good paycheck. Lots of sex. I’m not really out of my mind. I want the money and they want my honey. Win Win!


This time, though, she was going to be a little better prepared for what was in store. She was pissed that her clothes almost got ruined last time. The fuckers didn’t even have the courtesy of taking her shirt off. It seemed like she washed it too many times and soaked it for too many days to get their cum off of it.


Jenya had already stripped down to just her bra and panties. Who cared about some cheap ass underwear? She spread her legs and started to rub her fingers the swatch of cloth covering her freshly shaved cunt. The simple, and cheap, cotton felt silky against her quim and seemed to absorb her juices like a sponge.


Her eyes closed and she sighed peacefully. She handled Mike and the boys fine last time, but in the days following their fuck-fest, she found herself a little sore. Not too sore to stop whoring. It was one of those bothersome sores, numbing and irritating. With more guys supposedly coming- and cumming- this time, Jenya decided to get herself ready.


She reached into her bag beside her on the bed. Jenya had brought the biggest dildo she had. It was long and thick and more than able to get her dripping wet and stretch her cunt nicely. She slipped a hand beneath her panties and fingered her twat, instantly making her wet and ready.


Her nipples were hard and strained against the flimsy fabric of her bra, poking into the material in hard, aching points. She wondered just when had sex become more of a means to pay the bills instead of a means for thrills and lust. It had been a long time since she actually felt sexy instead of just a piece of meat for some guy, or guys, to fuck, pay, then drop off on the side of the road.


Mike and his crew had done a pretty good job of making her feel like a piece of trash. They manhandled her like beasts, fucking her and filling her with their sticky jizz. Jenya had never had that much cum in her, or on her, before. Gallons had poured from her used pussy when she had stood and even more puked from her mouth when she couldn't handle the load in her throat.


By now she had her panties down to her ankles and had three fingers jamming in and out of her juicy cunt. Her pussy slurped and sloshed her digits as she forced them in, making her pink, hot hole stretch to the will of her thrusts. Her hips moved wildly and she felt herself getting closer to orgasm. That was another thing she missed, orgasming for her pleasure, not someone elses.


Her thighs spread as far as they would go and she took the gigantic dildo in both hands. She pressed its thick head against her blushed, flaring lips then shoved it in. She bit her lower lip at the sudden pain of the wide penetration. It hurt but felt so incredibly good.


There's an ice machine down the hall. What a prick. Maybe he should shove his head in it and chill his brain. He was so fucking full of himself that it was actually funny. What a dick.


Jenya rode the enormous dildo feverishly, like a slut bucking on some John's cock. That's pretty much what she was anymore, just some angel-faced whore and nothing was going to change that. She tried to slow herself, to ease herself into a glow of pleasure and enjoy the intimacy she shared with herself. The whore in her refused to obey and what had become her life took over and fucked the rubber dick to make it cum.


Her arms pumped wildly, pounding her loosening cunt with the humungous dildo. Her pussy clenched then released in rhythm to her strokes- something she had learned would help get her customer off sooner and let her merrily move on to the next quicker.


Now she was upright, bouncing up and down on the cock. Her bra was long forgotten on the floor beside the bed and she played with her soft, round tits. She pinched and pulled on her hard, sensitive nipples. Feeling her body burning with desire, she moaned to the ceiling, quickening her pace, urging her rare orgasm closer and closer.


"Fuck yessss," she hissed and slapped her tits.


She was like a woman possessed. The entire twelve inches of latex dick disappeared over and over. Her pussy seemed to slide effortlessly up and down the shaft. Her flowing juices covered the sex toy with a creamy glide, allowing her to move faster and faster.


Just as she was about to cum, she heard a myriad of voices outside of her door. The lock clicked a few seconds later and Mike and his cronies filed in. They looked at her for a moment, surprised to find her fucking herself.


"Fucking sweet!" Mike shouted and ushered them around the bed. "Come on guys, show time!"


"This isn't part of the deal," she said then pulled the dildo from her gaping cunt and threw it at him.

"And learn to fucking knock!"


What a dick.

Chapter 2: Pony Up


"With the kind of green we're throwing at you baby, you should toss a show in for free," Mike said as he leered at her.


Jenya met each one of them, eye to eye, and pursed her lips. Not a single one looked at her with lust in their eyes. It was more like a visage of challenge. They were there to conquer her sweet ass; they had bought the right. Not exactly yet.

"You got my cash?" she asked.


"Right here," Mike said and pulled a wad of bills from his pocket.


They all did. One by one they pulled out hundreds, fifties, and twenties. The guys fanned the bills out and Mike simply smirked and leered at her.


"See that?" he said. "I told you, three hundred bucks a pop. That's twenty-four hundred."


"Good," Jenya said then folded her arms across her chest. "Who are they?"


She shifted her hips to one side then jabbed her chin at the three new faces in the group. Mike had held true to his word. He said he'd bring two or three new guys with him this time. There they were.


"That's Scott, Lee, and Steve," Mike chuckled. "Eight of us, bitch."


"You want that pack of ice now or later?" Davey asked.


Shit, Davey was the dumbass infatuated with ice, not Mike. Mike, Davey, who-the-fuck ever. What the fuck was up with that guy and ice anyhow? I swear he had an ice fetish. I bet he's just pissed because he panzied on home last time and iced his balls. He talks a big game and thinks his shit don't stink. I see fuck a dozen like him a week. He ain't but some macho as
shole. They all are.


"I told you last time I could handle anything you could give me, didn't I?" she said stubbornly. "Five guys, eight guys, ten. If it's got a cock, I'll send it home with a pair of empty balls and a smile on my face."


"I'm sure of that," he replied. "But this time we got something a little special cooked up for this time."


Davey held up a knapsack and smiled. Jenya hated surprises. She started to snort then looked at all the green they waved in front of her. Instead, she smiled sweetly and reached for the bag.


"Not so fast, woman," Fred said, putting his hand on her chest and pushing her back a bit.


He smiled and gave her tit a squeeze. She thought for a second. Last time she had the lead, the control, the means to make or break their perverted desires. She wasn't so sure she was ready to give that up this time around.


True, it was a bit of a struggle to be in control and dictate the trick, but she never gave them a bit of doubt about her abilities. Afterward she found she liked it, she liked it a lot. She immersed herself into that role of a controlling bitch and found the men she fucked that week were rather receptive to the change.


"You show me what's in that bag or the deal is off," she snipped.


"Dude, just show her," Steve chimed in.


"Hey!"Mike cut his friend off then turned his eyes back to Jenya. "You'll like it, trust me."


"I'm just watching out for myself," Jenya spat. "You'd be surprised at the kind of sickos that tell that to a woman then- bam! She gets fucked up in the head and is scared shitless for the rest of her life."


"You think we'd do you like that?" Mike asked. "You're the best piece of ass we've found in a long time. Ain't a woman one who's pussy can take us. You think we're gonna fuck that up with some stupid shit?"


"Maybe," she said.


"Then maybe you need to learn your place, bitch," Mike replied and took her by the wrist. "It's our dime this time, slut. Last time we were just being nice in letting you take the lead. We wanted to see what you could take. Now we know."


In that very moment, all of the meek submissiveness Jenya had once known came crashing down upon her naked, supple body. She responded accordingly by simply nodding and holding her tongue. Her eyes darted from man to man as she reached inside of her to rip the dom back to the surface.


"Besides, who would stop us anyway?" he asked. "Your little ass can't do shit against the eight of us, or even with the five of us either. Remember that. Our dime. Our will. Our rules. Got it?"


Maybe the knife hidden in my boot? The Saturday-night-special tucked in my purse? Fuck, one good grip on your nutsack, you stupid fuck. I haven't made it this long as a hooker without knowing how to defend myself. They better pray they don't ever find out. My bite is so much worse than my bark.


"My cunt, my rules," she smirked. "Got that?"


Two or three of them looked as if they were going to say something but she held her hand up and tilted her head away, stopping them before they shoved their feet in their mouths. A few padded steps later, she pulled her stilettos from bag and slipped them on. Mike smiled and nodded his approval.


The seemed to invigorate her with power. They were the exact same ones she had worn the week and reminded her of the kind of control she had over the trick. Jenya was needing full control, but she had to know that if push came to shove, she could exert some sort of pressure to force the situation to her liking.


"I doubt you want to hurt me," Jenya said. "I didn't say that I would be opposed to what you brought with you, I just want to make sure I'll be safe."


She strutted over to Mike and pressed her hand against his crotch.


"Maybe it'll turn me on," she teased. "Ever think of that? Hmmmmm?"


Mike nodded to Davey and the man unzipped the knapsack. He opened it enough for her to peek inside. Jenya did and arched a brow. She smiled darkly at them.


"Oh, this is going to be fun," she purred.

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