Running for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Start Running



Running for Beginners
The Easiest Way to Start Running


By Simon Adams




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Published: 12
June 2012
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The Benefits of Running


Why do you want to run?


What to Wear




Choosing Running Shoes




Choosing the Right Running Bra




Top Tips for Consistent Running


How to Run


The Running Day Routine


The Warm Up


Main running Session


The Cool Down




The Running4B Program


Measuring Progress – Ditch the Scales


Keeping Motivated


Good Luck, Take Your Time & Be Consistent




I have been running for five years, so it hasn’t been long enough to have forgotten what it felt like to start running. I remember the uphill battle of beginning to run. I started running three times and gave up three times.  I’m not an athlete, I don’t run fast, I have a regular nine-to-five  job, do freelance jobs in the evenings, have two dogs to walk and a multitude of other tasks to fit in to a normal day, but nevertheless I manage to run frequently and benefit from it enormously.


To help people start running I have devised a painless and easy to follow schedule called the Running4B program. This book not only details the program but also everything you need to know about starting running safely.


I hope that running will bring you the same health and happiness that it has brought me.


Running is a great way to get fit and stay healthy, millions of people around the world run every day. The sad fact is though, that many enthusiastic people take up running every year only to give up after only a week or two.


Perhaps the appeal of running is that it brings freedom, it’s a natural activity to do and we are actually built to run. However, our modern sedate lifestyles, that mainly involves sitting at a desk all day, has led us to believe that we simply weren’t meant run. Most of the people that give up running after only a few weeks have started off too quickly; they are not prepared mentally, physically or with the correct equipment.


Regardless of your fitness level, this book and the Running4B program will help you get started on your path to becoming a successful runner - not just for a onetime event but for a lifetime. You will be able to run for 30 minutes continuously and you will be able to get there injury free.


If you want to run, all you need is the desire and the knowledge.


As well as detailing a step by step running program, this book will guide you through all of the important decisions that you will need to make before you start running. Buying trainers can seem like a minefield to the new runner, but by following the written and pictorial guide in this book you will know exactly which trainers you should buy and why. The only other essential piece of running kit you will need to buy is a running bra – again explained so that you go shopping with knowledge.


Being able to run will not only help you lose weight and become fitter it will boost your self-confidence. All runners have to begin somewhere, so why not start today, so you too can enjoy the physical and mental benefits that running has to offer.


The sole aim of this book is to remove all of the obstacles that are stopping you from becoming a runner.  Running for Beginners is the only book you’ll need to be able to run for 30 minutes continuously.


I’d recommend that you read this entire book before you take your first steps outside - there are tips throughout the book which will keep you motivated; real tips from real runners that, like you, at one point were not runners.

The Benefits of Running

I have found that there many benefits to be gained from running and if you weren’t already motivated enough to start running, here are ten benefits that should further fuel your desire of becoming a successful runner:


1. Running will bring you excellent physical benefits.
Regular running keeps me fit and active and I can pretty much eat and drink what I like without putting on weight – and believe me I did put on weight easily.
Without a doubt 99% of people that start running do so because they want to lose weight and tone up. I was no different, the very reason that I started running was to lose weight. Running also has huge benefits to areas of your body that you can’t see with your eyes; internally your heart and lungs get an excellent workout and it increases the density of your bones, which is especially important for women to stave off osteoporosis later on in life.




2. Running has great mental and emotional benefits.
I never have a better day than when I have been out running in the morning; everything throughout the day seems easier.
I didn’t start running for the mental benefits; it was a nice ‘added bonus’ that I discovered. Now that I’ve experienced them, the mental benefits of running far exceed the physical benefits. Going out running makes your body release endorphins which give you a sense of wellbeing. It has also been proven that not only will running boost your mood, it will also increase your creativity and help people that suffer from mild depression.




3. Running will Increase your energy levels.
Since I started running I have had more energy, and not just on the days I run – every day.


Odd as it seems, you will have more energy, but you won’t believe it until you’re doing it yourself. You will feel physically and mentally more alert and ready to face the challenges that life can throw at you.




4. Running is the cheapest way to get fit.


All I bought to start running was a pair of running trainers.
Running is cheap to start – I’ll cover equipment in a later chapter, but the only items you will need to buy are; a good pair of running trainers, a pair of running socks and if you are a lady, a running bra. Running is the one of the cheapest sports you can take part in, and what’s more, you don’t need to sign up to any expensive monthly gym membership schemes.




5. Running can be done anywhere.


I have run all over the world on holiday, on business trips and staying at friends and relatives.


Whether you are a frequent traveller, live in the city or live in the countryside, you can run. It is the only sport that can be done anywhere. Running doesn’t rely on machines or a specific environment (like swimming), all you need to take with you is a pair of running trainers. This is why running is one of the best ways to keep fit – there is simply no excuse for not going out running.




6. Running is incredibly time efficient.


I have a busy life and I wanted to get fit and stay fit without a fitness regime taking over my life – running has allowed me to do that.


Running is the fastest way to get fit, lose weight and maintain your weight. Running burns more calories in less time than any other sport so you can spend less time exercising and more time living. Being able to exercise for shorter periods of time makes it easier to fit it into your lifestyle. Whether you want to run before work, in your lunchtime or when you get home, you can always fit in a short run in.




7. Running allows you to see new places, people and wildlife.


I’ve seen more wildlife and unusual things in one week of running than three years at a gym.
Running allows you to take in the countryside and area that you live in; you will see people that you don’t normally see and wildlife that you definitely wouldn’t see if you were in a car. Places always look different when you’re on foot and it’s refreshing to see your surroundings in a different light.




8. Running increases your mental endurance.


Since I have been running I have found that my ability to concentrate has increased significantly.


After you have been running consistently for more than six months you will find that running has far more to do with mental endurance than physical endurance. Your body will follow whatever your mind tells it to do. This ‘mind training’ overflows into other areas of your life and you will find it much easier to concentrate on tasks that previously you found testing or tedious.




9. Running will help to reduce your stress levels.
If I’ve had a stressful day at work, on returning home, before I even sit in the sofa, I’ll go out for a run and I know that I’ll have a more relaxing evening.
If you’ve had a stressful day you will find that going out for a run will de-stress you -regardless of how far you go. It’s a drug free way to manage stress levels which has many other benefits too.

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