Rocky Mountain Rogue (Rocky Mountain Bride Series Book 5) (28 page)

Their bodies came together again and it was a while before Susannah broke the kiss.

"Shouldn't we run, in case they're following?"

"Bigs and Billy Johnson won't be brave enough, now that Doyle's dead. They'll pick someone else to bully."

Susannah blinked. "Doyle's dead?"

Her question was rewarded with a glimmer of Jesse's old smile. "You shot him in the stomach."

"Is that bad?"

"If you want someone to die a slow and painful death, sure. I don't think we'll be worrying about Doyle anytime soon." Planting one last kiss on her head, he boosted up onto Jordan and reached for her. "Come on, Susannah. Let's go home."

She put a finger against his lips, smiling. "Call me baggage."








About the Author:


Bestselling author Lee Savino intends to do something big and important with her life, but most days can't keep track of her wallet or her phone so she just stays home and writes. She's super excited about partnering with Blushing Books to publish her erotic Westerns, and hopes you are enjoying them.

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