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The Ujal: Rhal
Part Three

Rhal and Cara have accepted the changes in her, and he has finally found the courage to claim her as his own. But the past Rhal left on Ujal follows him to Earth to destroy their fragile relationship. Can they move past the obstacles determined to tear them apart?


RHAL is a five-part serial (like a TV show) with a new installment out every Friday. The entire storyline will be available for FREE with Kindle Unlimited, or you can wait to download the full story as a bundle for $2.99.


Chapter One


Cara stared at the door, wishing Rhal would stride through, while also wishing he’d stay away forever. Neither would make her happy, and yet she prayed for both. Her mind wanted her to tell Rhal to go fuck himself while her body was filled with “come fuck me, Rhal.”

At the moment, with his blood coursing through her veins, she realized the fuck-me feelings were winning. Crap.

He’d stuck around long enough to have blood withdrawn from his arm, his muscle tensing with the jab of the needle and then the red liquid filled the small vial. The second Sece withdrew the hollow needle, he rolled his sleeve down, uncaring if any blood stained the fabric. He strode to the doorway, gave her a curt nod as some sort of screwed up “goodbye” and disappeared.

That was hours ago? Maybe? She wasn’t too sure because the second his blood hit hers, she was lost. Lost to a wildly twining ball of sensation that seemed to torture and pleasure her in equal measure. It burned at first, the life fluid sliding through her veins and plucking all her nerves. Plucking? No, scraping as if razor blades. She was being torn apart from inside out, slicing and dicing her flesh until she was surprised her skin didn’t split.

Then came the pleasure, the wave of relief and arousal that made her body sing, made her scraped nerves vibrate with growing ecstasy.

Yeah, she hated him those first few seconds, but now she

And that made her hate herself because she’d worked through her love for him, hadn’t she? It’d been decided—by him mostly—that they wouldn’t be together. And now, because she’d needed to taste him if only once, she was tied to him for the rest of their lives.

One look at his face when he’d left told her he wasn’t too happy about that.

Well, she wasn’t exactly happy with hard nipples and a pussy that wanted a long hard ride on the Penis Train. So, they were even.

Her skin heated further, stretched tautly and begging for a stroke, a pet… something that would ease the ache building between her thighs. Sweat glistened on her skin, her scales flitting out and then disappearing again with each panting breath. She wanted to be touched, and she ached to be left alone. She wanted a kiss from him almost as much as she wanted to punch the male for doing this to her.

“Cara?” Sece’s tinkling voice grated on her nerves, but her momma taught her better than to rage at a random stranger. She’d hold onto her bitchfest until Rhal got back.

“Yeah?” The word came out no more than a whisper even if she felt she was yelling.

“Tell me what you’re feeling.” This time her voice was softer, but that didn’t help all that much. Not when she felt like they’d set her on fire.

She forced her eyes open, not even realizing she’d closed them at some point, and stared at the woman. A delicate sprinkling of scales dusted her cheeks, her skin was a delicate shade of pale teal, and there was something about her face… It was ethereal, human yet different. Her coloring spoke of being Ujal, the scales an obvious indicator, but there was something…

is Gozime.”

Cara sputtered, embarrassment overriding her need for Rhal for a moment. “I wasn’t… I didn’t mean to… It…” She sighed. “I’m sorry.”

Knowing her mother was Gozime explained a lot though. The closest thing Earth could equate a Gozime’s appearance was faeries. They were delicate and ethereal and totally imaginary. But staring at Sece in the flesh, Cara began to wonder if that were true.

The young female frowned. “Why are you sorry? You were curious. I am curious about your feelings and do not feel sorry about your body’s reaction to Rhal’s blood. Why should you apologize for being curious?”

“My what to who?”

Sece whipped out a data pad and tapped the screen. “Please tell me if you are feeling any of the following. Breast sensitivity?” Her teal eyes blinked and for a split second she wondered if the woman was fucking with her. But the longer the stare continued, the more she realized Sece really wanted an answer.

“Is this a have to thing?”

She frowned. “I don’t understand.”

“Do I
have to
answer?” Cara really didn’t want to talk about her breasts or pussy or any part of her body, really.

“It will allow us to better gauge your progress.”

Cara groaned and closed her eyes. Maybe answering personal questions would be easier if she didn’t have to look at Sece. “Okay, hit me.” A small hand smashed into her shoulder. “Ow!” Cara flinched and rubbed her upper arm. “What the hell?”

Sece gave a quick nod. “There, now shall you answer my questions?”

The door parted, and Faim appeared. “Why is there yelling?”

Sece sighed, Cara rolled her eyes, and Faim growled.

“I did as the patient asked, my
. She instructed I hit her. You have always taught that I should fulfill all patient requests that will not harm their recovery and she—”

Faim sighed and tilted his head back to stare at the ceiling in a purely “frustrated father” kind of way. It was a side to the gruff male she’d never seen before, and she couldn’t restrain her smile.

“See! I did as she instructed, and now she is smiling.” Sece beamed at her and held up the tablet. “Now, please tell me if your vaginal opening—”

“Hell. No.” Cara glared at Sece and then shifted her attention to Faim. “I’m not discussing my vaginal opening with anyone.”

“Perhaps you would be more comfortable with your mate.
, fetch Rhal.” The girl focused on her father as if she expected him to do exactly as she demanded.

She could appreciate that. Unfortunately, based on Faim’s glare, he did not. “Sece, I shall—”

“O-kay, then. Let’s put a time-out on that one.” Cara drew their attention back to her. The longer they spoke, the better she felt and she was almost back to her pre-Ujal self. The sexy side effects were a bitch to deal with, but now she felt

“You must answer the questions. If my
does not fetch Rhal, I shall. You will tell him of your vaginal opening, and then he shall tell me.” The girl was so deluded.

“Sece, Rhal is in chambers with the king and queen. There will be no fetching.” Faim growled.

The young female frowned. “The king and queen?”

Cara echoed her, but it came out more like a squeak. “The king and queen?”

“Yes, which is why there will be no
. Cara, you will be answering questions no matter who asks them be it Sece, myself, or Rhal.” His face flushed with color, scales coming out to play before disappearing once again.

“Oh, we’re in trouble now,” Sece murmured. “
is two seconds from tanning our hides.”

“Our hides?

“You were standing here.”

“Laying here. Because I’m sick. In medical. We’re discussing a sick person’s vaginal opening. If anyone’s cruising for a bruising, it’s you.” Cara pointed at Sece.

Sece gasped. “What? You asked me to hit you!”

Faim groaned. “There is no hitting!”

“Perhaps that is the problem.” The young female focused on her. “Would you have answered my questions if I hadn’t hit you?”

Who hit my mate?
” Cara admitted she had to be a little twisted if she found Rhal’s bellow sexy. When her
vaginal opening
clenched and ached, she knew she was more than a little twisted. A lot twisted, actually.

Sece squeaked and crowded against the wall, arm outstretched as she pointed at Cara. “She told me to.”

Cara shook her head and looked at Faim. “She’s not an only child is she? She has the whole blame game down perfectly.”

The older Ujal pinched the bridge of his nose. “No. I was gullible enough to go through it four times. All girls.”

She wanted to comfort the poor male.

“Hey,” Sece frowned.

“Will no one answer my question?” Rhal’s rough voice whipped through the room, reminding her he’d returned.

He stood framed in the doorway, chest heaving, those black eyes sparkling red and gold, and she smiled at him. She couldn’t help it—he was gorgeous as hell when furious. Plus, her body was all about getting closer to him, and the quickest way for that to happen was to lure him nearer. Smiles, sweet words… begging if she had to. The way his breathing stuttered when she smiled told her begging probably wouldn’t be necessary.

Then she remembered he didn’t really
to be near her. He didn’t
to be her mate. He didn’t

And there went her smile.

“It…” She waited until she had his undivided attention, those eyes boring into hers as he approached. “It’s not what it sounds like. There was a bit of a miscommunication—”

“There was no miscommunication.” Sece couldn’t keep her adorable Ujal/Gozime mouth shut. “You stated—”

“Faim!” Cara glared at the doctor, and he rushed forward, snaring Sece’s arm and dragging her away from the bed. It took the male no time to shove his daughter from the room, and he was right behind her.

When they were finally alone, she returned her attention to Rhal. “It was a misunderstanding.” She kept her voice soft and soothing, a whisper he often found comfort in. “She was asking questions and you know that not every Ujal understands human slang.” She swallowed hard and reached for his fist, fingertips gliding over his skin. It hurt to touch him. Not her body, but her heart. Knowing he didn’t truly want her embrace yet she was unable to keep her hands to herself. “It wasn’t intentional.”

Rhal’s gaze bore into her, eyes seeing too much, and she looked away. She couldn’t let him see her desperation for him. Not when his blood still thrummed in her veins. With his reappearance, the desire that’d slowly ebbed rushed forward once again. It rolled over her like a massive wave, stealing her control and forcing need upon her body. Her nipples were hard points, once again, her pussy aching for his mouth, his fingers, his cock. She’d never had his cock, but she wanted it. Oh, how she wanted it.

He was her mate. Would he give in? Did she want him to give in under pressure?

No. She wanted him willingly, which was why Cara released him and returned her hand to her lap. She twined her fingers together and squeezed, not allowing herself free rein. “So, it’s fine. Faim said I could leave as soon as I felt up to it and just to come back before work tomorrow.”

“What of these questions? You must answer them if it is necessary.”

Talking about her vagina with anyone but her gynecologist couldn’t possibly be necessary. She hoped. “I can answer them tomorrow just as easily, and I’m tired. If I don’t have to stay for observation, then I wanna go home. I wanna crawl into bed and

Rhal nodded his agreement. “Very well. I will speak with Faim and send Sece in to assist you in dressing. Cara, I…” he reached for her, large, deadly hands gently gathering her hair and tucking it behind her ear. His eyes were so soft, so
, and she had to harden her heart against him. She’d given it to him once. Never again. “Never mind. I will be back, and I will take you home. We have much to discuss about you, me, us, and…” He sighed and snatched his hand back to run his fingers through his hair. “And my
are on Earth.”

The look he gave her, one of rage mixed with pain, struck her in the gut. She didn’t know anything about Rhal’s parents, but she didn’t imagine any of it was good.

As if being some weird genetically screwed human-Ujal wasn’t enough, now she had to meet the parents.


* * *

Rhal cursed himself to the depths of the seas with every shuffling step Cara took. She refused to allow the wheelchair into their temporary home and now he was forced to watch her carefully pad into the apartment. Her hand trembled when it rested upon the wall, her coral-tinted fingertips skating over the smooth, pale surface. The rooms were sparse, intended as a resting place while Cara received treatments.

The building was right next to UST, the two structures connected via underground passageways. It was also nestled on the beach; one of their walls completely made up of windows. They granted Rhal easy view of the ocean, and that soothed him more than he imagined. He typically resided at Tau, choosing to embrace the underwater life of many Ujal. This location allowed him access to the sea while also caring for his female.

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