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Reawakening the Dragon: Part Four

Jessie Donovan

Chapter One

The instant after Kai shut the door to his cottage, he pulled Jane close and kissed her.

Stroking the inside of her mouth, he reveled in her taste, yet it wasn’t enough. Kai wanted to feel Jane’s soft, naked skin against his.

His dragon growled.
Now. I want her.

For once, he agreed with his dragon.

Breaking the kiss, Kai lightly traced his way across her cheek with his lips until he reached her ear. He nibbled and licked a few times before he whispered, “Go upstairs, strip, and wait for me on my bed.”

Jane pushed against his chest and he leaned back until he met her eyes. “Aren’t you coming?”

“Not yet, Janey.” He moved his hand to her breast and pinched her already hard nipple. “I have a surprise for you. But to give it to you, I need you to be naked.”

She studied him and Kai tugged her nipple again. Jane let out a sound that wasn’t quite a moan, and he smiled.

“So, you want to play that game, huh?” Jane asked.

His human laid a hand on his chest, and slowly stroked down his abdomen until she stopped at his waistband. As her light touch danced across his skin, he held his breath. Humans were rarely so bold.

He loved that Jane was different.

Undoing the button of his trousers, she moved her hand to just below the band of his boxers. His beast growled.
Yes, yes. Just a little more.

Before Kai could reply, Jane took his dick in hand and squeezed lightly. Pleasure mixed with heat rushed through Kai’s body and he groaned. “Janey.”

Her voice was husky as she replied, “Unless your surprise is your cock tied in a bow, save it for later.”

His dragon chimed in.
Just fuck her now. We can mete out our payback later.

No. I want her first time with me to erase any memory she has of other males. It must be special.

Jane stroked up his dick and back down. Unable to concentrate enough to talk with both his beast and Jane, he shoved his dragon away and whispered, “No. Go upstairs, strip, and wait for me.”

Running a finger up his cock, Jane traced circles on the tip. Each light caress against his sensitive skin chipped at his resolve.

His human was a bloody minx.

Taking a deep breath, Kai mustered every ounce of self-control he possessed and said, “Upstairs, Jane. This is your last chance; otherwise, I’ll toss you over my shoulder and tie you to the bed.”

The corner of her mouth ticked up. “Is that supposed to be a threat?”

Bloody hell.
Jane was bolder than he’d imagined. She really was everything he wanted in a female. “It will be if I tie you and tease you for hours before I let you come.”

“As much as I’d like to see you try, I want you too much to wait that long.” Jane slowly removed her hand from his boxers, lightly scratching his cock as she went.

Kai nearly grabbed her wrist to guide her back, but remembered why he wanted to make their first time memorable, so he clenched his fingers instead.

Placing a hand on her hip, Jane tilted her head. “Your surprise had better be worth it, Kai. Otherwise, you’re going to owe me one.”

Unclenching his fingers, he reached out and cupped Jane’s breast. As he squeezed and rubbed his palm against her hard nipple, he stated, “Oh, believe me. It’ll be worth it.” He squeezed her breast one more time. “Go, Janey. Unless you don’t want to come harder than you ever have in your life.”

The scent of Jane’s arousal grew stronger. His human was nice and wet for him already.

Mischief mixed with heat danced in Jane’s eyes. “I’ll hold you to that. If you deliver, I might make you come harder than you ever have before too.”

His beast snarled.
Stop talking and hurry up. I want her.

Kai released his grip on her breast and stepped back. “Then get going. If you’re not naked, then after I tie you up, I might have to rest some more before I feel up to sex.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “As if you could hold back.” Kai opened his mouth, but she beat him to it. “Just don’t take too long. If you do, then I might just have to take care of myself.”

With a smile, Jane turned and swayed her hips. Kai should say something to get in the last word, but he was entranced by his human’s full arse.

His dragon spoke up again.
It will be hard not to take her from behind today.

I agree, dragon, I agree.

As soon as Jane ascended the stairs, Kai shook his head to break the spell and headed into the kitchen. He needed to retrieve something before he could give Jane her surprise and finally claim his human completely.


Jane opened the door to Kai’s bedroom. It was the first time she’d stepped foot inside it, but it was bare like her room, with just a bed, nightstand, clock, and lamp. Everything seemed bare in Kai’s life.

Well, she hoped to change that.

Aware that Kai could enter at any moment, Jane stripped off her top and jeans. Despite her earlier bravado downstairs, she hesitated to shuck her bra and panties. It’d been a few years since a man had seen her completely naked.

But then she remembered it was Kai coming for her. She could have overgrown toenails and unshaven armpits and he’d still want her.

Tossing her bra and panties to the side, she crawled onto the bed.

While she was following Kai’s orders, he’d left them vague. She would add her own spin to it.

Jane leaned against the headboard and gripped her elbows over her head, making her small breasts more prominent. Then she lay her feet flat on the bed and spread her legs wide.

For a split second, she felt silly. But then she pushed the feeling aside. In this position, she might be able to get Kai to drop his jaw again.

Her heart rate kicked up with each second that passed and her pussy throbbed. At this rate, Kai would merely have to brush her clit and she’d come.

Before she could think of a way to tone down her arousal so she could last longer, she heard footsteps echoing down the hallway. Two seconds later, Kai opened the door. The sight of him still in his trousers sent a rush of disappointment through her. She wanted to see all of him.

Kai stood in the doorway and stared at her exposed pussy. His gaze sent a rush of wetness between her thighs and his pupils turned to slits for a few seconds before changing back. His gaze moved up to her breasts. Even across the room, his attentions made her nipples harder.

When he finally met her eyes, the heat and yearning in his made her stomach flip.

Kai murmured, “You listened. That means I can reward you.”

“You could reward me by taking off your clothes.”

The corner of Kai’s mouth ticked up. “Impatient, aren’t you?”

“Mostly when it comes to you.” Kai moved until he was standing at the foot of the bed. It was only then that she noticed his good arm was behind his back. “Where’s my surprise?”

“Close your eyes first.”

She gave him a skeptical look. “I’m not sure I should do that.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

She should say no and tell him it took time. Yet as she stared into his light blue eyes, she couldn’t make herself say those words. Kai had protected her back in the alley in Gateshead, even with the threat of being shot. He’d also stood up to her brother as well as supported her plan to take her future into her own hands.

Despite every reason why she shouldn’t, she trusted him.

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and listened as Kai moved onto the bed. She could feel the heat of his body between her thighs, but he still hadn’t touched her. She was about to ask him to hurry up when something cold and wet brushed across her nipple and she shivered.

Kai’s husky voice filled her ears. “How does that feel? And don’t just say it’s bloody cold.”

“But it is.”

Something cold brushed across her other nipple and a small moan escaped her lips. Kai’s voice replied, “Do you want more?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

The coldness, which she figured was an ice cube, trailed down her belly before moving to her inner thighs. As the coolness inched closer to her pussy, Jane opened her legs wider. Kai chuckled. “Tell me what you want, Janey.”

She could shoot off a barb, but her body was on fire. She wanted more of Kai’s touch. Spreading her legs even further, she murmured, “Touch me here.”

Kai remained silent. Five seconds passed, and then ten. Finally the cold, wet object touched her swollen flesh and she drew in a breath.

Her dragonman then moved it up to just above her clit and went down the other side. “Kai.”

“Hm? What do you want, my tall human?”

Jane’s clit throbbed so hard she nearly whimpered. “Touch me. I want to feel your heat.”

The bed shifted under her and she was tempted to open her eyes. Kai’s voice ordered, “Keep your eyes closed.”

Hoping her silence would finally persuade him to give her an orgasm, Jane kept her eyelids firmly shut.

Her heart thundered in her ears as she waited. Never in her life had a man been able to draw out this kind of anticipation. She couldn’t wait to see what Kai came up with once he was healed.

Something hot, wet, and soft thrust into her pussy and Jane leaned her head back. His tongue swirled inside before licking her slit and tracing the skin around her clit in slow circles.

He repeated the actions of plunging, licking, and tracing, but he never touched her sensitive bundle of nerves. “Kai.”

Even to her own ears his name sounded like a plea.

Kai didn’t move from lapping her pussy, but the ice cube brushed against her clit and she moaned. The contrast of Kai’s heat with the ice was a strange sensation; even the icy caress set her skin on fire. She had always wondered what alternating the heat and cold would feel like.

However, she lost her train of thought as Kai removed the ice and flicked his tongue against her clit. His heat was almost burning after the coolness of the ice. Each pass of his wet flesh against hers made her breasts ache and the pressure build.

She opened her mouth to ask for more when Kai slowed his movements on her clit. She cried out in frustration, but then he traced the lips of her pussy with the ice cube and she bucked her hips. “Kai.”

In response, her dragonman stopped his attentions and brushed her clit again with the ice. The sudden cold brought her that much closer to the edge. However, she wanted, no needed Kai’s mouth on her again.

Afraid he might pull away completely and leave her panting for more, the bastard, she threaded her fingers through his hair. She wasn’t letting him up until he made her come.

Kai sucked her clit deeper and bit gently. Jane dug her fingernails into her dragonman’s scalp and he nibbled some more.

She was close.

Pressing against his head, she ordered him to finish it. Kai growled as he thrust two fingers into her pussy.
He bit her clit hard and she cried out as pleasure shot through her body. With each spasm she dug her nails into Kai’s scalp a little more.

When she finally came down from her high, Kai removed his fingers and his head lifted from between her legs. He murmured, “Look at me.”

Jane opened her eyes to see Kai’s slitted pupils and his eyes full of desire. “Hi, dragonman.”

He growled. “Not ‘hi.’ I want a thank you.”

She smiled. “Whatever for?”

Kai brushed against her sensitive clit and Jane cried out. Kai grunted. “For devouring you with my mouth.”

“Maybe later.”

She noticed how his pupils remained slitted as he answered, “When I’m well, you have payback coming.”

“I look forward to it.” Jane sat up and ran her hand down Kai’s chest. “But will it be from man or dragon?”

Kai trapped her hand with his. “Both.”

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of his beast being unleashed. According to rumors, a dragon in charge would not only be rough, but had a whole hell of a lot more stamina than the human half.

Just imaging a long, rough encounter made her ache between her legs.

Kai’s nostrils flared. “What are you thinking about?”

“Your cock.”

“That’s only part of the truth.”

She traced Kai’s nipple with her free hand. “Do you want to keep talking or do you want me to ride your dick like there’s no tomorrow?”

He captured her other hand and tugged her closer. “You will tell me every little detail later.” He leaned forward and took her bottom lip between his teeth before releasing it. “For now, I want to feel your tight pussy gripping my dick as you scream my name.”

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