Private Pleasure (Sun Stroked Book 3)

Private Pleasure
Cathryn verge
Private Pleasure

Copyright 2016 by Cathryn Fox

Published by Cathryn Fox


Copyright 2016 by Cathryn Fox

Published by Cathryn Fox

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ISBN 978-1-928056-25-6


. My. God,” Abby whispered under her breath as lust prowled a lazy path through her body.

Panting from excitement, Abby dropped the spicy novel that had been singeing her fingertips—among other body parts—and glanced around the beach cove just outside her cabana. Not that she expected to see or hear anyone in her private nook, but still…

With her heart beating wildly, she jumped from her chaise lounge, and began pacing. Needing something, anything to get her mind off her libido, as well as the erotic scene that she’d just read, she concentrated on the hot sand between her toes.

But she’d rather have a hot man between her legs…

Holy hell, she’d never read about exhibitionism and voyeurism before and had to admit, it damn well excited her. She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead and worked to regulate her breathing. Her throbbing pussy continued to clamor for a long rigid cock, despite her desperate battle to focus her attention elsewhere. Goddamn, she was so riled up, she was ready to take matters into her own hands.

In an effort to take her mind off her needs, she stalked back to her lounge chair and grabbed her binoculars. After adjusting the black strap around her neck, she scanned the horizon.

“Oh, hell…” Abby murmured to herself as the binoculars slipped from her fingers. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t get away from it.

Sex, sex and more sex.

Were the gods testing her, trying her last nerve? If so, they were winning.

Curiosity and need getting the better of her, she sank back down on her chair, readjusted her binoculars and stole another peek at the guy licking his girlfriend’s pussy on the bow of their boat. Goddamn, it was the hottest thing she’d ever seen.

As her sex throbbed for that kind of attention, her palms itched, aching to take the edge off, using any means possible, even if it meant taking matters into her own hands…
and fingers.

Abby let her gaze surf over the cove. Flanked by tall, lush mountains, the Pacific water lapped against the sandy shore a few feet away from her chair. All was quiet and private, just as Mr. Malik had promised. This beach area was hers and hers alone. A secluded spot to sunbathe, read, swim or even delve into a little masturbation if she wanted to.

She was pretty damn sure she wanted to.

She might be a good girl with a mapped-out future, but that certainly didn’t mean she didn’t have needs. Needs that had been neglected for far too long.

Unable to fight the inevitable any longer, she ran her hands over her breasts, taking the time to tease her engorged nipples before moving lower to her new bikini bottoms. Pulling on the small yellow band, she slipped her fingers inside and brushed the pad of her thumb over her wet pussy.

“Mmm,” she moaned under her breath as desire resonated through her. No longer able to ignore her cravings, she spasmed with need, realizing it had been far too long since she’d taken personal care of her desires. Far too long, indeed.

Warmth spread over her skin as raw desire seared her insides. Heck, she’d had no idea that she had such voyeuristic tendencies until she’d read that spicy novel and caught that couple having sex.

Returning her focus to her swollen clit, she caressed it lightly, stoking the fire inside her as the sun beat down on her libidinous body. “Oh, damn…” she murmured. The scent of her arousal impregnated the air and mingled with the provocative aroma of sand and surf. The combination raised her passion to new heights.

Abby rolled her tongue around her suddenly dry mouth, her thoughts taking her in a tantalizing direction. Completely caught up in pleasuring herself, she lifted her hips from the chaise to push two long fingers inside her hot sex. She pumped in and out as her palm applied the perfect amount of pressure to her engorged clit. She sucked in a tight breath. Her sex muscles began clenching around her fingers, her blood began boiling with the approach of an impending orgasm. Quaking, she bit down on her bottom lip and moaned without censor as she drew out her release.

As her orgasm approached, air rushed from her lungs in a loud whoosh. Her muscles clenched so hard she thought she would black out from pleasure. A shiver wracked her body. Instinctively, she clamped her legs together and squeezed as she tumbled into climax.

She worked her fingers over her clit faster, riding out every delicious ripple, prolonging the ecstasy for as long as she could.

When the last orgasmic pulse subsided, she dropped her hands to her sides and collapsed in a flushed heap. After a few moments, she blinked her eyes back into focus and gave a needy sigh. She still didn’t feel completely satisfied. Her fingers had managed to get the job done, but she had to be honest with herself and admit that they paled in comparison to the real thing.

Remembering where she was, Abby shook the fog from her lust-filled brain and looked out over the glistening water. She decided to take a quick swim before she went on her island exploration. Since Lauren had already ventured off earlier, hoping for another wild Tarzan encounter in the jungle, and Danielle was making the most of her vacation with her sea god, Abby would set out alone. Not that she minded. She was happy that her friends had found what they were looking for—what they secretly desired—while on vacation.

She, on the other hand, already had everything she desired. Since the magic elixir was wasted on her, she spent her time in paradise relaxing, enjoying the spa treatments, reading and thinking about her upcoming engagement to hardworking stock broker Artie Drummond.

Don’t you want your nights filled with passion?

Lauren’s question kept coming back to haunt her. Honestly, Abby had never slipped between the sheets with a passionate man. She could only dream about sex with a man who wasn’t afraid to unleash himself on her, show his emotions, let his needs and hunger rule him during lovemaking and give himself over to his primal desires. Completely. Thoroughly.


Her whole body shook just thinking about it. Surely guys like that existed only in her romance novels. Because she’d yet to stumble across such a man.

Pushing those thoughts to the far recesses of her mind, she climbed from her chair and took a dip in the water. Off in the distance she noticed a band of dark clouds. Could a storm be moving in? She hoped it held off until after her island exploration and her late afternoon snorkeling lesson, which, she had to admit, she was really looking forward to.

Once she was sufficiently cooled, she gathered her belongings and glanced around. She suddenly felt like she was being watched. Strangely enough, a small thrill raced down her spine at the sensation.

Jeez, she really was a wild woman at heart. Either that or this seductive island atmosphere was doing the strangest things to her libido, fueling it in the most interesting ways, and urging her to explore her budding fetishes. Abby hadn’t even realized she had interesting sexual fetishes she might want to explore until this vacation opened her eyes.

Holding a hand up to shade her eyes from the sun, she scanned the mountaintops for movement, but her gaze met with only large trees, natural foliage and a few local birds that had just taken flight and now hovered over the cliff like a heavy rain cloud.

Deciding it was nothing more than her passion-starved libido playing tricks on her, and her lack of male-induced orgasms, she made the short trek back to her cabana. Once inside she consulted her agenda book. Being on vacation didn’t mean she couldn’t organize her activities. The only thing she had scheduled for today was the snorkeling lesson. Tomorrow she had a hot- stone massage booked in the morning, a late lunch with the girls, and then, later in the evening, a sea-salt scrub.

After pulling on a pair of shorts, a tank top and her walking shoes, she stuffed a towel and bathing suit into her beach bag, took one last, wistful look at her novel and then stepped outside.

It was time to explore this beautiful magical island, and forget about ever falling into the arms of a wild, passionate man like the one from her erotic book.

* * *

ody lowered
his scope and brushed his palm over his chin, scratching the day-old growth shadowing his jaw as his body turned mutinous.

He drew a deep breath yet still couldn’t manage to fill his lungs. As a military-trained sniper, he’d witnessed a lot of grizzly shit through his scope, but the one thing he’d never sighted was a sexy woman pleasuring herself.

That was definitely a first, but sweet Jesus, he sure as hell hoped it wasn’t the last time. Because he’d never been so fucking turned on in his entire life.

He hadn’t meant to spy. He really hadn’t. But how the hell could he possibly tear his gaze away from that erotic show once he had spotted her? He was male, after all.

The truth was, he’d been watching Abby for days, ever since he’d met her at dinner. He wasn’t sure why, but there was something about her that held his attention.

Abby Benton, with legs longer than an eternity in hell, gorgeous, passion-drenched blue eyes and lush curves, reminded him that despite everything he’d been through over the last year, he was still a red-blooded American.

With physical needs.

His cock twitched as his mind revisited the way her hands had dipped under her yellow bikini bottoms and the sensuous way her hips had come off the chair as she pushed her fingers inside her pussy. The erotic vision triggered a craving deep inside him, prompting his dick into action.


Biting down on his bottom lip, Cody broke into a sweat and stifled a moan of sexual frustration. His muscles ached—throbbed, actually—and the compulsion to climb down from that mountain and satisfy Abby Benton the way a wicked woman like her deserved to be satisfied sang through his veins, shepherding lust and heat to his coldest corners.

His powerful scope had allowed him to see the lack of fulfillment in her eyes after she’d brought herself to climax. He suspected that fingers alone could never really satisfy a hot little number like her. What she needed was a rock-hard cock inside her before she could attain true sexual fulfillment.

And wouldn’t you know it. He just happened to have one.

A slow tremor moved down his spine, stirring his hormones along that southern path before settling low in his groin. His thoughts careened in an erotic direction as he continued to take pleasure in his covert mission. He watched her wade into the warm Pacific water and reveled in the way her damp tanned skin glistened under the midday sun. His whole body tightened and beckoned her touch.

Her sexy solo act reminded him that even though he’d sealed off his emotions long ago, burying them deep inside and shutting himself off from others after his overseas tour, there was still one part of him that hadn’t turned to ice.

One very big, very hard part, to be more accurate.

Cody’s skin prickled in warning and his stomach churned, a good indication that his solitude was about to be interrupted. A moment later he heard a rustling noise a few feet away. Composing himself, he ignored the incessant ache between his legs and twisted around, preparing for a confrontation. As far as Cody was concerned, it’d be a cold day in hell before he—the predator—became the prey. No one caught Cody Lannon off guard. No one.

Cody watched Malik step out from behind a foxtail palm tree and close the gap between them. How the man always managed to find Cody hidden in the thick foliage, Cody would never know.

“Good afternoon, my child.” Malik narrowed his gaze and scrutinized him.

Cody pinched the bridge of his nose. “Good afternoon,” he replied, without bothering to keep the annoyance from his voice.

Malik held his hands out and touched Cody’s shoulder. “Still so cold.” He mocked shivered. “So cold.”

Fuck, he hated when Malik put him under the microscope, dissecting him like a damn lab rat. Ignoring that blatant, albeit accurate observation, Cody turned his attention back to the water. When he spotted a boat off in the distance, he focused his scope and murmured under his breath, “Well, I’ll be damned.”

It appeared that something shiny, sexy and flirtatious had caught his buddy Ryan’s attention.

Speaking of something shiny…

With renewed concentration, he focused his lens on Abby again and watched her gather her belongings and make her way back to her cabana.

“What is it?” Malik asked him. The sound of branches crunching beneath his feet startled a few local birds.

After watching the red-throated lorikeets take flight only to hover over the cliff like an Apache helicopter, Cody shot Malik a glance and said casually, “I just saw Ryan on the excursion.” He shrugged and added, “I never thought I’d see the day.”

Malik pressed his hands together so that the sleeves on his robe dangled near his knees. “Yes, well, maybe the elixir has finally opened his eyes.”

Cody clenched his fists when anger began to take hold of him. Jesus, if he heard about the elixir one more time he was going to drown the man in it. And no court in the land would ever hold that against him.

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