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Prescription for Desire

Since the death of her husband three
years ago, Dr. Raven Arrington has found herself in the same
mundane routine. Needing a change of scenery, she escapes to a
little town outside of Buenos Aries to temporarily work at a
medical facility. Raven didn’t realize what prescription for
medicine she needed until she meets Chief of Staff, Dr. Armand
Phillips. With just the right dose of desire, the gray-eyed,
sinfully suave doctor awakens a part of her she’d

Armand knows having a fling with a co-worker is a prescription
for trouble, but the older, sophisticated doctor is like no other
woman he’s met. He’s used to no responsibilities outside of his
career and loves his freedom to travel wherever needed. However,
Armand is willing to sacrifice it all in order to make Raven
his—despite her reservations—and to give her what she wants more
than anything.

Prescription for
is the fourth book in the Arrington
Family Series

Prescription for Desire




Candace Shaw



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Chapter One

When her twin brother casually asked
her to do him a favor, Dr. Raven Arrington was expecting something
like check his mail while he’s out of town, give advice on a
patient, or walk his dog if he had one. However, flying halfway
across the world to Argentina wasn’t exactly what she expected to

Raven ran her eyes over her checklist
one more time to verify she had everything she needed for the next
few months. She was still surprised that she’d promised her
brother, Dr. Cannon Arrington, that she would go to Ghilaua, a
small town outside of Buenos Aires, to fill in for the Ob-Gyn
position while the board searched for another one. Cannon was the
CEO and one of the founders of Doctors Unlimited, an organization
that built medical clinics in areas that were without proper
medical care or full service facilities.

As a partner in her family’s medical
practice, Arrington Family Specialists, Raven didn’t feel
comfortable leaving her own patients to tend to some on another
continent. However, a part of her longed for some type of escape
and change, so she jumped at the opportunity after taking only a
few hours to mull it over. Now, one week after he’d asked, she was
packed and ready for a change in her accustomed routine.

Yawning, she threw her ereader into
her carry-on bag and grabbed it from her bed. Just as she headed
downstairs, the doorbell chimed. She knew Cannon would be on time
so she could make her five-thirty flight at Memphis International
Airport. Raven wasn’t exactly a morning person, so she was glad
when she opened the door and Cannon handed her a coffee and a small

He slid her carry-on bag from her
shoulder and unto his. “Caramel macchiato, with two shots of
espresso and no whip cream. Plus, a turkey bacon, spinach, and
cheese croissant sandwich all made by my lovely wife.”

Thank you, big brother,”
she said, sipping the coffee and inhaling deeply. It was just what
she needed to wake her up and to stop her pre-flight jitters. Raven
loved to travel but wasn’t fond of flying.

No, thank you for being
able to help me out at the last minute.” Cannon turned and stopped
in the doorway, staring at the five suitcases sitting on the foyer
floor. Chuckling, he shook his head as he popped the trunk of his
BMW with his remote key. “I said two months, not two years.” His
almond-shaped cinnamon eyes, which matched hers, twinkled with

You said be prepared for
all weather conditions. It may be fall here, but its spring in
Buenos Aires even though it’s October. Plus, one of the suitcases
is empty. I plan on doing some major shopping while

You really need to go to a
shop-a-holics anonymous meeting. In fact, I’ll drive you,” he
joked, rolling the biggest suitcase out of the house but turned
back toward her. “Since I have a key, I’ll just clean out your
closets while you’re gone.”

Not funny.” Raven
playfully punched his upper arm just as she always had since they
were children. “Not funny, at all.”

She proceeded to walk around her home
one more time, making sure all of the doors and windows were
secure. Luckily, she’d just had cameras installed on all of the
outside doors and would be able to monitor her home just by looking
at her cell phone or tablet. Plus, Cannon lived on the next street
over if anything was amiss.

Ready?” Cannon asked as
Raven returned to the foyer and grabbed her purse and breakfast
from the credenza.

Yep. Just need to set the

And Sahara is already

Raven nodded, taking her keys from the
hook near the door. “I dropped her off at Shelbi’s home last night
since you wouldn’t dog sit.” Sahara was the two-year-old Pomeranian
that Cannon had given to her as a birthday gift.

I prefer big dogs. You
can’t play catch with a little, yappy dog.”

Whatever. I’ll meet you in
the car.” She pushed him out and shut the front door to set the

A few hours later, Raven was buckled
in her first class seat. Staring out the window as the plane took
off, she reflected about her life at the present moment. She never
thought in all of her thirty-nine years she would run off to assist
with a medical clinic in Ghilaua. That was Cannon’s life, not hers.
However, her life hadn’t gone according to the blueprint she’d laid
out for herself when she was a teenager. Raven was organized and
planned every aspect of her existence. Go to college. Go to medical
school. Become an Ob-Gyn at the family’s medical practice. Get
married and have two children; a girl and a boy.

Everything had been perfect when she
met police officer Howard Smith almost four years ago. She was
rushing to the hospital to deliver a baby when he pulled her over
for speeding. Once she explained why she was in a hurry, he let her
go. After Raven delivered the baby, she was surprised to see Howard
seated in the waiting room to ask her out on a date. They ate
dinner in the hospital thirty minutes later since she had another
patient who was due to deliver that night. The following evening,
they went on a real date and married a year a later. Unfortunately,
he died in the line of duty three months after their wedding. Raven
had been devastated, especially since she’d discovered she was a
month pregnant with twins just a few days before his death, but was
going to wait until Father’s Day to tell him. She miscarried the
following month, but the only person that knew of the pregnancy was
her mother and her best friend Taylor.

After a brief mourning period, she
went back to work and carried on with her life as it was before
Howard. Now she was going through the same routines, including
wearing a pleasant smile to let the world know she was fine.
However, on the inside, she was a horrible wreck.

When Cannon presented the opportunity
to go away—or rather, escape for two months—she was grateful for
the change. Change was good. Right? She wasn’t quite sure, but
Raven welcomed the distraction that Cannon suggested she’d needed
for the last few years.

After landing and making it
through customs at Ministro Pistarini International
headed to the baggage claim area. There, she was supposed to meet
one of the nurses from the clinic who was going to drive her to
Ghilaua, which was an hour or so from Buenos Aires.

As Raven observed the crowded airport
where people were speaking in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, her
eyes rested on a good-looking man who was also gazing about as
well. She glanced at the bags on the baggage belt, but her eyes
kept pulling toward the devastatingly handsome man. He wasn’t
overly tall or short. She figured right around six feet tall even
though he had a commanding presence, and if he’d been any shorter,
it wouldn’t matter. He had an air of confidence, which made him
stand out more than anyone in the vicinity.

His light blue dress shirt, with the
sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and khaki pants weren’t doing a
good job of hiding a well-defined and muscular physique. His
golden-coated skin had been kissed by the sun for she could see a
faint tan line on his under arm. Other women were noticing him as
well, either nodding or winking at him. He seemed to love the
attention, and when he flashed a charming smile her way, Raven
found herself releasing one as well. Her breasts tingled and heat
rushed through her veins as his sexy gaze lingered on her face. She
couldn’t believe she was lusting over a stranger—a ruggedly
handsome one—but stranger nonetheless

Remembering where she was, she turned
away from the mesmerizing sight, especially when he approached a
young lady whose eyes brightened with acknowledgement.

Lucky girl.
I guess he found who he was looking

Raven sighed and laughed at herself
for actually staring so hard and long at a man she would never
meet. Besides, she was there to work, not start a romantic affair
in another country … even though her baby sister Shelbi did suggest
she find an Argentine hunk. However, that guy was apparently spoken

She pulled her first bag off of the
belt and sat it at her feet. She saw two more on their way and
reached out to grab them.

Excuse me, miss?” a
baritone, American voice questioned behind her. She hated traveling
alone for the fear of strangers approaching her, especially when
she was trying to keep one eye on her luggage at her feet and the
other eye on the belt. She looked over her shoulder, and her heart
stopped. A pair of sinfully sexy gray eyes stared down at her. It
was the jaw-dropping stranger she’d been ogling over just a minute

Um … yes?” she managed to
croak out along with stifling a gulp.

Sorry to bother you, but
I’m Dr. Armand Phillips. Would you happen to be Dr. Raven
Arrington?” His smile and tone were desperate, yet quite

Oh, Dr. Phillips.” She
immediately put on her professional hat, nodding knowingly at the
familiarity of his name and shaking his hand. He was recently named
the chief of staff since the last one had managed to embezzle
thousands of dollars and was currently sitting in a prison cell.
“Nice to meet you. I was expecting one of the nurses.” Raven turned
back toward the belt to retrieve her last bag and hide her
embarrassment, but he reached out and grabbed it. She was grateful
because it was the heaviest one, plus to witness his arm muscles
tighten was a welcomed sight.

I know, but Cannon called
and said you had a lot of luggage. He asked if I could meet you
instead, and mentioned he would inform you.”

He probably did,” Raven
said, remembering she hadn’t turned her cell phone back on once her
flight had landed. “My cell isn’t on.”

He said you had curly,
brownish red hair with gold highlights and was about 5’7, so I’ve
been approaching every woman in here that fits that

She nodded her head with a smirk. “Yes
… I noticed.”

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