POLICE ROMANCE: Punished By The Police Department (Police Romance, Cop Romance, MMF, Menage, Billionaire, Bad Boy Romance) (Stepbrother Romance, MMF Menage, ... Military Romance, Navy Seal, Billionaire)

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Police Romance



Punished By The Police Department




By: Catherine Walters


Punished By The Police Department

Jenny's small and delicate body crumpled to the cold hard floor inside of her cell as she was tossed to the ground harshly by Officer Boyd. She scurried away from the cell's entrance as quickly as she could in hopes of avoiding any further punishment from the cruel officer. Unfortunately for her this only seemed to motivate Boys to come in further and invade her space even more. He grinned and laughed devilishly as he watched her cower and hide the best she could, rushing off to one corner of her cell and then quickly darting to the other. It was no use, where was she going to hide? Where was she going to go? She was in jail and Officer Boyd made the rules. He was sure to make that very clear from the moment he arrested her. He was rough and callous with her even then, throwing her ferociously in to the back of his squad car before slowly crawling in to the back with her and making her do pay for her crime by committing all sorts of sexual favors. When it all started she was unsure how to react, unsure about whether or not this was even real. But as Boyd began touching and groping her small, petite body she knew it was her worst nightmare come true as she thought back to how this all started.

They were parked down a back alley. Which is where she got caught buying the weed, and there was nobody around for what seemed like miles. Just to be sure though Boyd had his partner officer Jeffries stand on lookout to make sure his session with the lovely Jenny wasn't abruptly halted by any would be do-gooders. She felt helpless, lost, and confused. Here she was being sexually assaulted by the men that had sworn to protect and serve. As Boyd got in to the back seat with her she could feel her skin crawl and her stomach turn as he gently began to rub her exposed leg and thigh. He giggled and moaned creepily to himself as he rough, firm hands got closer and closer to her silky slit. Closer closer he inched his way towards her womanhood until finally he pressed firmly on the outside of her cotton thong panties. Jenny gasped and recoiled as she felt his presence on her cunt. Again Boyd laughed at the situation and at how uncomfortable he had made her.







He slowly but forcefully pulled her panties to the side as he crept near her ear and whispered softly, "Now it's time for you to pay for your crime." Jenny began shaking and tears rolled down her face as Boyd penetrated her deeply with his fingers. Her moistness smothered his hands and fingers and her womanly scent began to fill the air. Boyd took a deep breath and smiled as he mentioned to her how amazing she smelled. She cringed as the officer pumped his fingers in and out of her, and as much as she didn't want to like it and as much as she hated this man for doing this to her she couldn't deny the fact that it felt so good. Her body began to loosen up and her once stiff demeanor became more fluid and pliable. Boyd smiled as he heard her sweet, soft voice moan and grunt as he continued to slam his fingers in and out of her. His cock became stiff underneath his uniform and he quickly ordered Jenny to loosen his belt and release his erection. As she moaned again and again from his fingers swirling around inside of her she hastily handled his pants and belt until finally she was able to spring his throbbing erection free from its confinements.

He moaned and grunted as his pulsating erection sprang to life at its new found freedom and he gasped and grunted even louder once she wrapped her dainty little fingers around his thick shaft and began jerking it ferociously up and down. There they sat in the back of the squad car both taking the other in their hands and bringing pleasure to one another. Jenny had hoped that after this encounter she would be let go and no further harm would come to her so she decided it was best to play along and make him believe that she was really enjoying herself. That wouldn't be far from the truth, as he masterfully played with her wetness she began to enjoy it more and more so very little acting was even needed on her part. She pleasured his cock with her hands as she gyrated and thrusted her pelvis on to his fingers again and again. She hated herself for it, but she was on the verge of orgasm and there was no going back. Her hips thrusted and shook beneath his strong, masculine hands and she gasped loudly as his fingers brought her to orgasm in the back of that police cruiser.




Boyd was pleased with his work and smiled genuinely as he allowed his fingers to retreat from her wet cunt. He slowly and playfully brought them up to her face before gently rubbing her lips with the wetness that dripped from his fingers. Without hesitation and perhaps without thinking she quickly grabbed his wrist and held it in front of her face as she opened her mouth widely and placed his fingers in her mouth and on her tongue. Boys smiled deviously as she began to lick her juices from his fingers, she felt his hard shaft twitch in her hand as she tasted herself off of his hands and it refocused her once more on the task at hand as she furiously pumped away on his cock while still sucking on his fingers. She could tell he was close as he threw his head back and moaned out loud as he waited anxiously for his imminent orgasm to finally come to fruition. A few more rapid pumps from Jenny's soft and delicate hands and he was on the brink, just as he was about to explode officer Boyd grabbed her by her soft brown hair and pushed her mouth firmly down on his manhood. A moment later he shot his load deep in to her mouth hand down her throat. Jenny gagged loudly as his cum infiltrated her body and made its way down her esophagus and in to her belly. She felt degraded and completely used, like a slut, or dirty little play thing but she was glad it was over and looking forward to being released.

As she adjusted herself and Boyd fixed himself she was anxious to go and be released so she quietly inquired as to whether or not their business had concluded. She was shocked and terrified yet surprisingly turned on as well as Officer Boyd's startling response, "I'm not releasing you yet. You haven't fully paid for your crime yet. We have to take you to the station where you can fully atone for your indiscretions, but I think we're off to a great start." Boyd said with a smile that oozed arrogance and fiendish delight. She tried to wrap her head around what was just told to her as she watched Jeffries now approach the car and open the back door where they were located. Boyd quickly hopped out as Jeffries instructed Jenny to get out of the car and turn around; she complied with her orders and was handcuffed immediately before being placed in the car once more. With her hands cuffed behind her body and the car driving out of the alley the realization of what was happening finally overcame her and she attempted to mentally prepare herself for what was going to happen next.





Upon arriving at the station she was stripped down in front of everyone as they did a thorough search for anything illegal that she might have on her. She stood there nude in front of at least a dozen officers as they examined every inch of her body. She was a beautiful and sexy woman with a tall and slender body that had an ample amount of curves. She stood there being objectified and closed her eyes tightly as their eyes canvassed her body. Her long, slender and tone legs that led up to her juicy pussy and wide hips left them in awe. They instructed the young beauty to slowly turn around and she did as instructed. Numerous cat calls and other insulting remarks peppered her as she turned and they were impressed with her rotund ass. It was firm yet still big and round enough to have some serious fun with. As she continued turning around the full three hundred and sixty degrees focus shifted once more, only this time to her breasts. She shivered in the cool air of the night that floated in from outside and she held her arms together in front of her which pushed her full breasts together and her shivers made them jiggle and bounce ever so slightly, again cat calls and insulting remarks were flung at her like rocks with each one stinging more than the last until it finally went numb.

Now we come full circle and back to the beginning of our tale as Boyd shoved her naked body in to the cell and followed in after her. As she laid on the ground pleading for him to not touch her she knew it was no use. She knew these men in this small town had no heart, no soul, and that any whinnying or complaining would fall on deaf ears. So she did the only thing she could possibly think of, she began to act as if she was thoroughly enjoying it. After all, she did begin to enjoy herself in the back of the squad car earlier, so she figured it was her best bet and possibly her only option for not getting really hurt. AS Boyd crept in and approached her she quickly wiped the tears from her face and looked up into his before calmly asking, "What seems to be the problem officer?" it seemed to work as Boyd's once hardened cowl turned in to a pleasant smile. He ordered her to crawl on her hands and knees towards him and she quickly followed her instructions. He petted her soft golden brown hair before pointing towards the jail cell bars. She obediently followed his orders once more and crawled right in front of the bars. Boyd smiled and nodded as he enjoyed watching her tight body shake and jiggle as she crawled step by step to her destination.





She sat there on her hands and knees in front of the cell until Boyd came over and instructed her to stand up and then reach her hands out of the cell. She once again quickly followed his orders and as she did he cuffed her hands together on the outside of the cell before firmly grabbing her hips and pulling them in to his crotch with great force. She gasped and moaned as her pussy began to moisten at the new game that Boyd had decided to play. She bent over as much as she could and stuck her ass out and presented it to the officer as she heard him fiddle with his belt and pants before the sound of it hitting the floor echoed briefly through the cell. Boyd didn't waste a minute as he plunged his hard erection deep into her waiting cunt. Jenny moaned and grunted as she held on the best she could to the cell's bars while he punished her pussy. In and out his thick cock penetrated her and he moaned loudly as he used her to pleasure himself. Boyd reached a hand around and cupped her swinging breast in his left hand before gripping it tightly and squeezing down on her. She yelped and squealed at the pain which only seemed to fuel Boyd as his thrusts became more and more vigorous and harsh now. His thick and massive erection was splitting her open as she yelled loudly in pleasurable pain then gasped as he brought her to orgasm.

She panted and breathed heavily as she was surprised how fast and easily she came. She could no longer try and lie to herself, it was apparent that she was enjoying these sexual encounters and that they were turning her now more than ever before. Just as she began catching her Jeffries came around the corner and allowed himself to enter the cell. Jenny panicked but also became even more wet with anticipation as she was curious as to what these two men would have in store for her now. Boyd pulled himself from her dripping wet cunt and quickly un cuffed her as Jeffries made himself comfortable on the cot in the cell. When her hands were finally free she turned around and saw him lying nude on the bed as he playfully tugged on his cock. Boys pushed her in his direction and Jeffries instructed her to sit on his throbbing cock which she gladly did, again she gasped and moaned loudly as his manhood slipped easily into her wet and ravaged pussy. He thrusted his hips upwards to allow for deeper penetration and she squealed loudly as his cock curled deeply in to her wetness. Boyd made his way to the side of the cot and grabbed her by her hair before tugging slightly to force her head to turn in his direction.





She continued to bounce on Jeffries while Boyd began to feed her his cock. He grinned as it slipped past her beautiful and sexy lips and entered her warm and wet mouth. She was happy to slurp and suck her wetness from his cock just as she did from his fingers earlier in the night. She was beginning to like the way she tasted and sucked on Boyd's thickness whole heartedly in an effort to get every last drop of her juices off of his cock. As she bounced and writhed on Jeffries cock her tits jiggled in his face and he brought his mouth down to meet them. He started with soft subtle kisses before becoming more aggressive and groping them harshly and manhandling them with great force. This made Jenny drip with wetness as she was beginning to become quite entranced with being treated like nothing more than a fuck toy. He swirled his tongue around her soft and sensitive nipples before finding a home for them right between his teeth and clenching down on them with a firm bite. Jenny yelled and screeched in tremendous pain, but again she couldn't hide the fact that she was truly enjoying the pleasurable torture they were making her endure.

Boyd shoved himself in to her mouth and throat even deeper now, making her gag and forcing her eyes to water as his manhood reached deep in to her oral cavity. As much as she was enjoying their heinous acts she was unsure how much more she could take, her pussy was becoming sore and her jaw was going numb from all of the fucking and sucking that she had already been forced to do tonight. Nevertheless she continued to suck on Boyd and bounce on Jeffries until finally her expert oral skills brought the officer to climax and she braced herself as he shot yet another load deep into her mouth. It wasn't as much as before and she was able to swallow all of it with a lot more ease then earlier. As she swallowed officer Boyd's load for a second time Jeffries was reaching his pinnacle for the first time. Seeing Jenny suck and swallow his partner was too much for him to handle as it pushed him over the edge and he came inside of her swollen cunt. She yelled and moaned as she could feel his warm seed fill her up and as he pushed her to the side and off of him she began to feel his massive load drip out of her slit and dribble on to her leg. She was simply exhausted and glad to be given a moment to rest as she curled up in a ball on her cot and tried to get some rest.

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