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Authors: Melissa T. Liban

Tags: #teen, #romance, #young adult, #alcholism, #coming of age, #friends

Permanent Adhesives (27 page)

Everybody kind of looked around at each other, unsure if they should listen. Then Reynaldo screamed, “Cops!” That got everybody moving. All at once, we were all on our feet and scattering in every which direction.

I grabbed Elias’ hand. We interlocked fingers, and ran.


About the Author

Melissa T. Liban is a writer and children’s illustrator currently residing in Cincinnati, OH. She grew up in Chicago and went to high school at the corner of Addison and Western. She received her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago where her main focus was traditional animation, but she also took some courses in fiction writing. Melissa also holds a master’s degree in elementary education.


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