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Pack Daughter

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Were Chronicles


Crissy Smith

Book seven in the Were Chronicles series

The shifter world has announced their presence…and now must deal with the consequences.

Mike Jackson knew when the other members of his military unit started finding mates that his life would be heading for some major changes. The decision to leave the military was agreed upon but now that Mike is free, he is finding himself weary and bored. When the call comes in to assist a Pack facing dangerous threats, he is more than glad to help. He hopes getting back into the thick of things will calm him and his wolf.

Becca Nelson’s heart is breaking at the horrible fires that are plaguing her town. Someone is out to destroy her community and they have no idea who it could be. Her father, the Alpha, makes a call for help and brings Mike into her life. Becca knows that Mike is the wolf for her the moment she meets him.

With a direct threat against Becca, an ex showing up, and a kidnapping, Mike and Becca may not have the time to save both the town and each other. It’ll take everything Mike has in him to keep the Pack Daughter safe and give him time to place his claim. That is if Becca doesn’t have to rescue him first…


This book is dedicated to my wonderful and supportive family. They have cheered me on from the sidelines and always let me know that they believe in me.

Trademarks Acknowledgement

The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the following wordmark mentioned in this work of fiction:

Tahoe: General Motors Corporation

Chapter One

Becca Nelson blew her bangs from her eyes and surveyed the mess that the old community centre had turned into. The fire had been extremely hot and had burned quickly.

The community centre was just the latest casualty in a line of local buildings that had been targeted for arson.

Becca raised her camera and started to click. In less than thirty seconds she had dozens of photos. The building still smouldering in the cool night air, the exhausted firefighters that had fought to save it, and the residents that looked on in horror and unease.

She’d already taken photos of the fire itself when it had still burned brightly. It was her job—she had to remain professional, even if the sight made her stomach hurt. The reality of what was happening right in front of her was devastating.

Sighing, she lowered the camera again. “Damn it,” she mumbled under her breath, unable to understand why anyone would torch the building that had been the centrepiece for so many wonderful memories.

She’d attended her senior prom there, watched several of her friends perform mating ceremonies, and had even planned one for herself. Her ceremony had never taken place but the memories associated with it still made her smile. Now she felt her heart ache with the loss.

The fourth building burnt to the ground. What would be next? Who might be hurt or killed? Those questions haunted her and every resident of Riverwood.

For over a month, the city where she’d lived her entire life was slowly being taken from her. The first fire, a small one compared to tonight’s, had been just on the edge of town—an old farmhouse that had been converted into the town’s museum. When tourists wished to learn more about the first known wolf shifter community, they could stop by and pick up brochures and information.

With the help of the Alpha Council, the city of Riverwood, once on the brink of extinction, was now a hot, must-see tourist site.

Riverwood, population just over three thousand residents, had barely been surviving before the shifter world had gone public. Now, three months after the announcement, visitors flocked to the once forgotten town.

Businesses that had been boarded up and abandoned had been remodelled and now thrived. Families who had believed they would have to leave their homes to find work were now proud and happy in their hometown.

The changes had come quickly but had breathed new life into the Pack.

Then the fires had started. First the museum, then the school house, followed by the bank and now the community centre.

Becca turned and walked back to her Tahoe. She packed away her things and turned to look one last time at the community centre. She’d need to get the photos printed for both the police and the newspaper. It would be a long night and she didn’t look forward to seeing what she had captured—a memory that would forever be imprinted on the community.

As she stared back at the building, two bodies broke away from the small group of firefighters and made their way over to her. She offered a small smile to her two best friends when they reached her.

Kenny Moore and Todd Wilkins looked exhausted. Sweat soaked their T-shirts, their eyes were dark and serious, and they appeared almost dead on their feet.

Kenny shook his head. “I can’t believe this,” he said quietly.

She would have hugged him but she didn’t think she could offer much comfort right then without breaking down herself. Todd clasped a hand on his shoulder and squeezed.

Kenny visibly relaxed. They loved one another, had committed themselves, although they had never taken the last step. She was a little jealous of them but had always supported them. The two of them had got her through the roughest patches of her life.

“Anything?” she asked, nodding towards the building.

Todd dropped his hand and turned to look at the community centre that was now no more—rubble on the ground. “Same as before. It was too late by the time we got here. All we could do was stop the fire from spreading. It’s a complete loss.”

“They keep getting closer to downtown,” she admitted her fear. “And I can’t help but wonder, then what? The entire town or Alpha property could be next!”

Todd shook his head. “I don’t really want to find out. We have to stop this. So far no one’s been hurt but…”

He trailed off. Neither she nor Kenny wanted to be the one to finish the thought. They were all thinking it, but to say it out loud? No one wanted to be the one to go there.

“Yeah,” she said instead.

“We gotta head back. You staying in town or at your dad’s?” Todd asked.

Becca thought it over. Her apartment was closer but she needed her Pack. To see her father and know he was okay. “I’ll stay at the cottage.”

Todd released a breath. “Good. We’ll be over when our shift is finished.”

She exchanged one-armed hugs with both men as they tried to keep her from getting dirty. They all needed the contact. She watched them walk back to the fire engine, jump up and disappear inside. Then she glanced around the crowd that was slowly drifting away.

Someone had to have seen something. There was just no way whoever did this could keep from standing out in town. There were so many questions but no answers.

She slammed the rear hatch closed and dragged her tired body to the driver’s side. She just wanted to get home.

* * * *

Mike Jackson strolled into the sheriff’s office of Midessa, New Mexico with a smile on his face. It hadn’t been that long ago that he’d arrived in town to help his best friend RJ Cross as RJ’s brother, Dylan, was accepting the position of Pack Alpha.

Now Midessa was like a second home to him.

He waved to the pretty receptionist and tilted his head towards Brandon Stratton’s office. “Is he in?”

The receptionist smiled back at him. “He’s waiting for you. Go on back.”

Mike inclined his head and made his way to the back office.

Brandon Stratton, the sheriff deputy and second in command of the Pack, was reclined back in his chair with his eyes closed.

Mike knocked loudly and stifled a laugh as the other man jerked in his chair.

“Damn it man!” Brandon groused.

Mike chuckled. “If I knew you were just lazing around I would have gotten here sooner.”

When Brandon stood and offered a hand, Mike shook it readily.

He hadn’t expected to become such good friends with Brandon. Not after all the drama that had taken place several months ago. But Brandon had proved himself to be a great asset to the Pack.

When Mike had first arrived in town Brandon was considering challenging for the Pack Alpha. He didn’t actually want the job but other members of the Pack had been putting a lot of pressure on him to not let a stranger take over.

Luckily Brandon’s sister had stepped in and, with help from RJ, they had brought both men together and had avoided a challenge between the two of them.

“Good to see you man. Thanks for coming,” Brandon told him.

He took a seat in front of the desk while Brandon walked around and closed the office door. He waited until Brandon had settled back into his chair before he spoke.

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