No Brainer ( The Darcy Walker Series #2) (55 page)

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Dylan’s particular POV.

: a
ard, in Darcyspeak, are boys that move fast—they meet you one time, tell you they love you, then set up your next date only for you to find out the
ard has a steady on the sly. Substitute a “b” if you’re the cursing type and that should clear up everything.

: a girl’s chest region.

: a boy’s southern region.

I-Don’t-Care Look:
consists of a wet ponytail, little or no cosmetics, and glasses.

Iniquity Engineer
: those that lead you down the path to destruction. Unfortunately, if you open an encyclopedia on sin, my picture might be in the footnotes.

IRMS Episode:
insurance-related mood swing.

: no crap in particular. The way I refer to my day when nothing exciting happens. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

Shama lama, ding-dong
: for all those naughty words I don’t know the meaning of, in the words of Otis Day, I assigned the term shama lamma, ding-dong.

Vinnie’s particular POV.

Voodoo cream
: Puerto Rican cream I apply by the light of the Crescent Moon hoping to give me an ample bosom. Side effects are hot flashes and the occasional chest hair.



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