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May Earth Rise

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To Michelle Velona, who fights her battle with courage, dignity and grace. Thank you for teaching me how to be a friend.

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First Edition

If I break faith with you,
May the skies fall upon me,
May the seas drown me,
May the earth rise and swallow me.
A Kymric proverb


Y Dawnus (the Gifted)
The Dreamers

Gwydion ap Awst var Celemon: Dreamer of Kymru Dinaswyn ur Morvryn var Gwenllian: former Dreamer, Gwydion’s aunt, Myrrdin’s sister

Cariadas ur Gwydion var Isalyn: Gwydion’s daughter and heir
The Dewin

Myrrdin ap Morvryn var Gwenllian: Gwydion’s uncle, Dinaswyn’s brother, former Ardewin and Arthur’s guardian Rhiannon ur Hefeydd var Indeg: former heir to the Ardewin, mother of Gwen

Elstar ur Anieron var Ethyllt: Ardewin, daughter of Anieron, wife to Elidyr

Llywelyn ap Elidyr var Elstar: Elstar’s oldest son and heir Morwen: a former teacher at Y Ty Dewin, a prisoner in Afalon Trephin: an accomplished doctor, a prisoner in Afalon Morgan ap Tud: a prisoner in Afalon

The Druids

Cathbad ap Goreu var Efa: Archdruid, Myrrdin’s cousin

Aergol ap Custennin var Dinaswyn: Cathbad’s heir, Dinaswyn’s


Sinend ur Aergol var Eurgain: Aergol’s daughter and heir

Menw ap Aergol var Ceindrech: Aergol’s son

Ceindrech ur Elwystl: teacher of astronomy, mother of Menw

Aldwr ap Tegid: teacher of mathematics

Madryn ur Dyrys: teacher of religion

Yrth ap Cyndyn: teacher of the almanac

Hywel: assistant teacher of the almanac

The Bards

Elidyr ap Dudod var Llawen: Master Bard, husband to Elstar Dudod ap Cyvarnion var Hunydd: Elidyr’s father, Rhiannon’s uncle

Cynfar ap Elidyr var Elstar: Elidyr’s youngest son and heir Elivri: an accomplished harpist, a prisoner in Afalon Maredudd: an old friend of Dudod’s, a prisoner in Afalon

In Gwytheryn

Havgan: the Warleader, Bana of Coriania, conqueror of Kymru, the Golden Man

Sigerric of Apuldre: Over-General of Kymru

Aelfwyn: Princess of Corania, Havgan’s wife

Sledda of Cantware: Arch-wyrce-jaga of Kymru

Eadwig of Pinenden: Arch-byshop of Kymru

Arianrod ur Brychan var Arianllyn: cousin to Gwydion and Rhiannon,Havgan’s mistress

Arthur ap Uthyr var Ygraine: High King of Kymru, Penerydd of Gwytheryn

Gwenhwyfar ur Rhoram var Rhiannon: Rhoram’s daughter by Rhiannon

Torgar: an old sailer in Havgan’s army

Hild: a wyrce-jaga, formerly stationed in Maen, Prydyn

Edwald: a guard at Caer Siddi

Sigald: commander of the guards on Afalon

Rhufon ap Casnar: Steward of Cadair Idris

Tybion ap Rhufon: Rhufon’s son

Lucan ap Tybion: Rhufon’s grandson

In Gwynedd

Madoc ap Rhodri var Rathtyen: traitorous King of Gwynedd, Lord of Rhos

Tangwen ur Madoc var Bri: Madoc’s daughter Catha of Pecsaetan: Coranian General of Gwynedd Arday ur Medyr: mistress of King Madoc and General Catha Ecgfrith of Deorby: Byshop of Gwynedd

Ygraine ur Custennin var Elwen: King Uthyr’s widow

Morrigan ur Uthyr var Ygraine: true Queen of Gwynedd (House of PenHebog), Lady of Rhos, leader of the Cerddorian

Cai ap Cynyr: Morrigan’s captain

Bedwyr ap Bedrawd: Cai’s nephew and lieutenant

Susanna ur Erim: Morrigan’s bard, mother of Gwyhar

Gwyhar: bard, son of Susanna and Griffi

Neuad ur Hetwin: Morrigan’s Dewin

Duach ap Seithfed: a Cerddorian, Uthyr’s former doorkeeper, Lord of Dunoding

Greid ap Gorwys: Master Smith of Gwynedd

Dywel ap Gwyn: Gwarda of Ardudwy, brother to Bledri of Rheged,a Cerddorian

Isgowen ur Banon: Lady of Arfon, leader of the Cerddorian in Coed Arllech

Menwaed ap Medyr: traitorous Lord of Arllechwedd, brother of Arday

Gildasa ur Caw: Lady of Llyn, Tangen’s aunt, a Cerddorian Cian ap Iaen: Lord of Eyri, brother of Griffi, a Cerddorian Cynwas Cwryfager: Gwarda of Aberffraw, a Cerddorian Teregund ap Moren: Gwarda of Arllech Uchaf, a Cerddorian

In Prydyn

Erfin ap Nudd: traitorous King of Prydyn, Efa’s brother Penda of Lindisfarne: Coranian General of Prydyn Eamer of Geddingas: Master wyrce-jaga of Prydyn Whitred of Sceaping: Byshop of Prydyn Ellywen ur Saidi: Erfin’s Druid

Rhoram ap Rhydderch var Eurneid: true King of Prydyn (House of PenBlaid), Lord of Dyfed, leader of the Cerddorian Geriant ap Rhoram var Christina: Rhoram’s son and heir by his first wife

Efa ur Nudd: Rhoram’s second wife, sister to King Erfin

Achren ur Canhustyr: Rhoram’s captain

Aidan ap Camber: Achren’s lieutenant

Cian ap Menw: Rhoram’s bard, a prisoner in Afalon

Cadell ap Brathach: Rhoram’s Dewin Dafydd Penfro: Rhoram’s counselor

Lluched ur Brathach: Gwarda of Creuddyn, sister to Cadell, a Cerddorian

Siwan ur Trephin: Master Smith of Prydyn

Rhodri ap Erddufyl: former King of Gwynedd, Rhoram’s uncle, father of Madoc and


Marared ur Canhustyr: Lady of Brycheiniog, sister of Achren, coleader of the Cerddorian in Coed Gwyn

Dadweir Heavy-Hand: Lord of Bychan, father of Sabrina of Rheged, co-leader of the Cerddorian in Coed Gwyn

In Rheged

Morcant Whledig: traitorous King of Rheged

Enid ur Urien var Ellirri: Owein’s sister, Queen of Rheged

Baldred of Tarbin: Coranian General of Rheged

Saebald of Laewes: Master wyrce-jaga of Rheged

Oswy of Gwyrin: Byshop of Rheged

Bledri ap Gwyn: Morcant’s Dewin

Owein ap Urien var Ellirri: true King of Rheged (House of PenMarch), Lord of Amgoed, leader of the Cerddorian

Sanon ur Rhoram var Christina: Owein’s wife, Rhoram’s daughter by his first wife

Rhiwallon ap Urien var Ellirri: Owein’s younger brother

Trystan ap Naf: Owein’s captain

Teleri ur Brysethach: Trystan’s lieutenant

Sabrina ur Dadweir: Owein’s Druid

Esyllt ur Maelwys: Owein’s bard, March’s wife

Gwarae Golden-Hair: Gwarda of Ystlwyf, a Cerddorian

Isgowen Whledig: Owein’s steward, sister to Morcant Wheldig

March Y Meirchion: Esyllt’s husband

Hetwin Silver-Brow: Lord of Gwinionydd, a Cerddorian

Cynedyr the Wild: Hetwin’s son, a Cerddorian

Menestyr ap naw: a cloth merchant, a secret Cerddorian

Llyenog ap Glwys: Master Smith of Rheged

Tyrnon Twrf Liant: Lord of Gwent, co-leader of the Cerddorian

in Coed Sarrug Atlantas ur Naf: Lady of Maelienydd, co-leader of the Cerddorian in Coed Sarrug

Feina ur Clustfeind: Gwarda of Llannerch, a Cerddorian Annyaws ur Menw: Gwarda of Iscoed, Cian’s sister, a Cerddorian Brys ap Brysethach: Gwarda of Mabudryd, Teleri’s brother, a Cerddorian

Rhun Rhywdd: Lord of Gwarthaf, a Cerddorian

In Ederynion

Elen ur Olwen var Kilwch: captive Queen of Ederynion (House of PenAlarch), Lady of Ial

Talorcan of Bernice: Coranian General of Ederynion Guthlac of Cyil: Master wyrce-jaga of Ederynion Cuthwine of Cyncacestir: Byshop of Ederynion Iago ap Cof: Elen’s Druid Regan ur Corfil: Elen’s Dewin

Lludd ap Olwen var Kilwch: Elen’s brother, leader of the Cerddorian

Angharad ur Ednyved: Lludd’s captain Emrys ap Naw: Angharad’s lieutenant Talhearn ap Coleas: Ludd’s bard

Llwyd Cilcoed: Dewin, Queen Olwen’s former lover, brother to Alun Cilcoed

Alun Cilcoed: former Lord of Arystli, a Cerddorian, brother of Llwyd

Naf: a Cerddorian in Lludd’s teulu

Efrei ap Gwifan: Master Smith of Ederynion

Eiodar ur Ednyved: Gwarda of Iscoed, sister of Angharad, a Cerddorian

Llawra ur Erim: Gwarda of Cynnlaith, sister of Susanna of Gwynedd, a Cerddorian

Drwys Iron-Fist: Lord of Dinan, leader of the Cerddorian in Penbeullt

Sima ur Naw: Gwarda of Is Feychan, sister of Emrys, a Cerddorian Cilyddas ur Cors: Lady of Rhwny, a Cerddorian Meilwen ur Neb: Lady of Cydewain, a Cerddorian

Historical Figures

Bran ap Iweridd var Fabel: Fifth Dreamer, Guardian of the Spear, one of the Great Ones of Lleu Silver-Hand

Mannawyddan ap Iweridd var Fabel: Fifth Ardewin, Guardian of the Stone, one of the Great Ones of Lleu Silver-Hand Taliesin: Fifth Master Bard, Guardian of the Sword, one of the Great Ones of Lleu Silver-Hand

Arywen ur Cadwy var Isabyr: Fifth Archdruid, Guardian of the Cauldron, one of the Great Ones of Lleu Silver-Hand Bloudewedd ur Sawyl var Eurolwyn: wife of Lleu Lawrient, lover to Gowrys of Penllyn, imprisoned in Drwys Idris by Bran the Dreamer

Lleu Lawrient (Silver Hand): last High King of Kymru, murdered by Bloudewedd and her lover

The Shining Ones

Aertan: goddess of fate, The Weaver, wife of Annwyn Agrona: goddess of war, twin to Camulos, Y Rhyfelwr—the warrior twin

Annwyn: god of death, Lord of Chaos and the Otherworld, husband of Aertan

Camulos: god of war, twin to Agrona, Y Rhyfelwr—the warrior twin

Cerridwen: Protectress of Kymru, Mistress of the Wild Hunt, Queen of the Wood, wife of Cerrunnos

Cerrunnos: Protector of Kymru, Master of the Wild Hunt, Lord of

the Animals, husband of Cerridwen

Grannos the Header: god of healing, Star of the North

Gwrach Y Rhibyn: The Washer at the Ford, incarnation of Agrona,a harbinger of war

Mabon: King of the Sun, Lord of Fire, god of the Dreamers, husband of Nantsovelta

Modron: mother godess, the Great Mother, goddess of the Druids, wife of Taran

Nantsovelta: Queen of the Moon, Lady of the Waters, goddess of the Dewin, wife of Mabon

Sirona of the Stars: goddess of stars, wife to Grannos

Taran: father god, King of the Winds, god of the Bards, husband

of Modron

Dormath: the hound the guards the door to Gwlad yr Haf

Aesc: brother to Emperor Athelred, Warleader in Havgan’s absence

Peada: Eorl of Lindisfarne, Penda’s father

Readwyth: Penda’s son

Athelred: Emperor of Corania

Athelflaed: Empress of Corania

Aesthryth: sister of Aesc and Athelbald, the former Queen of the Franks

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