Love Isn't Blind 2

Love Isn't Blind 2
Part Two
Chapter Nine
ASHLEY INHALED SHARPLY WHEN Anthony's hand closed around her buttocks to pull her against him. He'd stood up from a half-sitting position on the edge of the desk, and she could feel a growing bulge pressing against her stomach. She'd gotten all of his shirt buttons undone, and now she slipped her hands around his body, her fingers feeling the muscles of his back where they flexed and hardened with the effort of frantically pulling her closer.
Their mouths were practically fused together, neither of them wanting to release the kiss they'd both been waiting weeks for. She could feel his strength now, fueled by all those years of service and the punishing exercise routines he put himself through every day thereafter. It was evident in his toned body and how tightly he grasped her. It was nearing the point of being painful, but to Ashley it was a message that spoke of just how much he wanted her.
The same rough hands spun her around and worked swiftly and delicately at the tiny buttons on the front of her blouse. He undid one and moved on to the next, exposing the first swell of her breasts before proceeding all the way to her taut belly. He made short work of her belt and the buttons on her jeans, opening her pants to admit a hand diving down into her panties to massage her sex. She could feel herself getting wetter with each circular rub of his fingers, her honey soaking out of her all the way through her panties.
Anthony's free hand caressed her skin, sliding up from her stomach towards her breasts, cupping the soft mounds tenderly and squeezing gently as he applied more pressure between her legs. She could do nothing but moan with pleasure and arch her body against the pressure of his hands. His mouth attacked her neck, kissing and biting at the soft white flesh. His lips brushed her earlobe and she felt her knees weaken, but he was there holding her, and she knew she couldn't possibly fall.
Having enough of the barriers that their partially undone clothing were creating, she spun out of his grasp and tugged her shirt off her shoulders.
"Get those pants off," she commanded, realizing he couldn't see what she was doing and might be thinking she was pulling away to stop.
They were both naked in seconds and they came together there, standing in the middle of the office, kissing and embracing. His manhood was at full attention now, twitching against her belly as she clenched her fingers into the firm flesh of his ass cheeks. Knowing what he needed, she slid down to her knees and grabbed the base of his cock before licking it slowly with the tip of her tongue. She moved slowly, the flat of her wet tongue covering every inch of his manhood like a painter brushing fat, even strokes onto a canvas. He whimpered ever so slightly when she flicked her tongue at the tip of his cock, and she indulged his desires by opening her mouth and diving down on him.
Ashley sucked his cock hungrily. Standing there naked before her, Anthony was a ideal specimen of the male form. His body was perfect in every way, a product of years of careful maintenance. She'd been with athletic guys before, but he had something else going for him that drove her lust to the point of need rather than want. It was the self-assured way he carried himself. His deep blue eyes always blazed under his groomed but casually swept back auburn hair. He kept it far longer than military regulations would have once allowed, and the rebellious beginnings of curls that hung just to the tops of his ears added to his devil-may-care expression.
Passionate energy drove Ashley to do everything in her power to make Anthony feel as good as possible, and she worked her head back and forth energetically, sucking him and pushing her tongue against his cock every time her lips brushed the tangle of his pubic hair. His hand curled into her hair, and she felt him pulse in her mouth, telling her she needed to back off or deal with the consequences.
"Come here and fuck me," Ashley said, leading him to the edge of the desk. He grabbed her waist and lifted her backwards onto the sturdy wooden surface. She reached between her legs and guided his stiffness between the folds of her sex, her breath coming in ragged gasps as he pushed his way inside.
Her legs wrapped around him as she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a long kiss while he began moving his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her wetness.
"Oh god, you feel so good," he said between kisses. "I've wanted you for so long now."
"Show me then," she replied. "Fuck me like you mean it."
With one hand under her thigh and another holding the back of her neck, he thrust more vigorously, the sound of his legs slapping against her skin and reverberating throughout the room. A rhythmic stream of "oh! oh! oh!" poured out of Ashley's mouth. Anthony seemed to be working out the frustration of a long gap without sex, and she was perfectly content to take every ounce of the aggressive fucking.
"Harder," she whispered into his ear, wanting to feel him take control of her. "Give me everything you've got. I want to feel you cum inside me."
Anthony's hands were digging into her skin so hard that she was pretty sure she was going to have finger-sized marks on her thigh for several days, and she moaned in time to his primal grunting as he slammed into her again and again. His lips seemed to be everywhere on her, kissing her lips and neck. He was somehow bending down far enough to take a nipple between his teeth, biting down just hard enough to send an electric thrill through her body.
His hard sucking on her breast was too much for her to bear, and she felt herself tip over the edge in a wildly powerful climax. A sensation of pleasure splashed through her body, and she dug her heels hard into Anthony's ass, throwing her head back to cry out. Taking that as his cue, he thrust harder to achieve his own orgasm, wave after wave of cum pulsing into her as he let loose with a manly groan of satisfaction.
Their lips came crashing together, and for a long moment they remained perfectly still, his manhood inside her, their lips locked in a fierce kiss, her legs wrapped snugly around him. After a time, she relaxed her grip and he stepped away, reaching for the nearest chair so he could guide himself into it.
"Sorry, I don't have anything for you to uh...clean up. There might be some tissues on the shelf behind the desk?" he said.
"Don't worry about it," she said with a giggle. She hopped off the desk and scooped up her panties from the floor, using them to wipe away the cum trickling out of her. The panty crotch was soaked through with her juices in any case, so she figured she might as well use the dry section to clean away his semen.
"That was amazing," she said when she'd finished. Ashley straddled him where he sat and kissed him softly.
"It really was," he replied.
"I can't remember the last time I was fucked like that," she said with a contented purr.
"It's been a while for me, too."
His voice was strained and distant. Ashley felt him withdrawing and wasn't sure what she'd done wrong. "Is everything okay?" she asked.
"Yes, it's fine. I just... this was all a little sudden for me," he explained.
"Oh, but it was okay? I mean, you're not upset?"
"No. I think I need some time to process it. It's quite late, maybe we should call it a night?"
"Sure, if that's what you really want," she said, trying not to let her feelings of frustration and disappointment seep into her words.
"I should really get some work done," he said, displaying the kind of wry smile people use when they don't really feel it. "You know how it is when I skip a day of work. It messes with my whole schedule."
Ashley stood up and gathered her clothes, hastily slipping into her jeans and pulling her blouse over her arms. She didn't bother doing up the buttons and just held it closed with her bra and soiled panties clutched in front of her. "Yeah, of course. I get it. We'll talk tomorrow?"
"Sounds great," he said, not bothering to turn and face her while he fastened the buttons on his own shirt.
She left without another word and hurried up to her room. She had no idea what had caused Anthony to go so cold on her like that, and she hoped he'd come around by morning. He probably just needs time to deal with the change, she thought to herself. Everything would be okay in the light of day.
Chapter Ten
UNABLE TO SLEEP WELL after her quick dismissal from Anthony's office the night before, Ashley arose early, slipped into her robe and slippers, and shuffled down into the kitchen to see if Helene had put the coffee on. She had no misguided ideas about finding Anthony there, she hadn't known him to once take breakfast before ten o'clock in the morning, and he always took his morning coffee in his study. She did, however, worry about facing poor Helene who'd probably had to listen to the erotic noises coming through the thin walls of the house and echoing throughout the hallways; but it was early enough that even she wouldn't be up for another twenty minutes or so.
Ashley was surprised to find Helene already there at the sink, a soapy cloth in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. If she had heard anything inappropriate the night before, she did a fine job of not giving any indication when she noticed Ashley entering the room.
"Morning, Helene. You're up early."
"Oh, a woman my age doesn't need much sleep. When Mr. Lang let me know he'd be leaving early this morning and wouldn't need me to prepare breakfast, I told him that was nonsense and that I wasn't going to let him stumble around trying to make coffee and burn his bagel at five o'clock in the morning."
"Anthony left this morning?" asked Ashley, unable to keep the shock from her voice.
"On a research trip, I guess." Helene rinsed off the mug and placed it in the drying rack. "He does this once in a while; just ups and goes away for a week or two so he can research some part of the novel he's working on. Can't say as I remember the last time he left so abruptly, but there's no predicting that man."
"No, there certainly isn't," said Ashley, mulling over what the news meant. Could he have been so thrown by what had happened between them that he rushed out of the house less than eight hours later? It didn't make a lot of sense for him to be so afraid of a bit of sex. He'd been a CIA spy for nearly a decade after being recruited from the Marines. Surely he wasn't the kind of man to run away from a woman.
"I assume he went to Copenhagen?" asked Ashley. His current novel was set in Washington and the capital city of Denmark, and from what she could tell of the recent transcription, he'd struggled to recall certain details of his time there.
"That's the place," answered Helene. She retrieved a mug and poured fresh steaming hot coffee into it. "Here you go, dear. I take it he didn't let you know he was leaving?"
"This is the first I'm hearing of it," she admitted.
"Anthony is a difficult man to understand," said Helene. She threw her dish towel on the counter and sank into a chair where her own cup of coffee sat waiting. "He's even harder to get close to."
"Tell me about it," said Ashley. "I've been working with him more closely than anyone else probably has in years, and it seems that I don't know the first thing about him."
"Don't discount it," said Helene. "There's not many people he'd even let work with him in the first place, and most of them are men he either looks up to as a writer or those he knows from the service. Don't underestimate how big an impression you've already made on him."
What Ashley really wanted was to explain everything that had happened between them over the last few days. She wanted to talk about that first kiss, and how he'd pushed her away. She wanted to know why Anthony could make such furious passionate love to her and then run away to Europe on a supposed research trip. Helene might be able to explain a few things about why he had such a hard time giving into his feelings for Ashley, but more than likely, the woman wouldn't know very much about what was going on inside the man's head.
"Has Anthony had any girlfriends or relationships since you've known him?" she finally asked.
Helene shot her a curious look and hesitated a moment before answering. "Mr. Lang is an attractive and talented man, but he hasn't had much of what I'd call a relationship since I've worked here. At first, when he was finally fully recovered from the accident, there were a lot of girls who made temporary appearances for a night or maybe two. Our dear boy seemed to be working through some confidence issues, and he handled it like a lot of men do. The success of his first book didn't help matters much either. After that, he had women throwing themselves at him at every turn."
"I guess I can see how that would be easy for a man to give into," said Ashley, not really wanting to think about all the women who'd felt the heat of Anthony's passion.
"That phase didn't last very long though. I think he quickly realized how unfulfilling those...engagements were, and he stopped going out and didn't bring anyone home after that. To tell the truth, you're the first woman other than me to step foot in this house in nearly three years."
"Oh," was all she could think to say. "This is totally different though, I mean, I was hired as his assistant."
Helene raised an eyebrow as if to say she'd known better all along. "Of course, dear."
"Do you know when he's coming back?" The conversation was beginning to feel a bit awkward. Ashley was embarrassed that she might be nothing more than a throwback to his days of sleeping with every woman within arm's reach. His sudden disappearing trick would be a great way for him to return and just pretend like nothing had ever happened. Whatever he'd said about valuing her work meant little if all he'd been trying to do was seduce her for a quick screw.
"He said he'd be gone for a few days," said Helene. He didn't leave me any flight information, but then again he never really does. He'll just show up when he shows up."

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