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by Desiree Holt


Wet Dreams and Fantasies


Chapter One

Chapter Two

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by Desiree Holt

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by Desiree Holt

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by Desiree Holt

Wet Dreams and Fantasies


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Desiree Holt

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by Desiree Holt


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by Desiree Holt

Chapter One

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Rain had been scarce for so long that the entire state was

approaching drought conditions. Lisa Graham, looking at a

perfect cerulean sky through her office window, sympathised

with the people who were nurturing lawns or raising cattle.

They certainly needed the rain. But not as desperately as she

did. Six weeks without a drop of moisture and she was so

horny she could get herself off just by rubbing her cunt back

and forth on the seat of her office chair.

It was the damn bar. Or pub. Or whatever a place like

called itself. She'd taken refuge there during a

stormy night when her car was in the shop and cabs were

scarce. All she'd been looking for was a drink or two to take

the edge off her nerves after a piss-poor day. Instead, she'd

found the sexiest stranger who was pure sin walking and

found herself having sex in public.

Something had happened to her that night, almost as if a

stranger had entered her body. A powerful lust that

apparently had been buried deep inside her all these years

had burst forth like a raging beast, consuming her, until now

it seemed it occupied her every waking moment. And many of

her dreams, as well.

Even now as she thought about it, a flush consumed her

body and she had to fan her face. Oh, the very naughty

things they'd done, she and sexy Mark. She thought of the



by Desiree Holt

waiter who'd once joined them, and another wave of heat

rolled over her. Then, on the only subsequent visit to

Mark and Damon, the owner, had taken her into

the very private back room where she'd indulged in erotic

fantasies she hadn't even known lived at the back of her


But damn! The fucking place only showed up when it

rained. And how weird was that?

The day after her first visit, she'd gone back there to

retrieve her umbrella, only to find herself in a noisy bar called

Danny's Pub.
Nothing like the place she'd been in the night

was a dimly lit place with curtained booths,

barely audible music and people enjoying each other in

various sexual activities without any apparent inhibitions—the

same thing she'd done, mesmerised by Mark, his voice and

his touch. Stranger still, when she'd asked the people in

Pub about
no one seemed to know what

the hell she was talking about, nor could she find her


But the umbrella now stood in a corner of her office,

delivered with a note that said, "See you when it rains again."

And that had led to the night in the private room. But damn

it, since then, not a drop of rain, no matter how many coins

she tossed in the fountain in the lobby of her building. And no

sign of Mark.

She looked at her watch. Four o'clock. She had work that

needed her attention, but it was impossible to concentrate.

Not when she needed an orgasm so badly. Maybe she'd pop



by Desiree Holt

down to
Danny's Pub
and see if, by any odd chance,

might have shown up again, despite the dry spell.

"Cutting out early?" her secretary asked, looking up from

her desk.

Lisa hefted the briefcase in her hand, justifying her early

departure. "Going to work from home."


"Oh. Well, shall I hold your calls or forward them to you?"

"Hold them," Lisa told her. "One reason I'm leaving is to

get away from the phones."

Liar, liar, pants on fire

"Okay, then. See you tomorrow."

Lisa tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the

elevator then drummed her fingers on her briefcase as they

seemed to stop at nearly every floor on its way down. At last,

they reached the lobby, and she literally pushed her way out

of the group of passengers. Her heels clicked on the polished

tile floor as she hurried to the street and quickly turned left to

the door she was seeking.

Before she turned on the sidewalk to look at it, she closed

her eyes, shifted to face the building, made a silent wish and

opened her eyes.


A solid black door with
Danny's Pub
emblazoned in ugly

white letters over it.

Sighing, she opened the door and entered, captured at

once by the din of voices and the blaring of two large

television sets hung at either end of the bar. Just like the

other time she'd been here, the place was jammed. There



by Desiree Holt

was a mixture of couples and singles, and she was sure the

singles were looking to be a couple. With someone. Anyone.

Lisa turned to go, chalking this up as a bad idea, when she

saw a woman at the far end of the bar leave her seat and

lean against the man who'd been whispering in her ear. Lisa

managed to wedge her way through the masses of people

and snag the empty stool before someone else could grab it.

Hoisting herself up, she took off her suit jacket, ran her

fingers through her hair and took a deep breath. Surely there

was someone here who could tell her she wasn't imagining

things. Someone who would give her answers about this very

strange place.

"Okay if I lean over you to catch the bartender's eye?"

The male voice was deep, smoky, and vaguely familiar.

She turned her head and nearly fell off the stool.

"Mark?" It came out as a squeak.

Mark. Only...not Mark at all. This man, instead of

being impeccably turned out in an expensive custom-tailored

suit, was wearing jeans and a v-neck sweater. His hair was

just as dark, but instead of being carefully cut, it lay in thick,

rumpled waves on his head, almost touching the tip of the

sweater. A definite stubble shadowed his square jaw.

Lisa stared, unable to tear her eyes away from him. Was

someone playing a trick on her? Or had she truly lost her


The man stared back at her, humour dancing in his eyes

and a wicked grin on his face.

"Were you expecting someone?"



by Desiree Holt

She shook her head as if to clear it. "No. You just

reminded me so much of someone I...sort of know."

"Well, I'm Jake, and now, you sort of know me." He

winked. "Can I buy you a drink to cement the introduction?"

Lisa was tempted to refuse, but maybe, this was a sign.

Fate had sent a man closely resembling Mark to this bar with

a different name. Maybe he'd be the one to clear up the

mystery. Besides—and go figure this—she got the same

throbbing beat in her cunt, the same release of cream

soaking her crotch that she did when Mark spoke to her. Just

his words, his voice, could make her hot and ready in


"Um, yes. Thanks." She wriggled in her seat, trying to still

the quivering muscles in her pussy. "That would be nice."

He tilted his head, studying her. "Let's see. I'm pretty good

at this. You look like a vodka stinger kind of woman."

Lisa's heart almost stopped. How would he know that?

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