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Infinite Desire


Infinite Desire


Danielle Jamie


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Infinite Desire


Desire is a work of fiction. Names, places, and incidents either are products
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STOP BEFORE CONTINUING READING! This is Book 4 to my Savannah Series. If you’ve
not read Irresistible Desire, Inescapable Desire and Indestructible Desire…stop
and read before continuing with Infinite Desire.

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best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistakes,
and weaknesses and still thinks you’re completely amazing.




16 hours

into bed at my parents’ house, I slide under the covers and curl into a ball.
Gripping my comforter in one hand and my phone in the other, I stare at the
screen. I just sent Kayden a text telling him I need to talk, but don’t know if
he’s sleeping or not. I keep watching the time on my screen change, each second
feels like an eternity.

emotionally drained and feeling completely shattered. I walked away from Kayden
after he begged for me to stay. Why didn’t I just stay? I had every right to be
scared and think that Kayden slept with Nadia. I’ve been cheated on before and
was completely clueless about how to handle these accusations. All I keep
telling myself since the day I left Texas is that I should’ve gone with my gut.
I knew deep down Kayden loved me and only me. He’s not given me any reason to
doubt his faithfulness. He took a chance on love when we jumped into this crazy
beautiful relationship of ours. He gave me what he has given no other women
since Lulu…His heart. I can’t even begin to imagine how he’s feeling right now.
I stomped on his heart and made him feel that I didn’t trust him.

phone starts playing
Cowboys and Angels
; I changed Kayden’s ringtone the
night of my birthday. It’s the first song Kayden ever sang to me, and then he
had Dustin Lynch sing it to us as we danced on my birthday. I just knew it was
the perfect choice for Kayden. It’s a lot better than Ginuwine’s Pony that
Kayden set as his ringtone back in December when he was a tad drunk.

can’t help but smile thinking back to the simpler times; us being carefree and
enjoying bon fires on the beach. Little did I know that entire time Jacob and
Zak were planning to kidnap me and hold me for ransom. Since then my life has
been a non-stop roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

in a deep breath, I close my eyes and slowly exhale. “Hey…” I answer; my voice
low and shaky. My nerves are on edge after the run in with Giselle, Logan and
Nadia tonight.

baby. What’s up…Everything okay?” I immediately relax hearing Kayden’s voice.

to ignore the butterflies fluttering in my stomach from hearing Kayden call me
baby, I decide to just jump straight to the point. “I just got in from Vertigo;
you’ll never guess who Brooklyn and I ran into tonight.”

can hear Kayden moving around in bed on the other end. It makes me miss him
even more laying in this bed all alone. It feels like forever since I’ve been
in his arms.

I want to even know?” He asks sarcastically.

well, Brooklyn spotted Giselle and Logan partying together in Vertigo…I guess
they’re an item now. But they weren’t alone, Nadia was there too.” The words
taste foul in my mouth. Talking about them makes my stomach churn. I have so
much anger boiling inside of me.

can hear Kayden cursing under his breath; I can just picture him running his
strong fingers continuously through his light brown hair. I hate having to have
this conversation over the phone.

they did anything to upset you Savannah…
I swear to God
.” Kayden says
angrily, his drawl thick and raspy. It always gets thicker when he’s pissed

out a sigh, I fight back the tears welling up in my eyes. We’ve mainly been
texting back and forth to keep in touch since I came back to LA. Hearing his
voice was just too hard, so I’ve refrained from calling him. Hearing him now;
even thousands of miles away, my body aches for his arms to be around me. I’m
not complete without Kayden by my side. Knowing even after what I’ve put him
through while trying to figure all this out, he still loves me and worries
about me is just amazing.

was a good thing we found them there. I confronted Nadia and she confessed to
me that everything she said was a lie. I cannot tell you enough how sorry I am
for doubting you. I was just so scared…” My voice trails off and cracks as I
fight the tears threatening to break the flood gates. I take in and let out
short even breaths as I try to compose myself.

lying bitch finally decided to tell the truth now! Well isn’t that nice of
her.” The bitterness in Kayden’s voice pierces my heart. This woman put us
through hell all because of Giselle. “What do you want me to say Savannah? I
told you…hell I begged you to believe me. I was never unfaithful to you. I’m
not Logan! Do you think it’s easy for me after what Luanne put me through to

the disappointment in Kayden‘s voice shreds me. I hate that I allow Logan’s
transgressions to affect my trust in Kayden. The mention of Luanne is like a
sucker punch to my gut. It’s hard for me to control those voices in the back of
my head telling me Kayden will cheat on me just like Logan did. It never
crossed my mind that he may be fighting his own battle against the evil demon’s
our exes have plagued us with.

don’t know what to say besides I’m sorry and I love you. If I could go back,
I’d do it all differently. I just need you to understand that deep down I
believed you, I just didn’t want to be made to look like a fool. It’s just I
had that voice in my head screaming at me to run…so I ran. I want you to
understand; from here on out Kayden, I’ll be by your side and never doubt you
again. Being away from you this past week has been the hardest week of my life…harder
than almost dying.”

is quiet and for a moment I think I’ve lost him, but then I hear him sigh into
the phone. I didn’t realize it until now that I was holding my breath waiting
for him to say something…anything. “You think it was hard for you?” He drawls
with anger and pain in his voice. “I’m the one who’s been ripping my hair out
trying to find a way to make you fucking believe me. I’m just glad she’s
finally stopped this whole fuckin’ charade. We’ve got to work on trust
Savannah. We’re nothing without it.”

cannot agree more. We have off the charts chemistry. We love each other
immensely, but without trust our relationship will crumble. We can’t build a
life on a shaky foundation.

the fight to keep myself together slowly weakening, I decide to focus on what
went down at Vertigo tonight with Nadia. I quickly scoot against my headboard,
pulling my knees up to my chest and snuggling into my blanket before diving in.
“When we confronted Nadia at the club tonight, she sang like a canary. Giselle
was beyond pissed, and it wasn’t easy getting to the truth. It took Brooklyn and
I threatening bodily harm to her, Giselle and Logan. The only thing is it
happened right in the middle of Vertigo. So I have no doubt that the argument
will spread like wildfire all over the internet by tomorrow.”

can hear Kayden taking in long, sharp breaths; probably trying to refrain
himself from jumping on his jet, and coming to LA to beat the living crap out
of Logan. “Did she say why she lied? Was it just to get attention? All these
people care about is getting their face on a fuckin’ magazine.”

tears are falling freely now. I’ve lost the battle with my emotions, and I’ve
been through a whirlwind of shit tonight and just can’t fight it anymore. A sob
escapes my lips as I try to speak.

but it gets worse.” Climbing to the edge of the bed I grab a tissue off my
night stand and wipe the tears from my face. “There’s something you need to
know Kayden. The ultimate betrayal…Giselle and Nadia paid-off your assistant
for information on when you’d be in Paris. They then waited at the hotel bar
for you to show up so they could get pictures with you. Giselle preyed on the
fact that I have issues with trust, which I know now she received those facts
from Logan himself. I have no doubt in my mind she’s with Logan.”

fuckin’ bitch! Giselle can’t have me, so she will do anything to destroy what
we have. She will not get away with this. She fucked with the wrong man. And
Logan best pray I never see him again, because if I do this time nothing will
stop me from beating the living shit out of him! As for my assistant, she will
be lucky if she can get a job at McDonalds by the time I’m through with her.”

the anger in Kayden’s voice I have no doubt he would probably beat Logan to
death for this. They’ve gone too far, and I for one cannot wait to see them pay
for what they’ve done. “Well, Giselle and Logan will be all over the news by
Monday morning. Nadia agreed to come clean to the press. She’s going to tell
them the real story of how Giselle and Logan manipulated and used her for their
gain by paying her off to sell the false story of you two having a one night
stand in Paris.”

can’t believe this. These fuckin’ people don’t give a shit that they hurt, as
long as they get whatever the fuck they want. I will be giving my own fuckin’
story to the press too come Monday. By the time I’m through with them, they
will have no career left.”

cannot wait to get Monday over with, to finally have the truth out there, and
let the world see that Kayden and I are together. Giselle is truly a pathetic
person. She’s so bitter that Kayden wanted to keep their relationship strictly
platonic, and wanted to be with me and not her. She has stooped so low to try
and destroy us. I’m ready to go home and back to my new life with Kayden in
Galveston. Start fresh.

out the window I watch the stars twinkle in the sky above my parents Bel Air
mansion. This house is gorgeous, but being here in my room alone is not where I
want to be. I’ve grown accustomed to curling up in Kayden’s strong and
protective arms every night.

going to fly back to Houston tomorrow. I’ll let you know my arrival time first
thing in the morning.” I tell Kayden matter-of-factly.

so happy to finally hear those words come out of your mouth, baby. It’s been a
long fuckin’ week. I’m never letting you go again, even if I have to tie your
stubborn ass up and lock you in a closet.”

let out a small laugh as I think back to Kayden fucking me into oblivion with
the best ass fuck of my entire life while in my closet.

You don’t believe me? Laugh my sweet Savannah, but baby, I ain’t lyin’.”
Kayden’s husky laugh is like music to my ears. After a week of absolute misery,
I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

believe you. I was just laughing because I was recalling a particular time when
you were ravishing me against the wall in a certain closet. We definitely gotta
do that in your beach house. That closet needs christening.

darlin’ sorry to burst your bubble, but we’ll have to christen the closet on Wednesday.
I just flew into Las Vegas today with the boys. We’re doing a guy’s weekend
before Braxton settles down and starts poppin’ out babies with Mya.”

I hate I have to wait until Wednesday, but you’re worth the wait. Just as soon
as you step through that door, I expect to see you naked in that closet wearin’
nothing but your cowboy hat.” I blush at my brazenness, but since I’ve been
with Kayden I’ve been a lot more vocal about my wants and desires.

baby. Don’t talk like that when I have to wait four more days to see you. I’m
gonna have to go rub one out in the shower. I can’t get the image out of my
head of you very satisfied on the closet floor.”

it. I need to be with him as soon as physically possible. First thing tomorrow
I’m crashin’ his guy’s weekend and flying to Vegas.

yawn escapes my mouth. Even though I want nothing more than to stay awake all
night on the phone with Kayden, my body betrays me, screaming at me to sleep.
My eye lids are heavy; between crying and being completely spent, I can’t fight
sleep any longer.

baby. You’re tired and it’s late. Call or text me tomorrow letting me know when
you’re flying back to Texas. Love ya, baby. Everything will be better once
we’re back home together.” Kayden drawls into the phone, his voice is like a
lullaby soothing me.

Knox. I love you too, more than the moon and all the stars in Texas.” Hanging
up, I flick away the last of the tears from my eyes. I’ve cried too many tears
over the last several months. Patting my eyes with my blanket, I roll over,
curl into a ball and fall asleep the second I shut my eyes.

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