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Human Interaction

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To all those on LOS who read my fan fiction story line version of this book and nudged me to submit my work professionally. Without all your feedback and encouragement about this work, I would never have taken the leap of faith and become a published author.


To Tiffany. Thank you for everything. You've helped me so much, being there at the beginning of this manuscript, contributed to it, and cheered me through the long process of turning a one-time storyline into a novel.


For Edward. Thank you for believing in me, believing in Human Interaction. Without all your guidance and help, this book would never have come to life.


For Pitor and Paxa. Thank you for contributing ideas, for sticking by me as I learned to be a writer with this very story. I hope the new and updated version will make you smile.




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"Volunteer somewhere. Visit a place of business you've never been. Hang out in the park or the zoo. Work at a hot dog stand. Just anywhere there will be people."

A paper on human interaction?

The professor rambled on. "Think of this as a mini internship. You need to spend sufficient amount of time at this place in order to witness human dynamics. One or two hours won't cut it. Plan on four to eight hours per week, instead. Jot notes on what the people do, how they communicate, their body language."

I tapped the pen against my notebook. Where would I go to find people interacting with one another? More important, where in the world could I spend that much time per week sitting and observing without either falling asleep, drooling on the table, or being dragged off to the loony bin due to those same subjects driving me to the brink of sanity?

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