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Hot Stories for Cold Nights

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Berkley Heat titles by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
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Hot stories for cold nights / Joan Elizabeth Lloyd.—Heat trade pbk. ed.
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1. Erotic stories, American. I. Title.
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Welcome to my latest collection of delicious short stories. I know you'll enjoy reading most of them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Notice I said most, not all. Some you might find aren't to your taste, since taste, particularly in erotic writing, is so varied and so very personal. Therefore, if you find a story that doesn't curl your toes, move on to another.
As you read, you'll notice a few things.
First, there are many tales centering on folks just like you, who want to try some new adventure in the bedroom or outside of it. Perhaps there are creative ideas there, activities you and your partner might like to attempt. Go for it. Give a story to your partner as a suggestion, sort of a “Honey, how about this for an idea?” You'll be amazed at how you can spice up your love life by delving into someone else's.
Second, you'll probably spot several similar stories, all with the same theme. Be careful what you wish for. Or maybe better put, treasure what you are and what you have. Think about it.
Okay, enough of me, let's get to the tales. Enjoy!
—Joan Elizabeth Lloyd [email protected]
Leprechaun Love

Pete was puffing, running close enough to the leprechaun to almost but not quite grab him. He didn't have enough breath to answer his wife.
Half an hour earlier, he had picked Missy up after she'd gotten off from work and they had started to drive home. Then the sky had darkened and rain had fallen, accompanied by a few halfhearted rolls of thunder and a couple lightning flashes. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the rain had stopped, the sun had come out, and a magnificent rainbow had filled the eastern sky. It had been so bright that there had even been a perfect rainbow below, the colors in the opposite order.
“That is soooo gorgeous,” Missy had said. “And maybe this one will have a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end.”
“Fat chance,” Pete had answered. “We're not that lucky.”
“I've seen articles in the paper about folks who've caught leprechauns. One said a woman ended up with a condo.”
“Yeah, I read that, too, but most folks just get a lottery ticket. And most of them are losers.”
Missy had pointed toward a nearby park. “The end looks like it's just over there in Franklin Park. Let's give it a try.”
With no real plans, Pete had driven into the parking lot and pulled into a space. “What have we got to lose? Anyway, it's a nice evening for a walk.”
Then they had seen him, a short guy all dressed in green. Tight, short green pants, a white shirt with a kelly green vest and a silly bright green top hat. He had spotted them and grinned. Then he'd taken off. The chase was on.
They'd run across half the park it seemed, but now Pete thought that the leprechaun was slowing down.
Maybe he's as exhausted as I am.
“I can't believe we might actually catch him,” Missy said from about fifty feet behind.
What “we”?
Pete thought.
Almost totally out of energy, Pete took one last chance and lunged at the little man. Surprised, he felt cloth. That was an amazing piece of luck. He hadn't realized that he was quite that close. Pete dropped to the ground and yanked. The little man tumbled onto the grass beside him, panting.
Missy ran up and quickly wrapped her hand around the man's wrist. The three took a few moments to calm down. Finally, his heartbeat now more normal, Pete looked at Missy and said, “Now what?”
She dropped to the grass beside the other two, still holding the little guy's arm. “Now,” she said to the leprechaun, “you give us your gold.”
His giggle was high-pitched. “No gold.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry, no gold.”
“We caught you fair and square. You've got to give us your gold,” Pete said.
“Got no gold,” the little man said.
“I read about that in that Internet article,” Missy said to Pete. “Some leprechauns don't have gold. That's how the woman ended up with the condo. Somehow, the leprechaun made it happen.”
“How do we know he's telling the truth?”
“He has to as long as we've got him.” She brandished the little man's arm, still in her grasp.
“That's right,” he singsonged. “I'll tell the truth.”
Pete sighed. “Okay. No gold. What do you have?”
“Wisdom,” the leprechaun said. “Wisdom that will make you famous and wealthy. Most of all, wisdom that will make you happy.”
“Okay,” Pete said warily, “like what?”
“Good sex,” he said.
“Right,” Missy responded sarcastically. “Good sex.”
“Great sex, actually.”
“Our sex life is just fine the way it is,” Pete said. “What else have you got?”
More leprechaun giggles. “Nothing else. Nothing else.”
“You know, Pete, he might have a point. There might be things we could learn.”
Pete stared at his wife. “Are you saying that our sex life isn't any good?”
“Not at all,” Missy said, swiftly backpedaling. “But there's always new stuff. I read lots of tips in magazines. Maybe we could spice things up a little.”
“I can give you that,” the leprechaun said. “Right here, right now.”
“Right here? In the middle of the park? In public?” Pete gasped. Actually the idea of making out in the open air appealed to him.
“No one's around. This place is really private. No one comes here.” The leprechaun giggled. “Actually,
comes here
is a great choice of words.” He winked. “Wanna? Come here, I mean.”
The couple thought for a few moments, then Pete said, “What do you think, Missy? You say there are things we could do better. I could . . .” This was so silly. He was content with their sex life. He loved his wife and loved having sex with her. If she wasn't totally satisfied, however, he was willing to give this a try. In the open air. Yeah.
“Would you really?” Missy said. “I mean, don't get me wrong . . .”
“Okay,” the leprechaun said, “stop the mental gymnastics and let's get on with it. I've got places to be and things to do that don't involve you.” He shook his arm, still in Missy's grasp. “You'll have to let go, though.”
“Can we trust you?” she replied. “Once I've let go . . .”
“Let go!” he snapped. “A promise is a promise.”
Pete was a little surprised to discover that he was actually getting more than a little aroused thinking about doing it here, especially with the little guy watching.
Missy let go of the man's arm.
“Okay,” he said in his high-pitched voice. “It all starts with kissing.”
“Kissing? We kiss okay,” Pete said.

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