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Her Secret Betrayal

Her Secret Betrayal
Secrets #2

Jordan Bell


Copyright © 2012 Jordan Bell

All Rights Reserved

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This erotic romance story contains scenes of
a very graphic and adult nature which some may find offensiveThis
is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual persons or events
are purely coincidental. Please engage in safe, consensual sexual
practices only. Remember, this is a work of imagination and
fantasy. All sexual activities described herein are between
characters 18 years old or older and are always consensual.


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About Author

Excerpt from The Submissive Behind the Mask #1: Bondage
& Curiosity






Kiss me.

Kiss me. Touch me. Want me. Need me. Fuck

Love me.


His fingers dug into my soft, plump hips
where late night sweat made us slippery. In slow, methodical
circles he ground his hips into mine where we matched like puzzle
pieces, though the whole picture remained out of focus. Sean leaned
his shoulders back, anchored at my hips, and sank deeper into my
fathomless core where I’d gone so far past pleasure I’d lost
language and speech and could only communicate through gasping,
wounded, immortal moans.

One hand released its hold and slid under
and across my belly. He tugged me back off my hands and together,
without losing an inch within me, we leaned back, him to his heels
and me to his chest. My thighs ached but held and his other hand
crossed my chest, his forearm pinning my breasts tight to my body.
He tucked his face into my throat, breathed hot puffs across my
collarbone, and here we rode into each other with matched
movements. He ground up into my body and I circled down into his
until his cock filled me utterly.

Grey dawn light cut my room to ribbons
through the horizontal mini-blinds, crossed my bed and over my
thighs like prison bars. Outside the world fell wet and cold, drips
and drums of rushing water the only sounds besides our breathing
and the soft, wet collisions of skin on skin.

Another night lost. Another breaking dawn

Sean cupped his hand around one breast,
dragged it higher to squeeze and caress,
, I
whimpered when he stroked the new bruises he’d left there, mouth
shaped, fingertip deep. He
me and kept kneading
possessively. I lost my strength and dropped my head back to his
shoulder, but he didn’t slow. Thrust, caress, thrust, caress. Pain.
Pleasure. Pain. Ecstasy. Pain.

Sean’s lips closed over my throat and left
kisses wet and intense from collar to jaw, then with his free hand
he grabbed my chin and forced it to turn to his needy mouth. His
closed around mine and I arched to accommodate his invasive tongue.
My teeth parted and he thrust it between my lips to collide with
mine, wet and exploring, stealing my whimpers and moans and breaths
until I didn’t know where I stopped and he began. He licked the tip
of my tongue, the roof of my mouth. I moaned his name into his
mouth and he responded by digging his free hand into my hair,
holding my head turned into him, stilled while he plundered my
mouth for every kiss I’d ever held back.

I reached behind me to lay my palm to his
thigh, sweaty and muscular. I felt him tighten and tense each time
he worked his shaft out an inch before urging himself back into my
tight sex just so he could do it again and again. The friction
drove me wild, something between tingling pleasure and tired ache.
How many times had he been inside of me tonight? How many times had
we collapsed into delirium only to wake up an hour later and begin
again? Always a new craving, a new reminder of how we’d once been
and how much better we’d gotten.

holy hell
had we. Experience made
him bolder, stronger, his body harder and more worked over than it
had been when he was a college academic having regular sex for the
first time. It was clear, too, that time and experience had taught
me to embrace my sexuality. Sean didn’t have to work so hard to
open me up and turn me on as he once had. Immediately I let him
push and prod me, pull and take me, open me up and embed himself
inside me. We didn’t need a warm up. I wasn’t afraid of his
affections as I had been as a school girl.

Sean let my breast drop and he began a slow
descent across my abdomen, a finger grazing the divot at my belly
button. Sweat broke and trailed
my torso to the
humid cleft between my legs where he pumped into me. He crushed my
mouth the moment his fingers passed the triangle of trimmed curls
to burrow into the soft, sopping folds protecting my clitoris. He
found it with familiar fingers that hadn’t forgotten how to ride
me, even after six years, and on impact I pierced his body with a
cry of delirious hunger.

He broke our kiss to smile against my mouth.
“Who do you belong to, Kara?”

Words failed me though and all I
could do was moan and shudder as he crooked his finger and dragged
the tip back and forth against the engorged button, fat and slick
from so much touching and fucking and whispers.

The hand that still held my hair tightened
and yanked back, forcing my breasts forward and my spine to curve.
His hand between my legs kept my hips pinned to his rod.

Who do you belong to, Kara

“You,” I gasped and jerked as he rolled my
clit. Braids of searing heat shot deep into my pussy and set fire
to my body.

“Good girl,” he whispered into my hair. He
released my tendrils and lowered his hand to my throat where he
caressed and stroked all the spots he’d kissed and sucked all night
long. “My good girl. I want you to come for me, Kara. Come for me,

I needed no more encouragement to grind my
hips down into his finger, inadvertently urging his thick shaft up
inside me. He moaned and rose up an inch from his heels and as he
rubbed me to climax our bodies gyrated together slick and powerful
as one. I threw myself into him and came screaming and struggling,
bound by his arms and penetrated by his rigid, thick cock.

My electricity transferred into him. I could
feel his muscles quivering and tightening, a warning and a promise
to fill me once more tonight. A third time? Fourth? I’d lost count
hours ago when the storm still raged relentlessly outside.

Exhaustion swept through me until there was
nothing left and he was all that kept me from collapsing into the
mess of blankets nested around us. He held me still to him and just
when I thought our night was coming to an end, he wrapped his big,
strong hand across my throat and took possession of me one last

“I’m not done with you.” His growly voice
purred against my ear. Moisture ran down my trembling thighs and I
whimpered, exhausted but aroused by such a dark promise. Six years
ago when we’d been together, when we’d discovered our mutual
fetishes, he’d been new to his cravings as a dominant lover and I
didn’t quite understand the depths and secrets of submission. Now
he had no doubts, no reservations, no apologies and I
simultaneously weakened to his need and became more powerful than
I’d ever been kneeling before any other man.

.” He lowered me forward, his
hand still on my throat, his shaft still rooted inside me. I caught
myself on my hands but he kept forcing me forward until my cheek
pressed to the damp sheets. The musky scent of our sweat and sex
lingered everywhere.

His hand twisted from the curve of my throat
to the back of my neck. He gathered my blonde tresses between my
fingers, a mess after so much sex. He twisted them together and
gently settled them over one shoulder before turning his hand to
the back of my neck.

Then he did something unexpected - he slid
slowly, painfully out from my sopping pussy. Despite how slick and
wet he’d made me, his girth made me feel tiny and no one had ever
made me feel tiny in my life. There was too much of my plump figure
to ever be worried about feeling

Except when he spread me open.

Sean burrowed his fingers between my lips
and sought out the evidence of my orgasm. His fingers soaked in it
and then slid out and unapologetically dragged his fingers
to the tight muscles around my anus and smeared the
slick lubricant across this forbidden opening.

“Sean.” I staggered as he prodded the tight
hole with his fingertip but didn’t enter. Every part of me

“I know it excites you, Kara.” He dropped
his hand to scoop more of my come to smother over my tightly
puckered hole. He placed both hands on my large bottom and spread
the cheeks apart. “I remember you’d come before I even had it all
the way inside you. I’ve thought of you like this so many times,
biting a pillow with your ass in the air. Let me in, Kara. Relax,
and give me what I want

I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax,
but anticipation and a little bit of fear kept me tense and tight.
The wet head of his cock pressed against my opening and began the
slow stretch that sent delicious aching torment radiating through
my body.

“Let me
,” he growled and hunched
across my back, his hand returning to the back of my neck. He
curled his hips against mine and

“Sean! Sean
…” I squeezed my eyes
tighter as he urged the head inside, lubricated with my own juices.
He panted over me, muscles trembling from the effort of his
intrusion. I remembered that this was his favorite part. Once
inside, nothing, he told me, felt quite like how this forbidden
pleasure felt wrapped around his swollen cock.

“That’s my girl. Kara, damn you’re so
fucking tight. That’s it baby, how does that feel?”

He rested with just the head inside to let
me get used to it and I remembered this, remembered how it felt to
have him explore every inch of me and all that emotion and history
flooded in. The past and the future threaded together by this
moment and our joined bodies and I wanted him. I wanted him more
fiercely and more possessively than I’d ever wanted anything

“Full. Oh, but
. I forgot how
this felt.” I gasped, swallowed, and clenched my fingers deep into
my sheets and mattress. “More, Sean.
Give me more

Sean growled, the rumble in his chest like
the purr of a greedy, pleased tiger. He ran his hands down the
slope of my back and touched the little faded heart-shaped
birthmark between my shoulder blades. Touching that mark was how he
centered us when things felt out of control and almost instantly I
calmed. Every muscle gave up its struggle and went liquid in his
hands. I nestled down into the sheets, bore his weight and the
pressure he placed on my anal walls, and sighed. The pain didn’t
ease but my contentment filled in around it and turned it into
aching pleasure.

As my muscles opened around him he scraped
his fingertips to my hair, held my head down, and buried his cock
inside me in one, sharp thrust.

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