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Authors: Jordan Summers

Hawk's Slave (6 page)

“Lights,” he snarled.

Opal blinked and shielded her eyes.

Hawk stepped forward and snapped the leash onto her collar. He jerked it, yanking her forward. “Come!”


* * * * *


Opal stumbled, then hurried to keep up. The heat radiating from his body caused a thin layer of perspiration to form. His tense muscles glistened, but she didn’t immediately spot any injuries. So if there’d been a fight, he’d fared well.

Unexpected relief flooded her. Opal nearly stopped in her tracks. Hawk didn’t seem to notice. He was too focused on wherever he was taking her.

They climbed into the transport cylinder. “Up!” he shouted.

The harsh sound made her flinch. “Why didn’t you sell me?” she asked.

Hawk scowled at her. “Is that what you wanted? If so, you should’ve said so.”

“You could’ve made a fortune,” Opal said.

His gaze darkened. “I’ll still make a fortune,” he said. “Just as soon as you give me the coordinates to Earth.”

“Is that why you refused his offer?” she whispered.

Hawk’s eyes flashed dangerously in the low light. “Among other reasons. Would you rather I hadn’t?”

Opal thought about it. She should tell him yes, so he’d sell her the next chance he got. But for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to leave him yet. “No.”

“Right answer!” he snapped and practically dragged her across the cargo bay before shoving her into the pleasure chamber. Opal had barely crossed the threshold, when Hawk spun her around and pinned her to the wall.

“Mine,” he snarled and slammed his hand down on the pad beside her head. The hatch closed, sealing them in.

The second the lock clanked, his head descended and his lips claimed hers. There was no gentleness to his kiss. This was a mixture of hunger and fury. His sensual mouth savaged hers, until she granted him entrance.

His tongue slipped inside her mouth and Opal groaned. He tasted of wilderness and heat as he explored every inch of her. It was better than she’d imagined and she needed so much more. Hawk’s hard body pressed close, causing a riot of sensation.

Strong hands came down upon her shoulders before fisting the material of her gown. One loud rip and Opal was naked. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once, leaving her breathless. Hawk ground himself against her, until she felt the hard ridge of his shaft brushing her stomach. Heat exploded inside of her. She wanted him naked. Now!

Opal’s hands rose of their own volition and wound their way around his neck.

Hawk groaned into her mouth but never stopped kissing her. His calloused fingers made their way down her arms, brushing the outsides of her breasts. Opal’s nipples hardened and moisture gathered between her legs. Her body had been primed for him for days.

He inhaled and a growl rumbled out of his throat. His hands continued down, then latched onto her waist. Hawk lifted Opal off her feet until she was forced to open her legs.

The moment she did, he slipped between her thighs. His clothes scraped the soft flesh that protected her entrance, causing a delicious friction. Opal’s knees tightened around his waist and she canted her hips in an attempt to get closer.

Hawk snarled and shoved his hand between her legs. His fingers found her wetness, then stroked her folds.

Opal gasped and broke the embrace. Their gazes met and held.

“Mine,” he repeated, then plunged two fingers inside her.

She cried out in relief. He’d done nothing but tease her for days, never letting her reach completion. It looked like today the games were over.


* * * * *


Hawk worked his fingers deeper into her moist entrance, feeling the ribs that lined her quim. She was so hot, so wet, and so deliciously tight that he thought he might explode before he got inside of her.

He was still angry that one little mistake from his crew had caused negotiations to break down, but mainly, Hawk was angry with himself. He didn’t want to need her. He would much prefer for her to crave him. His desire was bordering on obsession. Perhaps once he’d had her, the growing demand would lessen.

Hawk plunged deeper. Her snug sheath gripped his fingers, sucking them back inside each time he pulled them out. Her musky aroma had intensified, and Hawk could feel the tension strumming inside of her.

He had purposely denied her pleasure, denied himself, but today that ended. Hawk was done waiting. He needed to slake this hunger before it consumed them both.

He lifted her higher, holding her against the wall with his body, then reached into the panel on the front of his flight suit. The material parted, freeing his hard shaft. Hawk groaned in relief, then kissed her once more. Opal moaned into his mouth when he brushed the head of his shaft against her wet heat.

He tore his mouth away, forcing her to look at him. Hawk wanted her to know exactly who was claiming her body. Opal blinked, her lids heavy with desire. He squeezed the hidden pearl between her legs and she bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Hawk positioned himself at her moist entrance and slipped an inch inside of her. The pleasure was exquisite, but couldn’t match the fire scorching through his veins.

Opal wiggled to get closer, but he wouldn’t let her. Instead, he slapped her ass, making sure it stung. She gasped and her body melted around him.

“Mine,” he said, stroking the soft curls between her legs. “Say it!”

She swallowed and looked as if she were about to deny his claim, but changed her mind when his eyes narrowed.

“Yours,” she said at last.

Hawk roared in triumph, then plunged inside of her. His thick shaft parted her soft flesh in one stroke. Opal screamed and tried to climb higher up his body, but Hawk wouldn’t let her. Her claws tore into his back a second before his scored her thighs.

He held her in place. The tiny ribs inside her sheath stroked his shaft and blood thundered in his ears. Hawk couldn’t stay still a moment longer. He pulled his hips back and drove inside of her again.

Opal whimpered and writhed, then her tight channel clamped down like a vise.

The move nearly sent him over the edge. Hawk sucked a sharp breath into his lungs and gritted his teeth. He used every ounce of his considerable willpower to fight the urge to come. Hawk didn’t want it to be over so quickly. He was nowhere near finished with her.


* * * * *


Opal couldn’t seem to catch her breath. Everywhere she looked, Hawk was there. He was in her and around her. He became the very air that she breathed. He possessed her so thoroughly that she couldn’t tell them apart.

Hawk jerked upward, tunneling through her.

Opal gasped. Everything about him was large and intimidating. She had never felt so full, not even with Hades. She tried to adjust, but his golden eyes flashed and he held her even tighter.

He shoved himself inside her, his thick shaft stretching her to the breaking point.

Opal snarled and brought her mouth down upon his shoulder. She sank her sharp teeth into his light blue flesh, which only seemed to incite him. Hawk bellowed and powered into her. His thrusts turned frenzied as he lost control and drove them toward oblivion.

She tried to hold on, but he overwhelmed her senses. Opal felt her muscles contract. His hard chest scraped her nipples and they hardened to the point of pain. She threw her head back and yowled.

The primal sound echoed in the room. Hawk’s head came up and his nostrils flared. There was something in his eyes that she’d never seen. Before Opal could figure out what it was, his grip on her changed and became punishing.

He pulled Opal down onto his shaft, before lifting her up and slamming her down again. The move drove him so deep that it took her breath away. Hawk scraped his nails over the bundle of nerves at the base of her neck. Opal screamed as the mother of all climaxes rumbled through her.

“More,” Hawk grumbled, forcing her down one final time, fusing their bodies together. He grunted and a second later she felt a warm blast of fluid bathe her insides.

Blood trickled down Hawk’s shoulder from the bite and her scratch. Without thought, Opal licked the spot. His massive body trembled. He slowly lowered her to the ground and stepped back. Warmth fled her body as he turned away and quickly dressed.

Opal wasn’t sure what she’d expected to see when she looked at him, but it wasn’t the cold reception she received. She pulled the remnants of her gown on.

“Leave it. You won’t be needing it.” Hawk ran a trembling hand through his dark hair, then he grabbed her leash. He led her back to the restraints and secured her to the wall, before removing the lead and dropping it onto the table.

Pain blossomed inside of Opal and she suddenly wished she could curl up into a ball. She didn’t want or expect flowery words, but she could’ve done without the chill enveloping them.

Without looking at her, Hawk walked to the door and hit the button on the wall. The chains retracted, lifting her off the ground, then the wall tipped back allowing her to recline.

He didn’t say a word as he slipped out the door.


* * * * *



Chapter Six


Hawk could still feel her claws in his flesh. The innocent move had ignited a primal firestorm inside of him. He leaned his back against the door and tried to pull himself together, but it was no use.

He pushed away from the pleasure chamber and made his way to the transport cylinder. His men would want answers, not that Hawk owed them any, but they did deserve them.

Problem was, Hawk didn’t have any.

He thought once he’d joined with Opal that the heat between them would die down. If anything, it was even stronger now. Being inside of her had brought out the beast in him. Made him want to possess her in every way—in every form.

Hawk stepped into the transport cylinder. “Bridge,” he said, wishing he could go to his quarters instead.

He needed to wash her scent off his skin. Bathing wouldn’t get Opal out of his blood, but at least it would be a start.

Hawk stepped out of the transport.

“Captain on the bridge,” Fallon shouted.

His crew stiffened to attention.

Fallon and Lex’s nostrils flared, but only Fallon dared to raise a brow.

“Set course for Octavia,” Hawk shouted.

The crew settled into their positions and immediately went to work.

Fallon sidled up beside him. “Feel better?” he asked quietly.

Hawk ignored him.

“I smell her all over your skin. Her scent is rich. I can see why you like it so much,” he said. “I also smell your blood.”

Hawk’s eyes narrowed warningly, but his First ignored the threat.

Fallon moved closer. “It mustn’t have been too good if it left you in such a foul mood. Or...” He paused and took another look at Hawk. “Ah, that explains it.”

Hawk’s jaw clenched. “Explains what?”

“It was better than you thought it would be,” Fallon said. “That’s why you’re mad.”

Hawk turned toward him, purposely stepping into his space. He wanted a fight. Needed one to take the edge off the emotions rioting inside of him.

“I gave you a direct order,” Hawk said.

Fallon had the audacity to laugh. “Taking your anger out on me isn’t going to make you feel better,” he said. “The one you’re mad at can be found in the reflecting glass.”

“Get to work,” Hawk snapped.

“Aye, Captain,” Fallon said, not bothering to hide his grin.

After Hawk had had time to cool off, he stood to address his men. “As you all know, I turned down a large sum of credits today. It would’ve made us rich, but not half as rich as we’ll be once Opal gives us the coordinates to Earth.”

Fallon smirked at him.

“I plan to get them from her now that I’ve loosened her tongue,” he said.

Everyone but Fallon snickered.

Hawk glared at him. He didn’t like that his First could read him so well.

The perimeter warning activated. Hawk strode over to a panel on the wall. His fingers flew over the keys. Suddenly an image of his ship appeared onscreen, along with the objects currently around it.

"What do we have?" he asked his First.

"It looks like a cargo ship, Captain," Fallon said. "It appeared out of nowhere."

"Hail it," Hawk said.

"We just tried, Captain. We can’t seem to get a lock on their signal," Fallon said.

"I want to know where it came from and I want to know now," Hawk said. “Bring up the ship’s specs.”

“You heard the captain,” Fallon said.

An image of a cargo ship appeared where the holomap had been moments ago. Hawk examined the ship, searching for any sign that it could be outfitted for battle.

Fallon cursed viciously and turned away from the viewer screen.

“What is it?” Hawk asked.

"It’s tracking us,” Fallon said.

"Battle stations, gentlemen! Defenses up!" Hawk bellowed. He’d barely managed to give the order, when a blast rocked the ship and sent him hurtling toward the bulkhead.

Fallon's fingers flew over the colored lights on the instrument panel. The faint blue light that surrounded their ship grew darker.

"Damage report?" Hawk asked.

"We're leaking oxygen on the lowest deck," Fallon said.

Another blast tilted the ship.

"Where did that one hit?" Hawk asked.

"Storage level. The atmosphere’s holding for now," Fallon said.

Hawk thought of Opal trapped inside the pleasure chamber. She was a warrior, a fighter. She wasn’t used to sitting on the sidelines, but he couldn’t trust her. He didn’t dare let her out.

"Prepare evacuation pods," Hawk said. "I want them on standby just in case we have to jettison the women. Where's the nearest habitable planet?" He stared at the holomap.

Fallon pointed to a spot in the distance. "Koncor."

"Will our cargo be safe if we dump it there?" Hawk asked.

"There are a few predators, but no indigenous people," Fallon said. “As long as we give them some provisions, most should survive.”

Despite the good odds, Hawk’s gut tightened. He didn’t want to release Opal. He didn’t want her out of his sight, but he also didn’t want her to die.

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