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Hanging pawns possess strengths and weaknesses.

The elements of strength include the possibility of opening files through their advance and with this comes an increase in space, and the possibility of controlling key squares that can be used as outposts for Knights and Bishops.

On the other hand they can also be weak. They can only be defended by pieces. This vulnerability can be exploited by attacking them with pieces, forcing the opponent to protect them with pieces. The defending pieces can then be attacked and exchanged at a suitable moment and this can often result in the win of a pawn or forcing another pawn weakness elsewhere. They can also be weakened by forcing the advance of one of them leaving the other one backward and a hole into which a piece can be placed. A third way of exploiting their weakness is to attack them with a pawn of your own, this can force a pawn exchange that results in an isolated pawn.

The current view is that hanging pawns are weak if their side is behind in development but strong if their side is ahead in development.

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This book is dedicated to my girls.

May your inner light always shine bright enough that it warms your soul and touches those around you.





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July 6th, 2002


“No time like the present.”

~ Mrs. Manley


“You’re not leaving… if you leave, I can’t help you. Just stay. We will have a press conference. Explain…” I jump in, cutting my mother off.

Protect me from what?

“There is nothing to explain… I didn’t do anything wrong.” My brow furrows at what she is trying to insinuate. She shrugs impassively. “Wow, you don’t even believe me.” I shake my head in disbelief.

I look to my father, who is too engrossed in his work to care what we are discussing.

How can he just sit there ignoring us?

Her brow raises when she looks at him, then she shakes her head as though she’s thinking the same thing I am.

What did I ever do to make you want to pretend as though I don’t exist?

“I can promise you one thing…
” Disdain drips from her lips when she says it. I sit straight, my shoulders set back, to show I’m not so easily intimidated by her anymore, although my stomach knots, telling me otherwise. “If you leave this house again, it will be your last time.” Her head tips to the side to study me. “Or… maybe it won’t…” she muses.

It will.

“What incentive do I have to stay?” My lips pucker and curl up with indignation.

There’s nothing she can do once I’m gone this time.

“I would watch your tone.” Her voice drops, making the warning into a threat, before it perks back up. “And don’t make that face, this was your father’s idea.” She nods to him. “Isn’t that right, dear?” Her teeth clench together as a tight smile forms on her lips.

“Yes, she’s right.” He looks up at me for a split second, a strange but all too familiar look in his eyes, then goes back to working.

The look, if you’re wondering, is what normal people wear when they are guilty of something. But a man who has no care or concern for anyone but himself couldn’t possibly have anything to be guilty of. Unless in some strange twist of events he is deciding to care after years of overlooking me.

That’s highly unlikely though.


I was twelve when he no longer saw me, when he no longer laughed with me, and when I was left to be raised properly… like her… a woman I could never be like.

His wife and my mother…

“See? So don’t hate the messenger.” She takes a small bite of food.

“It’s shoot. Don’t shoot the messenger.” I squint at her, giving a small attempt to make her feel unintelligent.

I’ll pay for that later.

“Do you hear that? It sounds like our ugly duckling is forgetting her place.” She glares at me. I swallow hard and slink lower in my seat. “That was cute and now look who will have her internet taken away,” she exhales.

I have no use for the internet, but as long as she thinks I care so much about it, she will use it as punishment and think she’s being clever.

Reaching for her glass, she raises it to her lips and hesitates before looking at me. “You make me do this you know? If you could just be more like…” The maid walks in, interrupting her. She leans in close to whisper in my mother’s ear. I sit here quietly studying the woman as she worries her hands together.

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