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Authors: Suellen Smith

Tags: #romance, #action, #dogs, #country, #military, #western, #cowboy

Forever Lovers (9 page)

Photo shoots can sometimes be miserable. This
was one of them. Just as the summer sun was beating down on them
with all the intensity of that time of year, they were surprised
when they were bombarded with the automatic irrigation that
suddenly switched on and a much welcomed artificial rain began to
fall on them ever though there was not a cloud in the sky. Jim
caught the spontaneous laughter of Lily on film as Hot Pants turned
to nibble on the crown of sunflowers that she had worn in her
auburn hair as if to ask her what they were doing out there and if
they intended to stay much longer. Of course, the water plastered
the shirt to Lily's breasts like it was really really thirsty for
every ounce of moisture on her skin. Her body suddenly became wet
and shiny like she had been rubbed down with the lubricate baby
oil. The spontaneity of the moment was captured with the clicking
of the camera. The pictures ended up being much more sexy and
seductive than could have ever been if the whole scenario had been
planned. For Jim, it was a successful shoot – actually, his best.
It landed Lily on the cover of the calendar making her the most
celebrated women of the year in Kansas.

The calendar came out that fall a few months
later for the following year. It was bought by nearly every male
over the age of sixteen, which they promptly hung on their wall
long before January. The calendar was especially popular at Ft.
Riley, which is located just twenty miles west of Manhattan,
Kansas. It is one of the United States army military bases that
originated in 1853 as it played a major role in settling the Wild
West with the famous Buffalo Soldiers. Today, it houses and trains
around 25,000 men and women – a small city for Kansas.

Nearly every single man on the Fort Riley
base bought the calendar that fall. It became like a status symbol
to own one. Whenever any of the soldiers went out cruising for
women, they kept their radar out for any of the twelve calendar
girls like they were on a scavenger hunt. There was a small wager
among them on who could find one or all twelve. It never happened,
but it lifted the spirits of the young men who were away from home
for the first time and brought some light heartiness to basic
training. One young man swore he'd seen
Miss August
at the
Stampede Festival last summer. No one believed him and after that
whenever someone saw a redhead, they'd ask him good-naturedly if
that were her as they laughed at their own joke.

The calendars were sold nationwide on a
website that connected with the entire USA, but the Kansas calendar
was by far the most popular. Lily became the pinup girl that year
for soldiers on every base. She was the Betty Gable of the
twenty-first century.

That same fall, Melvin from Kansas, sent his
Navel brother SEAL, Jack, a calendar from home.
Eat your
out brother
, he wrote.
Look what you're
missing. Ha, ha. Better hurry home before they're all

Jack was in the barracks on Cordovan Island,
California that he shared with other members of his SEAL team,
going through letters from home like his other buddies since mail
call a few minutes earlier. No one got much mail any more since the
invention of the cell, Skype, and smart phones. So, others took
noticed when someone did. Jack had just opened the manila envelope
from his brother and was pleased with the small token his brother
had sent to remind him of home. As he began to flip through it, it
wasn't long before his buddies realized what he was looking at and
began to gather around. Quinn was among the crowd.

Well, hell!
Quinn thought, when he
peeked over Jack's shoulder and saw Lily on the cover of the Kansas
calendar with her butt cheeks hanging out. And that was before he
notice the wet blouse that molded to her tits like glue, showing
off her pinpointed nipples of raw sex appeal begging to be touched.
It didn't help that his buddies were all hovering and making
inappropriate comments about
Lily's anatomy. Quinn
gritted his teeth muttering with impatience, “Let's see the rest of
the calendar.”

By evening, one of the SEALS had located a
store in the area with enough Kansas calendars for every one of his
buddies. Much to Quinn's chagrin, his fellow SEAL mate bought them
all and started passing them out like candy, no one was left

As time went on, Quinn became irritable with
the thought of Lily being fondled by his entire SEAL unit and that
irritation began to fester. So, after a few months passed, the
calendars began to vanish; especially, as it became closer to the
end of the summer when all the calendars would be turned to the
eighth month of the year,
Miss Bombshell August.
When the
other Seals began to complain about their calendars disappearing,
Quinn's only sarcastic response was, “Maybe someone's using them to
wallpaper their bathroom.”


It was late fall and the honky tonk bar in
Cheyenne, Wyoming was booming with country music. Texas line
dancing, and cheers from the mechanical bull in the corner were
part of the entertainment. It was the weekend of The Cheyenne Rodeo
– the brother of all rodeos worldwide. It was a gathering place for
locals and rodeo participates to relax with a beer after a day of
bronco riding, bull riding, and barrel racing. It was a place for
the star studs from the day of riding to unwind. They were the
prime beef of the prized bulls that they rode during the day. All
of them were hoping to get laid for the night. The local gals were
only too happy to oblige.

Tyler Voltage, like his name, thought of
himself as a bolt of lightning when he rode the bulls and the
ladies. He called himself “Stud” whenever he looked at his own
reflection in the mirror. Why wouldn't he think he was the greatest
– he had velvet brown hair with a sexy body, sexy dimples, and sexy
charm? He was hard to resist and he knew it. The ladies knew it,
too, and they were always lined up hoping they would be picked to
join his bed for the evening. Lily wasn't any more immune from his
raw sex appeal than the rest of the crowd, just a lot more

Lily wasn't a gang banger following the rodeo
circuit nor did she have any desire to be, but she did enjoy male
companionship. As she matured, she knew she wanted more.
might just be the guy
for the job,
she thought. She knew
he was interested. She knew most of the guys riding the circuit
were interested. That was not a new thing. After all, she'd been
barrel racing, whenever time allowed for well over four years. She
was also smart enough to know half the interest from the guys, came
from them wanting to be the first to put her notch on their
bedpost. It would be a big coup for the winner like when they won
the big money purse at the end of the day. That's the part that
rankle her and kept her out of their beds for all these eons, not
that she hadn't been tempted on more than one occasion.

Lily watched Tyler approached her for a slow
western dance. This time, she really looked at him and was
beginning to think,
why not?
She was well acquainted with
him. She even knew the line that was coming. That part never failed
to amuse her.

“Hey, beautiful, miss me?”

You'd think he could come up with something a
little more original, but then again she wasn't interested in him
for his brain. It's just that it sure would help.

“You know I did, Tyler,” she smiled
seductively up at him like she was supposed to do, but couldn't
quite get herself to whimper.

Tyler gave her a big toothy grin, which she
assumed was to show off his sparkling white teeth and cute little
dimples that he had down pat. He was successful.

Tyler grabbed her around the waist with both
arms as she put hers around his neck for the western dance around
the floor. He smelled good – just another little aphrodisiac to
charm the senses of the opposite sex. She suspected he bathed in

Tyler didn't hesitate to immediately paste
his body to hers. “Hmm, feel what you do to me,” he said as Lily
felt the beginnings of his hard on.

Seems she'd heard that line a few times. The
first time was when she was with Quinn. The line always annoyed her
when other guys said it as it never ceased to remind her of him
when she was supposed to be thinking of the partner she was with at
the present time. It was like a bottle of cold gator aid being
poured on top of her head. She often wondered if that was why Quinn
had said it to her that first time on the beach among the rock
formations. In retrospect, it was like he knew it probably wouldn't
be the last time she'd hear it. The disgusting part was that there
was one word difference between how Quinn phrased it and the way it
was said by other male members of the population. But, that
word was monumental.

Quinn had said, “Feel what you do to me,
No one else ever said it that way to her.

It was always, “Feel what you do to

The way Quinn phrased it was definitely worth
an evaluation. Drat him, anyway!

Lily burrowed her head under Tyler's chin
hoping to forget about Quinn and how he made her feel. Tyler
chucked, thinking that she was just a little embarrassed about his
comment. He liked that. It's just that he couldn't have been
farther from the truth.

Encouraged, Tyler tried to nestle in a little
closer. Lily didn't think that was possible, but he seemed to
manage, probably due to a lot of practice. Lily kept trying to feel
the thrill that she felt with Quinn. Instead, he just felt like a
hard body, a nice one, but none the less nothing too special.

Tyler on the other hand really didn't care if
Lily felt special or not. That was not what this was about, it was
about a good time and a good lay for the night with a feminine body
to enjoy. He just assumed that all women were on the make and felt
the same – not that it mattered to him.

“Come back to my place tonight,” Tyler
whispered in her ear. You know I've always had this thing for

And that thing would be your pecker?
Lily thought ungraciously.

“I'll make it really good sex.”

For you or for me?
Lily was waiting
you're the only one for me, crap.

Just say yes. Please, Lily.”

Wait for it – wait for it.

You know you're the only one for
There it was. If nothing else, he was predictable.

“OK,” Lily said surprising both of them.

“OK?” a surprised Tyler pulled back and

“OK, I'll think about it.”

“So, when will I know?”

“I'll surprise you.”

Tyler grinned, “I'll be waiting in the
Cheyenne Hotel, Room 221, at eleven o'clock sharp. Use the key
above the ledge.”

Lily laughed.

Tyler watched Lily disappear into the crowd
thinking that he might just get a piece of that cute little ass in
the near future. He just assumed it wouldn't be tonight.


After Lily left Tyler, she danced around the
floor with a few other partners before she decided to call it a
night. She went back to her Cheyenne Hotel room on the third floor.
She tossed around Tyler's offer. She was curious. Whose bed might
she be more interested in joining to satisfy her curiosity than
his. She ignored the voice that chimed in – Quinn's?

Being in “Pre/Vet” certainly didn't give Lily
any preconceived notions on how sex was performed, which didn't
include a few porn flicks at the sorority house on Friday nights.
Guys get off on those kind of movies. Women think they are
partially hilarious and partially gross. It was like Comedy Night
Central with her girlfriends eating popcorn whenever they watched
one. Just another big difference between men and women and how they
view things. Women think the scripts are really retarded not
including the stupid acting among other things – men never notice
the other things nor do they care.

Lily knew Tyler was interested. He wasn't
into subtle. So, at eleven o'clock sharp, Lily let herself into his
bedroom to surprise him. Boy, did she surprise him! She didn't have
any illusions about Tyler. She knew he was a womanizer and that was
the fortunate part.

Lily entered quietly into Tyler's room,
trying not to think of Quinn. After all,
wasn't a virgin,
was he?! Her attention was immediately diverted to the activity on
the white sheets before her. “Tyler?” she whispered.

“What the hell.” The night light immediately
flipped on. There Tyler was in all his glory banging the Cheyenne
rodeo queen.

For whatever reason, Lily started to laugh,
probably because she was sort of relieved.

“Hi, Sally,” she giggled as she turned around
and headed for the door that she had just previously entered.

“Wait, I can explain,” Tyler came hopping
after her holding a pillow in front of himself.

“You can???” Lily said as she looked him up
and down with raised eyebrows before she really started to laugh.
As she left, she shut the door behind her.

If Lily didn't know it before, she knew it
now. A good pecker doesn't necessarily equal a good man. Just
something for her to keep in mind.


Lily graduated early from Veterinarian School
with honors from Kansas State University. She was twenty-three. She
was now a young doctor ready to setup an office in Manhattan,
Kansas. As she began to build her practice, she worked at the
nearby research hospital for animals both domestic and wild. Her
biggest clients were the wounded warriors from Fort Riley that had
been discharged from the military due to injuries – the service
dogs. Her job was to patch them up and try to give them the same
advantages as their human counterparts. What made her successful
was that she often healed their spirit as well. That was the main
reason she chose to stay in this small Kansas town of Manhattan,
known as the Small Apple.

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