Finding His Mrs. Right (Mending Hearts Series)







Finding His Mrs. Right

Mending Hearts Series Book 1





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Finding His Mrs. Right

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Multi-Millionaire Landon Brooks has it all.
The cars, the money, and the occasional fling.
Until Her.
Tessa Winters enters Landon's life with one goal.
To find him love.
Owning her own matchmaking business, Tessa hides behind her profession to protect her own heart.
But working with Landon Brooks, the over confident, arrogant, playboy, throws her off balance.
Secrets of Landon's past, will crash into Tessa's present, and dredge up demons she has longed to forget. Maybe being together is exactly what they need to heal…
Will he have courage enough to claim his Mrs. Right?





My lungs burned, as the icy cold water invaded them. The water had been murky, and tasted like death. My air had long run out, and I reached for the surface, but my body couldn’t seem to fight the current. The more I struggled, the more the water seemed to get heavier, and push me down. I wanted to scream for help, but again, I was already swallowing too much of the dreaded water.

I was becoming disorientated, and became even more afraid for my life. The water pushed me down from all sides, and I had nothing to anchor myself with. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

I was drowning.

I’m sure I was only in the water for a matter of minutes, but to me it had felt like hours. I had held my breath for as long as I could, but there was no use. The pressure on my lungs had been crushing, and I eventually tried to suck in air, only to get the unwelcome taste of death. Now, I knew this was it. There was no need to fight it anymore. I was done for.

My life was over, and it wasn’t fair. The blanket, known as darkness swallowed me as I let myself go.




“We need to muddle over that in the meeting.” I reassured, as I spoke to Adriane, the head honcho over at a publishing company I was looking to buy.

Listening for a few moments more, my attention was grabbed by a knock on the door. My door slid open, and Valerie, my assistant popped her head inside. She was a blonde, and had crystal blue eyes to match.

“Your ten o’clock is here, Mr. Brooks.” She whispered.

I put a finger up as Adriane yammered on about his points. I get that he was nervous about me narrowing in on his company, but it was something I wanted. In the end, the company would be mines
, no questions asked.

“Adriane, I have to get going. I have someone here waiting.” I interrupted curtly. Yeah, it was rude, but I had other things to do. After saying a brisk goodbye, we hung up.

“You can send them in.” I reassured, and she immediately disappeared.

Fixing the papers that were scattered on the desk, I heard a light tapping on my door once more. Looking up, I saw it slightly open again, before a fiery red head strolled in. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, and a white blouse. Her hair was frizzy; she was wearing glasses, and holding a notebook. Walking over to my desk, she held out a hand as I stood. Taking her hand, I shook it as she smiled at me briefly.

“Hi, I’m
Tessa Winters.” She said, introducing herself to me.

andon Brooks, CEO of Brooks Enterprises, but you already knew that. Please, take a seat.” I offered, and she nodded before sitting down.

Following her lead, I sat in my leather chair
. Folding my hands on the very large desk in front of me, I watched her drink in my office. The building was made of glass, and modeled after my favorite comic book superhero’s office, Tony Stark. As a kid, I was consumed by his drive and wanted to be like him. My father had ditched my mother when I was a kid, leaving her to have to work hard to provide for me and my younger sister. So, I had been determined to do everything in my power to ensure she never had to want for anything.

“So, you called me here to set you up with your perfect match?”
Tessa asked, grabbing my attention.

“Yes, I figured I’ll be twenty seven in a few months, and it’s time to find that perfect girl for me.” I said rehearsed. I nearly gagged as the words left my mouth, but this was a must.

“Okay, tell me your likes and dislikes.” She replied opening her notebook, and slipping out a pen.

“She needs to be smart, beautiful, driven.
A mirror image of me.” I answered.

By the look she was giving me, I could tell
Tessa thought exactly what everyone else thought of me. Yeah, I knew I could come off a bit thick headed and conceited, but if I was really going to settle down, Tessa needed to know this. If she couldn’t help find me the right girl, then I was hopeless because apparently she was the best matchmaker in the country. All the celebrities used her, and she was only twenty four. So that showed me, she had worked just as hard as I had, at getting her business to the top.

Is that a problem?” I asked, and she shook her head, no, as she jotted something down.

“Do you have a specific “type” that you go for?” She asked curiously.

“No.” I said curt, leaning back in my chair as I watched her nervously jot something else down.

I had no intention of actually answering her questions about my “type” of girl. That would make things too easy for her. After all, wasn’t I paying her to find me what she thought I wanted? I wanted to see just how good she was, but by the looks of things, it didn’t look too promising.
By the looks of it, my new matchmaker had never been on a date herself, and if she had, it had been a complete disaster. So how in the hell was she going to fix me up?

“I’ll have a date ready for you by tonight. Be at
Vincenti, tonight at eight. No later.” Tessa ordered, getting up. I watched her as she scurried out of my office. This date was definitely going to be interesting.

rriving at the restaurant, I searched the place briefly before I spotted my date. My matchmaker had called me with the rest of the specifics on what to look for. Apparently my date was supposed to be carrying a red rose. I saw her from afar, sitting at the table in the dimly lighted area. She was a brunette, and her hair was pinned up properly.

Adjusting my suit, I strolled into th
e room and all eyes were on me. It was something I was used to. Being the wealthiest guy in my small town, it was a thing I had to get acquainted with. Besides, being the most talked about person was better than being ignored. Making it to the table, I flashed my perfect smile at her, and smiled back. Her face lit up as I sat down.

I wasn’t going to lie, she was gorgeous, and I mean naturally gorgeous. The fact that her face wasn’t plastered with makeup was an instant turn on.

“So, you’re Landon Brooks?” she asked with a wry smile.

I could immediately see where this date was going. My status was a thing every
girl loved. She’d be an easy lay, and I’d move on to the next one. So far, this was strike one for Ms. Winters. I guess weeding out the gold diggers wasn’t in her itinerary.

“In the flesh.”
I shrugged.

“So, what’s a guy like you need a matchmaker for? Can’t you just grab any girl you wanted?” she asked, playing with the rose she brought.

“With work, I don’t have time to sit through date after date. So, I figured why not let someone do it for me.” I said truthfully.

“But in the end, you’re still sitting here with me now.” She answered, and she was right.

“You seem pretty nice, do you want to hit the bar and get out of here.” I offered.

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