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John – Thank-you for your patience and being there when I needed you. Thank you for your encouragement and the little push I sometimes needed when I would doubt myself. Thank you for being my rock. I love you always.

My fabulous BETA TEAM! Thank-you for being the amazing people you are! Between the laughter and discussions, you are the best! Sometimes I really wanted to yell, shake you and sometimes, have that shot of vodka while Samuel looks on in approval. Yum! Here’s to you in helping me along the way! Rebecca and Kerri, you will forever be my girls! Mom, Thank you. For everything. Sometimes I wonder if you heard the voices in my head when I was younger!

Kim - There's no words to express my gratitude. Thank-you will never be enough! You are amazing and NEVER doubt your mad skills!

And to the people at Starbucks #3427 – Thank you for allowing me to sit hours upon hours in your café while I drank your water and occasionally, enjoyed the Pumpkin Scone, which by the way, I’m super happy to say is seasonal. Your staff is amazing!


To my Leanna.

Your precious soul will always light up the darkest of rooms simply with your smile.

Chapter 1





Sitting inside the PR
firm’s waiting area, she feels like she’s waiting for her life to begin. This interview will make or break her career. After studying at Princeton, majoring in Marketing and Journalism, Lisa spent time as an intern in big firms like Hardin, Baton & Partners, and worked full-time for Crenshaw & King Co. She knows Elite PR & Marketing is the best around. She wants this, needs this opportunity. Her career depends on it.

Looking around
, she
studies the pictures of celebrities on the wall. “This has to be it.”

her legs, she straightens her black pencil skirt, her black designer shoes complementing the outfit. Her white Versace blouse, with a black-and-white Anne Taylor scarf, complete her look. Her rich
hair flows in soft waves down her back to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, are bright, emerald green and
could brighten the darkest of rooms. Her soft lips and rounded chin are complemented by her captivating smile. Wondrous eyes gaze out in playful curiosity as she smiles, though there is a hint of a wild child there. With her slender, toned frame, she seems the picture of perfection. The diamond encrusted watch on her left wrist and a diamond bracelet on her right provide her an upper-class
aura that suited her. Adjusting herself in the seat, her nerves are making her palms sweat.

Running her hands down her legs again, she keeps telling herself, “
You got this. You got this.


Looking up at
receptionist, she stands,
smoothing down her skirt again, giving her one last chance to clean off her damp palms. Leaning down, she grasps her briefcase, then makes her way to the desk.
embossed name plaque,
“Mariah Kingsley”,
her with a smile. The
receptionist stands, returning Lisa's smile. “He’ll see you now.”

close behind Mariah,
room, she studies her short and slender frame. Her straight, blond hair is pulled to the nape of her neck and fastened
by a clip. Her grey, two-piece dress fits her slender frame nicely, the skirt ending just above her knees. Her black peep-toe pumps provide Mariah a little extra height, as her heels click on the floor with each step she takes. The
separating her from the other employees
Some of
them are on their phones, others are
watching her, as if they were whispering “fresh meat”. She received a few smiles…and a few glares.

Turning a corner, Mariah and Lisa stop at a double set of wooden doors. Mariah grasps the door
handle and pulls it open. The room is enormous. The white walls are bright as the sun reflects inside, bouncing off the round table in the middle of the room. The
walls are decorated with pictures of celebrities, musicians, and world-renowned authors. As she takes a step inside, two gentlemen look up and smile.

tall man approaches
gives the appearance of danger, a bad boy. His dark brown eyes are
show a hint of mischief;
his dark hair is like deep waves that she wouldn't mind riding;
his frame is so firm and perfectly fit that she imagines sweat running down his chiseled chest and cut abs;
his lips are longing, begging to be kissed;
his cologne is intoxicating;
his button-down white shirt, fresh from the cleaners and providing a nice contrast to his dark hair, is accented with a brilliant red tie. The tie has black lines,
scattered throughout
He smiles,
showing perfect teeth. To say that
he looks like he hasn’t missed the gym a day in his life would be an understatement.

, Lisa.
My name’s Samuel Clayton. I’m the CEO of Elite PR & Marketing. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He reaches out, presenting his hand to Lisa. She smiles, feeling a little blush touch her cheeks as she shakes his hand. His handshake is firm, but his skin feels like silk.

Clearing her throat,
“Hello, Mr. Clayton.
It’s a pleasure to be here today.”

“Please, call me Samuel
,” he

She nods to him
“Thank-you, Samuel.”

the marketing director, smiles and nods at her. She’s met with him previously so having him here today provides a sense of relief, like a friendly familiar face. Steven is also tall, but maybe an inch shorter than Samuel;
his salt-and-pepper hair accents his light blue eyes;
his goatee gives him a youthful appearance;
his grey dress shirt is accented with a blue tie, bringing out his eyes and reminding Lisa of a country sunrise. He appears to look strong, but not as fit as Samuel. She reaches over to shake his hand. “Steven, it’s great seeing you again.”

, Lisa.” He smiles and looks over at Samuel.

Steven walks towards the
table. “Lisa has great potential with us, Samuel." He motions to the leather chairs pushed against the table. "Shall we?” The oval conference table is set up with coffee, and various assortments of bagels and

Samuel pulls out a chair for
Lisa and she takes a seat. Steven picks up a remote and presses a button, sending down blinds over the
windows. "The sun can blind us in
at times.” Steven chuckles,
sets the remote down, then takes his seat next to her.

She nods in appreciation

Leaning over
, she opens the top of her black briefcase, reaches in, and pulls out her resume and a couple copies of her portfolio,
laying them on the table.
Samuel picks one up and begins to thumb through it.

Lisa watches him for a moment and then turns to Mariah
, who has returned to the room. Lisa smiles up at her, not realizing that
even left. Mariah steps towards the table and begins pouring three cups of coffee, handing one to Lisa first. “Thank-you.”
then turns to leave, closing the doors behind her. Lisa reaches over for the cream and sugar, lifting a few spoonful’s of each into her cup, then stirs. Setting the spoon down, she takes a sip and
then places her cup back onto the table.

Samuel turns his attention back to Lisa. “Tell us about some of the clients and parties you have booked in the past. How were they successful?”

He places two spoons of
into his cup. Stirring it,
he takes a sip.
Looking down at
her portfolio, Samuel begins looking through it again. Lisa explains some of the clients she's booked, the parties she's hosted, and the events that went on
without a hitch.

, please take a look through my portfolio of events. I trust you’ll see the level of expertise I’ve used. No matter who the client is, everyone is important. Nothing is out of my limits. Everyone has a weakness. I find out what that might be and play it to my advantage.” She grins, as they look through her portfolio. “I also understand that
not everyone needs to be bribed.” She shrugs. “It never hurts, though.” She smiles, and Samuel chuckles. “Having the client being presented by Elite PR & Marketing would be name dropping alone.”

Samuel nods
, as he reviews her portfolio. “Lisa, this is quite impressive. I understand where Steven was coming from now. He’s spoken very highly of you.” Lisa grins and feels her face blush slightly.

Looking up to
catch her gaze, Samuel sets her resume down. “Let me get down to it. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to climb to the top? To be number one?”

confidence. “Absolutely. I strive for perfection.” Samuel and Steven both smile. She intertwines her fingers and sets them in her lap, crossing her legs.

“Excellent. You would be willing to sell yourself to make this happen?
whatever it takes to be successful?” Samuel raises his brows

I value my career. I love PR and would give everything I am, everything I have, to be successful here.”

Samuel’s eyes gleam with a hue of red that flashes so fast, Lisa believes she may have imagined it. Steven stands
and strides across the room, grasping a contract. Coming back to the table, he hands it to Samuel. “Then welcome to the company, Lisa. We’re honored to have you on board.” Samuel hands the contract to her.

She looks down at it
, then back up to Samuel, her expression one
of gratitude and excitement. “Oh, my gosh! Are you serious?” Lisa squeals out and then immediately
contains herself,
clearing her throat. “What I mean to say is thank-you for this opportunity,”

Steven chuckles and Samuel smirks. He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a black Montblanc pen
to her. Taking it, she reads over the contract, not really paying much attention to the details because the excitement of landing her dream job is
coursing through her. Scribbling her signature on the dotted line, she slides it back to Samuel.
He signs his name, then slides it to Steven. Taking the contract, he presses a button on the table.
It buzzes lightly.

“You will do great things here Lisa. I can feel it!” Samuel stands
reaching out his hand. The double wooden doors open and Mariah walks back into the room.

hands her the contract. “Please make two copies.”

She nods and smiles warmly at Lisa. “Yes
, sir. Welcome to the company, Lisa!” Mariah takes the contract and looks to Samuel. Lisa witnesses
exchange, and she’s not sure if it is intimate or something else. Ignoring it, she smiles and begins to gather up her resume and portfolios, placing them

-you so much!” she says,
turning to face Steven. She extends her hand. “I’m excited to continue my career here at Elite PR & Marketing.”

and smiles. “We look forward to seeing what you’re capable of, Lisa.” Mariah walks back into the room and hands the two copies of the contract back to Samuel. Smiling at Lisa, she
walks back out the door.

Here’s a copy for your records.” Samuel hands
her. “When passing by Mariah, let her know of a tentative start date so we can prepare your office.” Lisa places the
into her briefcase.

-you again. You won’t be disappointed.” She smiles,
then picks up her briefcase.

that,” Samuel chuckles, then rests his hands on his hips. “See you very soon.”

“Gentlemen, it was a pleasure and an honor. I look forward to my venture.”

Smiling, she pushes the door open,
then looks back at Steven and Samuel. They begin talking amongst themselves so Lisa closes the door behind her. Stopping for a moment,
she exhales a breath that
she’s been holding. Her smile grows bigger, as she leans against the door.

“Ms. Adams?”
Mariah’s voice calls
hall. Walking that
way, Lisa approaches her desk. “Mr. Clayton asked that I get a potential start date for you.”

Lisa nods and pulls out her smartphone, touching her calendar icon.
“I should be able to start two weeks from today.”

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