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1st Edition Published: March 2015

Whiskey Girls Publishing

Editing: Asli Fratarcangeli and C&D Editing

Cover Design by: Jessie Lane

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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and events portrayed in this book either are from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, establishments, events, or location is purely coincidental and not intended by the author. Please do not take offense to the content, as it is FICTION.

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This book contains mature content not suitable for those under the age of 18. Involves strong language and sexual situations. All parties portrayed in sexual situations are adults over the age of 18.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.



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Two people once lost.

Two people once broken.

Two people who have endured the pain.

One love brought them together. One love healed their hearts and made them whole again. One love carries them through both the good times and the bad.

Shooter and Tessie have faced the shadows and demons that haunt their souls. They have built their life together on a solid foundation of love, friendship, and understanding. The only thing they haven’t done is make it official.

Join them as they come together to commit to one another for the eternal ride.







*Intended for mature audiences only*

This series contains strong language, strong sexual situations, and violence. Please do not buy if any of this offends you.


This is not meant to be a true or exact depiction of a motorcycle club, rather a work of fiction meant to entertain.







Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

About the Author

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Excerpt of Ice (Regulators MC Book 1) Co-Written by Jessie Lane









“Are you sure I shouldn’t at least go back to work at Brinkley’s?” Tessie asks in all sincerity.

Sincere or not, I look over to her from our kitchen table as if she has two heads. It is the same fight we have month after month.

After she agreed to move in with me, she took time off to help her mom adjust and be at home more for Axel. Brinkley’s has told her she can come back to work anytime, but that is a decision I leave solely up to her.

“Baby, come here.”

She walks over slowly. When she is close enough, I reach out and pull her to my lap.

“Why do we keep having this conversation?”

“I don’t know,” she whispers. “Maybe because I’m stubborn.” She bites at her bottom lip, making my dick twitch in my jeans. God, she is even sexy in sweats and an old tank top. The littlest things turn me on with this woman. Hell, if I am honest, everything about her turns me on.

“You wanna work, then work. You wanna stay home with your mom and Axel, stay home. Baby, you’re on the bank account; you see the statements. We aren’t rich, but we damn sure don’t struggle.”

“That’s your money, Shooter,” she states calmly, just like she does every time we discuss money.

My anger rises yet again over this same topic.

“Tessie, is that my ring on your finger?”

“Yes,” she answers, looking down at her left hand.

“Is it my last name you will soon have?”

“Yes, Shooter.” She blows out a frustrated breath.

“Am I a man?”

“Andy,” she chastises my smartass remark.

“Baby, am I a man?” She nods at me. “Am I your man?”

“Yes, Shooter, you know all this.”

“Then tell me, why is it such a problem for me as a man to take care of you as my woman? To take care of my family? Are we not building something to be a family?” I watch her, trying to gauge where her head is.

“Yes, Shooter. It’s just hard. I’m so used to doing it all. It’s hard to accept help.”

Jumping up from my chair, I stand her on her feet.

“Help!” I roar at her. She flinches, not used to me getting so worked up. “Fuck, Tessie! This isn’t help. This is us being together. Dammit, I take care of what’s mine. Last I checked, you are fuckin’ mine. Unless something’s changed that you need to tell me about …”

Without a word, she rolls up on her tiptoes and kisses me. My frustration only adds to the passion as I suck hard on her bottom lip before pulling away, releasing her mouth with a pop.

“Baby, if you need to work, then work. But, please, stop the shit over money. I get it, baby, I really do. Don’t call what I do help, ever. It’s not help; it’s being a man.”

“Okay, Shooter.”

“Okay, Shooter? That was a little too easy.” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“I am yours, and you’re the type of man to take care of what’s yours. So I need to decide if I want to work for me and not about the money.”

“You gonna marry me sometime soon, then?” If she is going to concede so easily over the money, then now is the time to push my luck on the other topic we have not quite been seeing eye-to-eye on.

The wedding. The wedding that I want to happen, like yesterday. Although the road to get us here was far from easy, I have never wanted something so much in my life—to have her carry my last name, to have her carry my babies, and most importantly, to have her share my life for always.

“Shooter,” she whines, knowing this is yet another topic we will go in circles over.

“What? I want you to have my name, have my babies, and sooner rather than later. Just sayin’.” I try to look innocent, but I seriously doubt she finds any of this innocent on my end.

“So, take me to the court house. I told you this already.”

Exasperating woman.

“We are not getting married at the damn court house. First, I tend to avoid court houses. I don’t know any Hellion that will willingly go to one. Nor do I want one of the happiest days of our lives to be at a court house. That doesn’t work for me, Tessie. Second, your mom had one daughter. Baby, little girls dream of the dress, the man, the day, and so do their moms. What’s the problem with you having all that?”

She sighs. “Shooter, weddings are expensive.”

“Fuckin’ money. Why does everything come back to money, Tessie? I may not be rich, but damn, I’m not poor.”

She reaches up, placing her hands on my chest. “Shooter, this isn’t about your money. I know you provide well for us. I know you want to give me the wedding of my dreams. It honestly has nothing to do with you. It’s me, Shooter. I can’t see spending some crazy amount of money on one day, even if it is the biggest day of my life outside of having Axel.”

Tears pool in her eyes. God, I hate when she cries.

“There was a time not so long ago when I counted pennies just to get by. There was a time when, yes, I went to the grocery store to use the coin machine just to be able to get milk and cereal for Axel.” As the tears fall, I reach up and run my thumbs under her eyes to wipe them away. “I can’t forget my struggles, Shooter. You make everything feel so easy it scares me sometimes. You take care of me in a way I’ve never been taken care of before. Even when I was a kid with Momma, we struggled. I’ve never known how to relax and not worry about having enough to get by until my next night with good tips or my next paycheck.”

“What can we do so we aren’t at the court house, but you don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank? Tell me what you want.”

“I want memories. I want family, friends, you, me, and Axel to have this together. I don’t want a church. I don’t want some big shindig. I just want simple.”

“Baby, if it’s memories you want, it’s memories you’ll get.”








Sun, surf, and sand. Never would I have imagined Brett ‘Ice’ Grady coming to Miami and settling down. Things aren’t always what they seem, I guess.

There is an anxiousness inside me as we make the drive southbound.

Tessie is cute when she gets all nervous about meeting someone close to me. She has talked to Ice and Brooke here and there on the phone calls we have managed, but the whole meeting them is different. Hell, I thought she was going to cry when she met Fred, Tracie’s dad, for the first time. My woman feels deeply, loves harder, and takes on everything for everyone. She has brought Fred into our little family as if he is one of our own. He lost his wife and daughter, but he still has me, my girl, and our boy.

Axel spends time out at the garage with me, learning everything from the man who taught me when I wasn’t that much older than he is now. Life is good for a change, for all of us.

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