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Double Your Pleasure

Mary Suzanne

ISBN 978-1-934446-32-4

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fought through the heavy brush searching for the path that led to the main highway. She felt twigs brushing against her bare arms, scratching them painfully. She’d been in these woods more than once in the past, but tonight everything looked the same to her. The forest enveloped her, shadows bounced from rocks and trees, bringing them to life. Everything had a different shape and form, and she felt fear rise in her throat.

She wouldn’t be in this predicament if her car hadn’t quit on the frontage road. On her way home from shopping at the small town she’d decided to use a shortcut, but it hadn’t helped. This was where she’d found her journey cut short.

As she moved stealthily across the root-filled pathway, strange noises filled the night air. One she identified as a hooting owl off in the distance, but she didn’t recognize the next sound. She felt her heart race in fright. Up ahead, she spotted a tree stump, and after reaching it, she plopped down with a heavy sigh. Maybe a little rest would make things easier for her in finding her way along the trail. She sat, trying to still her racing heart, but the mosquitoes buzzing around her legs decided to make her a meal.
Damn, now what am I going to do?
she thought as she slapped at the mosquitoes.

Jenny reached in her back pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t remembered it before, instead of tramping all this way. She’d simply make a call to someone and find her way out of this frightening place.

Her parents were out of town and besides, they didn’t know she’d returned a month early from college. The only other person she could call was a neighbor that lived a mile away in the farming community. She dialed the number and lifted the phone to her ear, but there wasn’t a dial tone.
She looked around, nothing but trees, rocks, moonlight and shadows.
Well, that idea isn’t going to work, not a freakin’ cell tower in sight.

Of all times to have car problems, she should have put the car in the shop last week, but she’d kept putting it off and now she was in a predicament. Lost in the woods wasn’t how she pictured her day ending.

After a time, she decided to try to make it a little further, hoping she was going in the right direction. Most of the wooded area in the farm fields of Illinois was isolated. Just as she started out, she heard a piercing scream echo through the woods. Her throat tightened as the urgency to escape overwhelmed her. She started to run but didn’t get far. Her foot caught in one of the roots sticking out of the ground and she stumbled forward in an ungraceful heap, hitting her head on a rock.

Brilliant lights filled her head as blackness washed over her. She heard moaning and realized it came from her. She kept floating in and out of unconsciousness and felt nauseous. Suddenly, she couldn’t remember her own name. She didn’t have any clue to what she was doing in this remote area. Another noise caught her attention, but she couldn’t identify it. A black void enveloped her and she drifted off.

When she came around again, someone was lifting her. She felt strong arms holding her tightly against an equally strong chest. Bright lights popped on and off behind her eyelids. Pain creased a path across her forehead, and she moaned again softly trying to raise her hand to block it out. She tried wriggling free of the tight hold, without success. From the brief impression of the person holding her, she didn’t feel as if her rescuer meant her any harm. No, if he’d wanted to, he’d already have tried something. She relaxed and felt comforted in the strong arms draped around her.

She glanced up through her long dark lashes and saw the outline of a face. What she saw looked ruggedly handsome, but with her head in such a whirl, she couldn’t be sure. Then, a man to her left with the same facial features filled her line of vision. Confusion filled her, this couldn’t be right. Surely, she must be hallucinating and she’d wake up soon to find she’d had a bad dream. There couldn’t be two identical men rescuing her. Maybe she was seeing double. A hysterical sensation swept through her over her unstable emotions, but the black void returned, blotting out everything.




The following day she awoke in a king-sized bed, in a rustic cabin. Her gaze drifted around the room trying to identify her surroundings. There wasn’t a thing that looked familiar. She looked around the room and spotted a mirror on the table next to the bed. Hope filled her as she picked it up; maybe if she got a look at her face, she might be able to remember her identity. That small hope was the only thing that kept her from panicking again.

As she glanced in the mirror, she saw how her long brunette hair needed a good brushing. A heart shaped face and green eyes looked back at her in the glass.
She still didn’t find anything coming back to her over her identity. Another feeling of fright filled her.
Who am I; where am I?

She thought about the person that had carried her to safety and his companion. Surely, if either man meant to harm her, they would have already. She heard a noise distracting her from trying to jog her memory back. She glanced over to her left as the door opened and in walked a man wearing only a towel draped across his lean tanned hips. Another man, fully dressed, was close on his heels. A frown settled across her smooth brow realizing that these two men were identical twins.

She took her time in studying everything about them. They stood well over six feet with muscular builds that made her breathless. Dark eyes, chiseled features, and shoulder length dark hair made up the two handsome hunks. The thought that the twins were invading her space didn’t bother her. She could only stare, open-mouthed at the handsome male specimens. These men sent vibrations through her without really trying; their overpowering presence was enough to excite her.

Her gaze zeroed in on both sets of full lips. She silently wondered what they would feel like if they possessed her mouth in a long kiss. A yearning filled her to experience their possession, yet she couldn’t explain her reaction.

She noticed both men glancing toward the bed. One man moved closer to her side. For the longest time, he studied her face before eventually speaking. “Who are you?” he asked as he placed his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. The other man was a silent observer.

“I can’t remember,” she murmured, yielding to the feel of his gentle caress. “I lost my memory when I hit my head.”

“We found you lying in the woods,” he said in a husky tone, sending another wanton feeling racing through her.

“Thank you,” she murmured, staring into his dark eyes and feeling mesmerized by his intent stare. She tried looking away, but the effort was too great.

As they continued to study each other, his next action surprised her. He leaned over her and the towel swept forward revealing his cock beneath the terry cloth barrier. It was huge,
although blood hadn’t yet engorged it with excitement, but still, the size had her fantasizing about what it would look like fully aroused. This also made her wonder about the silent man, watching, waiting. She couldn’t stop thinking about how the hard sheath would feel wedged tightly in her pussy.

She glanced up at him and noticed how he watched her face as she inspected his cock. She saw a movement to her right; the other twin had removed his clothing. A frown covered her face,
what…what’s happening?
Thoughts kept crowding her mind, who was she and why did she find such an interest in the two stranger’s bodies? Not knowing anything about her past life, she wondered if she was a promiscuous person
, I’m here…with two men, and…
There wasn’t any way she could find out, so she leaned back to enjoy the scenery.
What’s the harm in that?
She smiled. The men were walking dreams and a strange desire took her.

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