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Authors: Nina Pierce

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Deceive Her With Desire (6 page)


Ayden barely remembered his father. A Boston cop, he’d been killed in the line of duty when he was only four. His mother had worked herself to death holding down three jobs while trying to bring up two rambunctious boys in the heart of the city. His little brother, Thomas, had suffered the same fate as their father. Ayden knew heartache when he saw it.

“I’m sorry, Deirdre.” His hand found its way to her cheek of its own accord. She was warm and soft and smelled like spring flowers, and his lips melted into hers before he thought about the consequences of his actions.

He set his tumbler on the coffee table and took the wineglass out of her hands, placing it next to his. His mouth tangled with Deirdre’s as her lips grew pliant against his. Their breathing came out in ragged hitches, and he laid her back on the couch. A heady mixture of wine and flowers filled his senses. His tongue danced with hers as he teased it in and out of her mouth. He dipped in to taste, then retreated to feel the silky heat of hers sampling him.

He wound his fingers in her hair, enjoying the silky strands tumbling down his arms. He wanted her. Not just any woman, not Jameson’s bimbo, but this woman.
Jameson. Damn
. Ayden pulled back abruptly.

“Deirdre, I’m sorry.” He sat up and swiped the taste of her away with the back of his hand. “I don’t know what came over me.” Actually, he knew exactly what had taken over. The pressure building behind his fly was evidence of exactly where he’d expected to go.

His intentions hadn’t been honorable when he’d driven her here. Before she’d gotten out of her little Toyota, she’d been an informant, albeit an unknowing one, but an informant nonetheless. The woman panting next to him, with lips swollen from his kisses, had suddenly become a person. She had a family and sorrow, and who cared if she could give him a complete dossier on Jameson. He couldn’t use her that way. She seemed so emotionally raw at the moment. It would be insensitive of him to take advantage of her.

Sometimes he hated how the moral high ground left you nothing but empty and alone.


“Deirdre, I want you to know…”

Her soft lips found his and he nearly fell backward from the force of the impact of her body against his.

“I don’t care what your motivation is.” Deirdre pulled his bottom lip between her teeth. “You know, right now, I don’t care about much.” She nibbled her way to his ear, her breath heating his blood. “I won’t ask you to call me tomorrow or the next day. I don’t want anything but now, and what we can do for each other.”

He had her dress partially unzipped before she finished the last sentence. Ayden pushed her back as he slid the tiny straps of material off her shoulders and slipped the black fabric to her waist. Her breasts stood high and firm. The nipples were tight little points straining against the strapless bra. He unclasped the front hooks, releasing the fleshy mounds. His mouth watered and he couldn’t stop himself from curling his tongue around the tight pearls of her nipples, tasting and sampling the satin flesh. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she arched her back, filling his mouth with the flushed skin of her tits.

He held one in each hand, molding and pressing them together, his tongue laving first one beaded tip and then the other.

Ayden inhaled deeply. She’d dotted her cleavage with perfume, and his nostrils flared as the floral scent mixed with her arousal. The moans of her pleasure assaulted his ears, driving him into
a frenzy
. He wanted to slow his need, but she bucked and pressed her thigh between his legs, her pulsing hips driving her pubic bone into his belly.

The rumble of desire vibrated through his chest. Ayden reached around her back, searching desperately for the zipper that would allow him unfettered access to her beautiful body. He could feel her well-muscled torso beneath him.
Her other leg wrapped tightly around his, rubbing restlessly up and down his thigh.
Damn, it had been too long since he’d had a writhing woman beneath him. All he wanted was to drive himself into her and relieve the ache in his balls. But Ayden was too much of a gentleman not to satisfy the lady first.

Hands sought naked flesh. Teeth grazed skin, leaving sexual trails of heat and lust. Gasps of pleasure were shared and swallowed as hungry libidos craved satisfaction.

And all Deirdre kept thinking as her body arched against Austin was,
his is a man
. At least there was no guilt about her ex, only the need to satisfy her own frantic cravings. She didn’t want to feel this desperate for the touch of another human being. But here it was, making her hot and wet and her breaths pull in hiccups of hunger.

The damp heat of Austin’s silky tongue was such a wonderful contrast to the stubble of his beard grazing her breasts. She dug her fingers into his hair, pulling him impossibly closer. All she wanted was his fingers to bring her to the climax her body had refused to surrender for months. The way his mouth and hands were teasing her nipples was driving her crazy. Men in her past had been more a curiosity and had never failed to disappointment. But this man, the one with the talented hands working magic on her flesh was heating her blood to a fevered pitch of need. Deirdre was sure one touch to her clitoris and he would tip her over the edge into the release she so desperately sought.

“I can’t get the…your dress.” Austin’s hand struggled behind her back. “Oh, baby, frig the zipper!”

He laughed into her mouth just before his tongue plundered in and swallowed her gasp. In one swift motion, he pushed the dress up to her waist and cupped her mound, his fingers pushing the black thong aside and dipping into her moisture. He dragged her slippery heat to the throbbing bundle of nerves begging for attention.

“Wet. You are so fucking wet.” Austin breathed the words into her ear before sliding down her torso.

“No…I…” Deirdre knew what he intended to do and wasn’t at all sure she wanted his mouth on her. “Austin…I…” She couldn’t seem to string a coherent thought together as his teeth grazed her nipple. “Oh, God, I…”

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

It had been so long since someone had cared about her pleasure. In all the months with Brianna, their lovemaking was monosyllabic moans, at best. But here, with Austin, just for this night, she wanted to tell him—no, plead with him to satisfy her, but the words wouldn’t come.

The air gushed out of her lungs on a moan as the rough pad of his middle finger circled her clitoris, the motion sending jolts of scorching pleasure over her nerves. “Yes, there, like… oh, God…yes, Austin…I…” The shocks of bliss shimmied through her, igniting little sparks that flashed up her core straight to her fingers gripping the leather armrest behind her head, anchoring her against his lascivious assault.

His body slid down her torso, Austin’s fingers never losing contact with her body. His tongue worshiped her belly then her hip bone. He rubbed his
face against the tender skin at the apex of her thighs, the prickly burn adding another dimension to the sensations ricocheting over her nerves.

All the while, his fingers stroked her, bringing her closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy before widening the circle and pushing deep inside her. Each time he stopped and moved back, he drove her to a higher plateau of pleasure.

“Deirdre, you’re beautiful, so beautiful. Open yourself for me.” Austin lifted her leg over his shoulder, spreading her wide. He teased the sensitive folds with her thong before pushing it aside. “Gorgeous. Sweet nectar, no man could resist.”

He brought his mouth to her, laying his tongue flat he trailed it slowly up and down before pressing it deep. Austin mumbled an oath as her internal muscles clenched around his pulsing fingers. Deirdre shut her eyes, focusing on the myriad sensations his lips, tongue and fingers were creating. Feeling the incredible ecstasy building to a crescendo, she dug her nails into the taut muscles of his shoulders, her body lifting to meet the wonderful heat of his mouth.

“Look at me, Deirdre. Don’t close your eyes.”

She forced herself to obey, staring over her clenched torso at Austin’s eyes, dark with pleasure. There was something unnerving about how easily he had her trembling on the edge of delirium.

, did he know how to please a woman or what?

She gasped with each flick of his talented tongue. Two thick fingers were buried deep in her slick heat keeping time with the pulse of her hips. Her breasts heaved as she tried desperately to fill lungs that couldn’t seem to expand enough to sate her need for air.

With his gaze locked on hers, Austin sucked her clit into the heat of his mouth. His tongue flicked the tight knot of nerves, sending her over the edge of reason as lightning bolts of ecstasy shot to her fingers and toes. Her moans of pleasure were answering claps of thunder as wave after wave of bliss rolled through her body.

She rocked her hips as the storm of her climax washed over her. Austin stayed with her, his tongue matching the pulsing motions of her body. Her hands flailed restlessly from his shoulders, to his hair, to the cushions of the couch. All the while her internal muscles clenched, the sparks of release exploding through her core.

Deirdre was still recovering, her breath and heart slowing from the earth-shattering climax as Austin stood, efficiently stripped off his jeans and rolled a condom onto his sizeable erection. She didn’t have time to second-guess her decision when his weight came down on hers, cocooning her in the warmth and strength of him.

He settled himself between her legs, her hips lifting of their own accord to ease his entry. Austin dropped kisses on her eyes, her nose, her chin, finally settling on her mouth. She opened for him, his tongue gliding across hers, her salty taste adding to the sensual flavor of Austin.

Sliding in slowly, he gave her body time to accommodate his girth. He stretched and filled her until Deirdre’s body was strung tight with pleasure. With a salacious slip and slide, he rocked his hips, her internal muscles clenching to pull him deeper.

“So fucking tight, Deirdre.”
They were the only coherent words she understood from him.

Gasping oaths of pleasure were murmured and swallowed, their bodies finding their own rhythm of bliss. Deirdre wrapped her legs around his hips, her nails digging into the hard curve of his ass, pulling him deeper, reveling in the onslaught of sensation his body was offering hers.

Austin’s teeth grazed her neck. His hand molded around her breast, pinching and rolling the nipple, sending electric jolts of the most amazing pleasurable pain coursing over her nerves. Buried to the hilt, he brought her to another climax that caught her unawares, slamming into her and tearing Deirdre apart with its intensity. Her back bowed as he
his hips, skin slapping against skin and Austin’s guttural cries of euphoria lifted with hers.

He continued to pulse his hips, each of them milking the last of their orgasms.
Her body free-floated on a weightless cloud of ecstasy.
How long Austin drove her, she couldn’t be sure. Deirdre’s head reeled from the wine, from the lack of oxygen and the mind-blowing orgasms tilting her world.

Chapter 5


“So, tell me again where you went Saturday.” Rachel asked for the third time. “Emilio and I looked all over that damn mansion for you. You stormed off in quite a huff.” Rachel blew at the steam rising from the coffee cup in her hand.

“I was not in a huff. I was tired. And for the millionth time, I went

“Yeah, right, whatever.” Rachel slumped against the battered seat of the one-ton pickup. Deirdre looked over at her friend who gazed out the window. The eastern sky was just beginning to show the crimson hues of sunrise. It was Monday morning, and they were headed to Shawn’s mansion to start the fall cleanup.

Deirdre stole a look in the side mirror to check on the wood chipper she was hauling.

“Now don’t go getting your panties in a wad,
. I know you wanted to hook me up, but it just didn’t happen. It was a good party. Got us this job, didn’t it?”

Without turning, Rachel lifted a shoulder. Her friend knew a lie when it fell from Deidre’s mouth, but Deirdre wasn’t ready to tell Rachel she had a one-night stand with a
, of all people. She was still working out what the whole thing meant to her. She’d spent the day yesterday psychoanalyzing her own motives and really wasn’t ready to have Rachel grilling her on the abrupt gender about-face.

Deirdre had been nervous about having sex with Austin, the whole
plunging in
thing. But after the way he made her body sing on the couch, she lost all inhibitions. Still, he surprised her by carrying Deirdre upstairs and slowly stripping the dress from her. She couldn’t bring herself to return the favor, and without a word Austin laid her on his bed, lit candles and undressed himself.

Even before he loved her with a tenderness she never experienced, Deirdre knew theirs would be a brief affair.
Shit, where was she going with this? The memories continued to roll as the miles ticked away on the odometer. It was all she’d done for the past two days, daydream of Austin.

She thought of how he worked her into another frenzied pitch before sheathing himself with a condom from the generous supply in his nightstand. He seemed to have them everywhere. That fact still stuck in her craw. He was definitely a smooth operator. It shouldn’t surprise her that he did this sort of thing often. But for some reason, the knowledge he had lots of bedmates bothered her.

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