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Authors: Sloane Taylor

Czech Mate (3 page)

Chapter Three

acey lifted out a teetering stack of silky looking items.
A light blue bra encased with what must be rhinestones slid to the floor, quickly followed by matching bikini panties.

“What are these?” Dragan knelt next to her. Blood pounded through his veins as he captured the delicate cloth in his hands.

“My undies.” She continued to rummage, spilling more silken items onto the carpet.

He lifted an eyebrow. “Uncomfortable?”

“Surprisingly, no.” She giggled. Her creamy skin took on a rosy glow as she dipped her head lower to the suitcase. “Damn it, where is it?”

A vision of her dressed only in the intimate garments and those sexy high heels strapped to her ankles flooded his mind, sending jolts of electricity south.

His stiff cock, which was its normal posture in her presence, swelled larger as she walked toward him. The throbbing head was anxious to be deep inside her and wrapped in her wet heat. The tips of her hard nipples shoved against the silky fabric of her bra. Their outline was a beacon to his aching member. His fingers itched to caress the soft mounds that rose over the miniscule rhinestone studded cups. He wanted to tongue her hard nipples Erotic sensations streaked through him as he imagined mounting her, and sliding his cock between their firm flesh.

She stepped closer, drawing his attention lower to her shapely hips. He was mesmerized by their sway, the movement seductive, sensual, compelling him to taste her.

The clear gems sprinkled across her sheer panties twinkled in the dim light. He licked his dry lips. The burning desire to kiss the lacey V at the apex of her thighs, suckle her clit through the thin material, and graze a finger along her folds brought sweat to his brow.

She slid the bra straps down her shoulders. His heart thudded, banging against his ribcage. He stood—

“Earth to Vic. Come in, Vic.”

A hand shook his shoulder and slammed him into the present.

“Um, you might want to let go, big time.”

He glanced at his hands wadding her undergarments into a knot.
. Fuck, what the hell could he say and not appear an old lecher? “I apologize. My mind must have taken a short vacation.”

“Yeah, right.” She laughed. “Don’t even think I’ll buy that one, big guy.”

Dragan smiled. Even in a dire situation she still enjoyed life enough to make amusing retorts. A wonderful asset more women should embrace. And even though she owned the sexiest lingerie he’d ever had the pleasure to fondle, Lacey Blake was not a whore. The lady had style. But time was short and he needed to move forward and not dwell on her attributes.

He pursed his lips and was not sure how to best measure Lacey’s shapely body without appearing to molest her, especially after making a fool of himself over her delicate things. He did not trust himself to hold back and not wrap her in his arms and kiss her until she begged him to make love to her.

Make love to her?

Obviously that thought was formed wrong. Or was it?

, how the hell could he have become so affected by this young woman in a matter of an hour? His hands fisted tight at his sides.

“Do you have a tape measure?”

He shook his head, not trusting the right words to travel past his lips.

A grin spread across her face and carried to her bright hazel eyes, eyes that saw deep into his soul.

“Then how do you plan to do this? String? Belt?” Her voice echoed the humor radiating from her face. “Silk scarves?”

He raised his hands, the fingers spread wide as if he were testing melons in the market. Disgusted by his absurd action, he jammed them into his trouser pockets.

Lacey shook her head. “Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t make it happen.”

She reached for his wrists. When he dug them deeper into his pockets, she laughed.
, his balls were drawn so tight they hurt.

“Perhaps the solution is to take one of your dresses to Magda.” Magda was a genius at creating costumes. That will work!
It has to work.
Proud of himself for finding an easy answer, he stood a little straighter. “It is no problem. She will know how to match the size for a gown.”

“Magda?” The smile dropped from her face, her lips drawn tight. “Not a companion, right? Just a friend? One you know well enough to borrow her clothes.”

She folded her arms beneath her large breasts, as if offering them to him, until he focused on her expression. Fire shot from her eyes. He was grateful he was made of flesh and not wood, or he would have gone up in flames.

“She is a longtime friend, and no, I do not borrow her clothes, at least not before. Magda designs costumes for the cinema producers who film in Prague.”


He stifled his laugh, not wanting to create an argument with a woman who looked like she would castrate him given any reason.

“Anyhow, I can’t help you there…no dresses in this bag.” She patted the cracked leather.

“What of this nurse uniform you mentioned?”

“Ah, not going to work.” She shook her head and the last of her curls spilled out onto her shoulders.

“Why not? It is much like a dress and must fit you. You have worn this garment.”

Her laughter sang out on a sad note. “Yeah, but not for long.”

What category of man would require props when he had Lacey in his bed? He stared at her and was pleased a blush crawled up her slender neck.

Teeth gnashed together as he made a decision. “I will measure you myself.”

Her eyes widened. She swiped her moist tongue over her full lips and held her arms straight out. His cock twitched as her rounded breasts pushed against her knit shirt, her stiff nipples poking toward him, separating the fabric until her brown points threatened to split the inadequate threads.

He cleared his throat, stalling for time and to gain some measure of courage.

Her eyes lit up, and a small smile curved her pink lips. “Maybe you should start with the length.”

She took one step forward, then another, filling his space.

“My, you are a tall stud.”

Her upturned face barely reached his shoulder. His hand trembled as he glided it from her shoulder to his chest.

“Should you be writing this down?” Her eyes twinkled, confirming the laughter in her voice. “You know, measure for measure so your friend will get the size right.”

“I have an excellent memory.” Or at least he used to until this free-spirited woman came into his life.

“Ah, hand-eye coordination, eh?”

He grunted. Next he had to feel her breasts. Lord, he prayed he could do this as easily and purely as if he were gauging a cousin’s size.

She straightened her shoulders, and her full breasts bounced.

“Stand still.” His words came out thick and gruff.

She giggled as if she knew exactly the torment he suffered and enjoyed it.

” He groaned. “Please, Lacey, you are making it hard.”

Laughter rang out, and her breasts bobbed with the movement. His aching cock leaped to attention.

He gritted his teeth. “I am happy you take pleasure in our predicament.”

Her shoulders shook as she made a poor attempt to regain a semblance of good behavior.

“Vic, you’re just too damned easy to read.” She grabbed his wrists and planted his hands firmly onto her breasts. Her grin widened. “Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it?”

His throat closed, stopping the words that needed to come out. Her eyes softened as she looked deep into his.
, he wanted her. Right then. The hell with his fucking principles.

“Lacey, we need to continue.”

“I completely agree,” she whispered, leaning into him.

Her soft breasts filled his palms. His thumbs were poised over her stiff nipples. He could not bring himself to release her as his thumbs drew small circles along her supple skin.

She swiped her tongue across her lips. The action stiffened his cock even more, as if that were possible.

“Vic, it’s all right.” She smiled and turned her face up to his.


“You should do this when I’m naked.”

His balls constricted as he stood frozen to the carpet.

Chapter Four

ragan’s large hands dangled at his sides.

The need for them to massage her belly created a teasing itch between her legs that only he had the power to relieve. Obviously, she had to get this too-in-control giant to relax. She stepped back and unhitched her wide belt and dropped it to the floor. “Accuracy is important to a seamstress.”

She tugged the ends of her top over her head and tossed it out of the way. He lowered his eyes to her breasts and they bugged wide. Clearly he’d never seen a shelf bra. His Adam’s apple jumped as he stared at her exposed breasts and rigid nipples resting on red Venetian lace. At this rate, the poor guy would have a coronary when he caught a glimpse of her silk bow thong.

“Vic, maybe you should breathe.”

He glanced up, confusion imprinted on his face. She glided a thumb along his furrowed brow.

“Never mind.”

Lacey undid her skirt buttons and zipper. She performed a quick hip wiggle, and the cheap cloth lumped onto the plush carpet. A whoosh of air breezed past his dry lips as he fixed on the blood-red ruby dangling from her navel.

“It’s not one of those phony laboratory made things.” She fingered the two gems joined by a solid gold band. “This is my celebration gift to me.”

He reached out his hand, then yanked it away, almost as if he were embarrassed to touch the shiny stones. Or her bare skin.

She lifted his hands and laid them on her waist. “You need to do this, Vic.”

He looked up, the skin pulled tight across his cheekbones, and nodded.

His warm fingers grazed the small of her back, the span reaching almost to her spine. A twinge of fear iced her heart at the strength of this big stranger who could snap her in half and no one would ever know. Somehow that thought heightened her excitement and erased all caution.

She slid her hands up his soft cashmere jacket sleeves until she reached his broad shoulders. His breaths came in short pants as she pressed her lower abdomen into the hard-on tenting his trousers.

“Isn’t this bet—” Her words were swallowed up by his kiss. She twined her fingers into his thick hair as his tongue warred with hers, creating a need she’d never known.

Her body throbbed as she stepped between his spread legs. The desire to have every inch of his solid frame pressed against her virtually naked skin overpowered her. Her breasts brushed his jacket front. Fire streaked across her pinched nipples and coiled low into her belly.

His hand skated lower and cupped her ass cheek, setting a new track of flame that blazed to her aching clit.

“Touch me,” she whimpered, trembling on shaky legs. “Touch me from behind. I have to feel you inside me.”

A feral growl spilled from him, filling the soundless room as his fingers dipped beneath the thin strap nestled between her butt cheeks. He moved his hand lower until he stopped to massage the tender skin along her asshole. Too soon he inched closer to her swollen vulva. She bit her bottom lip. She tensed as she dug her fingertips into his shoulders and waited for the divine sensation that offered relief.

“You are so hot. So wet.” His thick accent and deep voice pushed her closer to the edge.

He nuzzled her left ear and nipped at the delicate flesh below the lobe. As if they had a mind of their own, her hips rotated, encouraging him, begging him to end her torture.

One finger slid into her, then another, while his thumb separated her folds, seeking her nub. The pleasure pain was sublime. The pressure built to a crescendo. She pumped against him, needing the release that would right her world. A hot rush burst over her. She clutched him tighter. Ground harder. And bit her lip until a salty metal taste dampened her tongue. Her body convulsed in a volley of delicious shivers.

She wanted more, much more of him.

His hand fell away and left an emptiness and need where only a moment before was utter bliss.

She looked into his dilated pupils, ready to speak, but coherent words refused to come. His face muscles relaxed into a tender smile. How could she have thought him unattractive?

He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer, and whispered into her hair, “We are not through, Lacey. I am going to feast on you. Savor you as if you were priceless caviar and fine champagne.”

Dragan cursed himself for his weakness, and he was ashamed he had lost all control. Yet he could not stop himself from scooping Lacey into his arms and heading for his bedroom.

A soft pleasant sound came from her throat as she wrapped her arms around him and cuddled into his neck. Her nibbles and licks encouraged him to walk faster.

He kicked open the unlatched door and walked through, careful not to scrape her legs on the frame.

In three long strides, he laid her onto the duvet. Her tousled hair and flushed cheeks were magnificent against the white cover. He continued down to the strange bra, one he had never seen before but thoroughly appreciated, that held her glorious breasts as if they were succulent fruit on a serving tray, ready for him to taste. He tossed his jacket to the floor and toed off his shoes. With one hand, he traced her flat stomach and circled to her unique thong with the silky bow in the back that reminded him of a present. And yes, she was. He skimmed her long legs from the thigh-high nylons to the sexy high heels he reluctantly had to remove before the sharp stilettos stabbed him in the ass.

He hooked his trousers with his thumbs and shoved them down his legs. His cock sprang free and her eyes widened.

“The lack of underwear is my only downfall.”

She nodded and a shock of curls cascaded across her breast. He cleared his throat.

“Commando is a good thing.”

He worked the buttons free from his shirt and loosened his tie. The bed shifted when he sat to peel off his socks.

“You have a beautiful body.” Her words came out breathless.

His engorged cock pulsed at the sound.

She scooted closer and traced a fingernail across his shoulder, the flesh skittering as she made her way to the other side. How would those long nails feel scraping against his tight balls?

He knelt on the coverlet, ready to trap her between his arms and fulfill his promise to her, but she rose up on her elbow.

“Vic, I’m good with this.”

Her eyes roamed along his body and lingered over his cock. She swiped a moist tongue across her lips and he stifled a groan.

“I know I’m pressuring you here, and I—”

“Shush. Now is not the time for a long conversation, Lacey.” He laid a finger on her kiss-swollen lips. “You are a beautiful woman, and I want to make you happy. Prove to you that you are appreciated.”

She pulled at his forearms. “Then stop talking and make love to me.”

He leaned forward, the need to taste her unbearably strong. She curved an arm around his neck, tugging him closer, as her moist tongue darted out and traced the seam of his mouth. Her soft breasts pressed into his heaving chest. The pointy nipples shot electric sparks along his muscles. Need and desire rocketed through him as he deepened their kiss. One short week with this unique woman would never be enough to satisfy him.

Her slender body moved beneath him. Her gift-wrapped pussy brushed his rock-hard cock. He gritted his teeth and mentally recited the parameters for the new computer program he wanted to develop, while another part of his mind counted the wooden squares on his headboard. He needed to do anything not to come before her moist heat enveloped him.

He kissed her again, then journeyed lower, along her neck and shoulders, savoring the honey scent on her skin as he licked his way down her body until her stiff nipples were only a lap away. He moved back just enough to lift her breast to his hungry mouth.

“Oh, God, Dragan, please.” Her voice broke on a sob as she ripped away her thong. “I want that big mother cock of yours inside me

He glanced at her narrow hips. He was afraid of hurting her if he mounted too soon. He stroked her hot pussy, the heat a beacon to his cock. His balls seized as he circled her vagina with his index finger, testing her wetness. Confident she could handle him, he spread her thighs farther apart and inched slowly into her.

Her eyes flew open, and she dug her fingernails hard into his back. Dragan jerked out and reared up.

“Lacey, is this painful?”
, he never wanted to harm her, now or in any aspect of their relationship. “Are you injured?”

“What?” She blinked several times as if trying to focus. “Oh no, Vic, it’s wonderful.

Her hand trailed between them along his chest, then lower, and wrapped around his aching cock. She hiked up her hips and rubbed his engorged head along her swollen flesh.

“You just keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll try to keep up.”

Control was gone.

Dragan drove into Lacey with a need he had never experienced. The faster he rode her, the harder she pounded against him, her wet flesh slapping against his balls.

Intense sensation flooded through him.



Pleasure pain.

Her muscles gripped him tighter. Milking him.

The sensation swirled him into a vortex.

His body tensed, stiffened until he thought the sinew would snap.

“Lacey, I am going to come.” He reared his head back, clenching his jaw, and the world disintegrated into a thousand shards of vibrant colors.

His arms trembled as his mind eventually came back to the present. He looked into her smiling face. The word forever inched into his mind and refused to leave. Without her, he would never find such ecstasy again.

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